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Halloween Headcanons


  • Would appreciate it if everyone can just CALM DOWN
  • She probably already has a lot to deal with but when Halloween or any special day rolls around all hell breaks loose
  • Has sighed for the 2948th time in 30 minutes
  • S EN d   HE LP
  • If she isn’t too busy dealing with everyone she’d like to stay at home and cuddle and maybe watch some classic horror/ thriller movies with you
  • (personal headcanon that she’s an aunt) She helps her nieces and nephews for halLOWEEN FIGHT ME
  • Feels nostalgic on Halloween and low-key dresses up by putting on a witch hat or something 
  • Gives the best candies to lil kids that come trick or treating


  • Very excited for Halloween
  • Really it’s just an excuse for him to dress pretty and show off
  • Also uses this opportunity to show off his abs tbh
  • 100 selfies in 4 minutes
  • 10/10 would want to wear those couple costumes
  • Has a Halloween aesthetic where he purposely lines everything up perfectly and takes like 10 minutes to get one picture 
  • Makes you dress up in “aesthetically pleasing” outfits and pose outside and stuff
  • It’s cute to watch him get so worked up about these things and be all proud and shit until the likes flow in. Then you’ll want to punch him in his perfect face (gently tho. lets face it you won’t actually hurt him)


  • Poor Yoosung falls for all Seven’s schemes
  • Is still high-key a child inside and would want to go trick or treating if possible
  • He’ll probably settle with just a costume parties because he knows he’s getting old
  • When he works as a vet, he gives discounts to people who dress their pets up
  • Probably didn’t initially want to get drunk but someone somehow managed to coax him
  • WILL try to win ALL the games that are being held at the Halloween party. He wants to impress you uwu
  • After a while of partying, he’d go out and find a quieter corner so he can enjoy the weather with you


  • Is such a big cutie, because he was never exposed to these “commoners” activity before
  • Seven feeds him false information
  • Would join Seven in pranking Zen if it involves cats
  • Jumin + Seven + you + cat related pranks = RIP Zen
  • Mommy Jaehee to the rescue
  • Run before she catches you all or you ded
  • Despite being rich af, he gives out pretzels for trick or treaters gosh dang it jumin  (assuming his penthouse lets children to come trick or treating)
  • this is all because of Seven who told him, kids these days like pretzels DAMMIT SEVEN


  • Also very very very very excited about Halloween
  • He’s the type of guy that gets excited about Halloween in June
  • Either cross-dresses or has scary costumes that looks waaaayyy too convincing
  • Pranks Zen and Yoosung like it’s April Fool’s
  • Somehow manages to convince Jumin to hold a Halloween party at his penthouse
  • Also somehow managed to convince all the other RFA members to show up
  • Convinces you to wear something ridiculously embarrassing (probs like cat ears and tail and a maid dress or something)
  • When you put it on though he orders you to change into something else or his “inner beast” will come out


  • Enjoys Halloween because he can get great great great shots for his work
  • He used to take pictures of kids when they’re trick or treating
  • Takes you out on walks while he gets pictures of the streets and some of you
  • Feels old because he doesn’t understand these memes the kids dresses up as smh
  • It’s likely that he’d bring you to a different country during Halloween because he’d like to take picture of how different each countries’ culture is
  • If he dresses up in costume, his costume would probably be some lame joke that only Jumin and him understands
  • Still. w h y d OEs he Lo O k s O  HO t???????? I’ M o f Fen DE d??????
  • Likes to decorate his yard with harmless looking ghosts, ghouls and skeletons. He’ll make ‘em wear sunglasses and lie in his yard with towels or have some of them pick/ plant flowers. It’s silly but it’s sooo adorable


  • Doesn’t understand the concept of Halloween
  • W hy  I s  E V E Ryon E D REss ed  up?  WH y D E co R aTI ons?? W haT i S T hiS ???
  • Poor baby, please teach this child the ways of Halloween
  • When he gets it though he probably won’t care that much
  • But if you’re really excited about it, he’ll try to get into it just because he doesn’t want to see you sad
  • Doesn’t like the candies with the eyes and the hands and all those gore. He thinks it’s disgusting like why would you eat that??
  • Is also not a fan of pumpkin spice. He thinks it’s over-rated and is very tired of seeing it literally  e v e r y w h e r e
  • Seven forces him into stupid cross-dressing costumes. He’s all pouty and grumpy about it but deep inside he thinks its nice to see his idiot stupid brother this happy

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I was searching through the blogs you follow and I found a post actually saying the truth about show!Izzy tney made a latino girl addicted to drugs... dafuq so tipycal (the blog is tavvy and rafe are friends... i think) haha these on anon because I fon't have tumblr but as a latino girl who lives in LA I got cslled drug addict to many times I love your blog💖💖

Things wrong with Shadowhunter season 2a #99:
a) Izzy, being played by a latina woman, gets the drug addiction story line, when there are so many other interesting plot lines the writers could have chosen
b) Raphael, also played by a Latino man, being her ‘dealer’
c) Making an addiction to drugs seem sexy and pleasurable?? (Izzy literally moaned every time she was bitten)
d) Making yin fen a ‘vampire venom drug’, making it a salve, making it a drug that’s easy to get off (it literally killed Jen to not have it—yet izzy was off it like that (*snaps fingers for punctuation*)

I totally agree with you, anon.

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Holi Aiko. Quería pedirte la reacción de BTS al besarlos en los labios mientras los ves dormidos, pero realmente no lo estaban, No se si me explique bien :D En fen graciass ♥️💞♥️

Holuu, si te explicaste bien :D  entendido, espero que te guste  💞 💞. Lo he hecho con una amiga .


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Jin preparaba la cena cuando y cuando acabó puso la mesa. Se sentó a esperarte, al ver que tardabas mucho te llamó, tu le contestaste y le dijiste que llegarías tarde que descansara y sin dejarlo hablar colgaste. El te esperó, pero estaba cansado así que se recostó en la mesa cerrando los ojos, escuchó que habías llegado sin embargo no abrió los ojos, tu al llegar lo viste “dormido”, te acercaste y lo besaste, cuando te separaste el te agarro la mano y te volvió a acercar ahora era el quien te besaba, después de separarse te dijo:                  

-Ahora si cenemos juntos.

Te sentaste a su lado terminaron de cenar y se fueron a dormir.


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Acabaste de llegar a casa y al entrar por la puerta te sorprendiste porque Suga no estaba ahí, lo buscaste y lo encontraste en vuestra habitación, medio dormido, a lo que te acercaste, pensando que el estaba durmiendo, que no lo estaba, le diste un beso y te fuiste, cuando saliste de la habitación Suga tenía una sonrisa de oreja a oreja.


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Estabais en vuestra casa después de haber lavado los platos que habíais gastado para comer y os acostasteis en el sofá, tu encima de el, a lo que tu novio cerró los ojos para descansar y creyendo que ya se había dormido, lo besaste y el te siguió el beso y ahí te diste cuenta de que no estaba dormido, al acabar empezó a sonreír y a hacerte cosquillas, a lo que empezasteis a reír mucho los dos.


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Namjoon estaba en el estudio, pero te escucho que acercarte mientras hablabas por teléfono, así que se hizo el dormido, cuando entraste al estudio y lo viste sonreíste tiernamente, te acercaste analizando sus facciones y acabaste sin poder resistirte y lo besaste, pero cuando te ibas a separar, te cogió de la cabeza y te siguió el beso, al separarse sonreísteis mutuamente, a lo que el dijo:

-¿Creías que estaba dormido?

Y te sonreiría picaramente.


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Jimin estaba en la sala de ensayos, mejorando sus pasos, pero ya tarde se cansó y se acostó en el suelo, cerrando sus ojos, aún con la música puesta, escucho tus pasos y tu voz llamándolo, pero ni se movió, estaba demasiado cansado, abriste la puerta de la sala y lo viste en el suelo, te acercaste y empezaste a acariciarle el pelo, sin saber que estaba despierto te acercaste más y lo besaste, el puso sus manos en tu cintura y seguisteis besándoos, hasta que se separó y te dijo:

-Ahora ya podré volver a ensayar.

Se levantó, te ayudó a levantarte y siguió bailando. 


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Tae estaba jugando a videojuegos, cuando empezó a escuchar tus pasos y tu voz llamándolo, así que paro la partida del juego al que estaba jugando rápidamente y se hizo el dormido, abriste la puerta y lo viste durmiendo, muy tiernamente, así que no te pudiste resistir y te acercaste, le acariciaste un poco la cara, pero al final acabaste besándolo y el te siguió el beso, cuando os separasteis, el se volvió a acercar y te besó el, cuando se separó te dijo:

-¿Quieres jugar unas partidas?

Le contestaste que sí y empezasteis a jugar, cada vez que ganabas te daba un beso, así que siempre te dejaba ganar.


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Jungkook estaba jugando videojuegos, pero se estaba cansando, así que se acostó en su cama y cerró sus ojos, tu habías ido a visitarlo y los chicos te dejaron pasar, al subir las escaleras ibas cantando alegremente una canción, cuando entraste al cuarto te callaste, tu no sabias si estaba dormido o no, ya que varias veces había hecho lo mismo, te acercaste lo moviste y te diste cuenta que si estaba dormido, así que lo besaste, entonces Jungkook abrió sus ojos, su mente se había quedado en blanco y al reaccionar te siguió el beso, te sobresaltaste pero seguiste, al terminar empezaría a burlarse de que habías caído de nuevo.

Thomas had no idea what was happening. He was walking around New York City when he saw those people with weapons and tattoos… And that monster they were apparently after! He wasn’t sure if he had screamed or not, but he knew that he had ran. He’d ran as fast as he could, inhaling some more of that silver powdery drug that he had started using about a week ago. And before he knew it, he was on the steps of a building, an abandoned church. Or was it actually not abandoned? His throat was burning and his mind was racing, he couldn’t think straight, he couldn’t keep himself focused… He wasn’t sure for how long he had been unconscious, but as soon as he woke up, his eyes went wide and he sat up straight, looking around in fear.