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so i editted this and it sounded a lot better but the program crashed before i could save it SO have the first version of it rip. i’m trying to navigate DAWs with 0 experience and idk i’m really proud of myself because i have literally never put percussion in my music, its not a whole lot but i’m still proud of these 10 seconds.

tel-abelas-mofo  asked:

For DWC (.... no I just really need Fen): "Finding old photographs you’d forgotten about" - Fen helping Naele! like to cram before a test, or to learn a new art technique or something plzzz

Of course, darling! For you, @tel-abelas-mofo
and, as an apology for missing DWC while we are moving,
for everyone else in @dadrunkwriting

Nae groaned loudly from where she had been sitting on the newspaper-covered, hardwood floor of my apartment for the past five hours; hunched over a Halla skull still-life, her first grade for Masters Oil Painting. It was very well done, in grayscale, and she had been adding the harsh lighting of its sharply contrasted edges while using photos from her phone for reference. I had been, somewhat absentmindedly, doodling the shadows of her curved spine and scapulae on the on the bottom corner of my paperwork.

“Del'ahn, da'len?”

“Ugh,” She flicked her eyes sharply up over her slumped shoulder, meeting my gaze for just long enough to see as they softened, “I just…don’t think that black and white was what she had in mind. But it’s so much easier to emphasize the texture of the bone and horns—AND less visually boring. Ughhhh, what have I been thinking?! I’m going to get dropped at least a letter-grade for not using color.”

“Well, why don’t you just add a glaze when that dries?” I leaned forward, elbows on my knees, as she looked up at me again, 

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2017 ygs çözdüm bugün temizinden 117 net keşke bu sene sınava girseydim tutunurduk en azından bi yerlere aq
türkçede hayatında 10 kitap okumuş 1 tane soru bankası çözmüş biri 35 neti geçerdi
mat1 beceri kısmını kolay sormuşlar problemler yeni nesil
geometri hayat siker 
sos bilmiyosan yorum yapamıyosun felsefe kanatır dine de çalışın bi zahmet akp iktidarı atını koşturduğundan beri her sene her sınavda din zor geliyo 
fen :D günlük gazetede bulmaca çözen biri bile kimyayı fullerdi fizik insanı dert sahibi yapar biyo paragraf sorusu gibi oku gör yorum yap aqq

Fen’harel (to the tune of “Rasputin”)

my friend kept associating Solas with “Rasputin” by Boney M because of me so i ended up taking that song and making the lyrics about Solas 

(warning: the lyrics are from the perspective of the survivors of the Veil going up & descendants, so they’re really not pleased with Solas here!)

original song here!

There lived a certain man in Arlathan old,

He was cunning and strong, but his eyes were oh so cold.

All the Elvhen treated him with certain fear,

But to Fade spirits, he was such a friend dear.

He preached his falsehoods to the People,

Full of lies deceit and fire.

But we must remember of that day,

He killed our gods in ire.


My love ‘fore Elvhenan fell,

Because of you the People are gone.


Where’d he go he’ll never tell,

Your lies are not allowed to live on.

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