d e t e n t o

Nygmobblepot shippers fighting Gobblepot shippers again, meanwhile I’m here shipping both of them like

Y'all need to chill.

Feuilly and Bahorel competing for Who Can Be The Most Productive And Healthy. For example, who can drink more cups of water, who cleans the house more frequently, who eats the salad first, who exercise more, who laughs more, who is the kindest… the list goes on. They actually have a white board in their fridge that keeps the score. In the end of each month, the winner gets a day off and breakfast-in-bed treatment.

an unpaid intern named Kate is working in hell, and a demon is giving her a tour of the place. they get to Satan’s office and she notices a bottle of pills on the desk that seem to be arguing with each other–contradicting everything that they hear no matter how ridiculous they sound. 

so the intern asks, “what are those?” and the demon is like “well, as you can imagine this is a very difficult job and sometimes mr. satan needs to take some painkillers for headaches.” still uncertain, the intern gives the demon a questioning look. 

he sighs. “that’s the devil’s advil, kate”