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Meal | Youngjae (m)

Originally posted by zainbap

Summary: After a nice fancy meal, you and your SD Youngjae head back to his place.

Pairing: Youngjae/Reader
AU: Sugar Daddy!Youngjae
Genre: Smut
Rating: M
Warnings: daddy kink, dirty talk, pinning, spanking, choking
Word Count: 1,495

A/N: a really generic SD AU but i am who i am

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hey pals !!! i recently hit 2.5k followers which was the goal for my 19th birthday, and y’all got me here days before it, so thank you !!! this is the best present a girl could ask for. so, in honour of all the new friends i’ve made on here in the last few months, i wanted to spread some love. this is just a lil list of my fav people i love you all 💖

i do wanna give a special shoutout to some people though so …

@moonylady - andre, i can’t quite explain how much i love and appreciate you. i am so thankful that you came into my inbox that day, because from that lovely ask, we now have an amazing friendship, one that i cherish and love. you constantly make me a happier person, you have so much love to give, and the fact that you choose to give some of that love to me? i’m so so thankful for it. i love you so much, and i can’t wait for the day that we get to hang out, eat all the pasta and desserts and make each other blush. i love you 💖

@magswoods - des, my wife 💖 i’m so so thankful that we talk to each other and that i can always rely on you to yell about new episodes/sneak peeks. you are so talented and an amazing, warm person, and i don’t deserve you or your friendship, but i’m so happy i have it 

@bane-magnus - gargi !!! i love u and i miss you and talking to you never fails to make me happier. you are talented and gorgeous and amazing and i have so much love for you. thank you for being an amazing person and an amazing friend. love you <3

@magnusragnor - elle, my love i literally adore you. you are gorgeous and funny and such a good writer my heart does a lil 💖💘💕💓💞 every time i read something you write. i cherish our friendship so much, and talking to you makes my day so much better. fingers crossed i come to new york soon 👀

the rest of y’all are under the cut. mutuals are bolded and faves are italicised (and i love u all very much)

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Some arms Genos has used in the series up to this point (Jan -17) :O

I don’t know what (if anything) their official names are, but I personally refer to them as (starting with the top left) the mosquito girl arms, stock arms, combat arms (aka anti-Saitama tactical arms), household arms, sakura arms, red/white arms, rocket arms, Sonic fight arms, G4 arms and our most recent *dazzling* arms
(I’ve never seen official coloured versions of the bottom row except the red/white arms, so the colours used here might be wrong)

Which is your favourite set of Genos arms? :D

(As a couple of people have said, it would be very useful to have a large reference post showing the arms, I totally intend to do one with more detailed shots of the hands etc… Will probably take some time to get done, though!)


@reptile-ruler​ said: i just got the creepiest picture in my head of him getting a really long torso to attach all his arms at once D:

RR why.

Heart Skipped A Beat♡

Questa è la mia lista dei ‘follows forever’, è una cosa che fanno molte blogger estere, e ho deciso, armandomi di molta pazienza di farla anche io. Ecco una lista di tutti i blog che amo e che non smetterò mai di seguire perchè è un piacere avervi in dash. Buon anno a tutti voi xx 

This is my list of the blog that I love, called ‘follows forever’, and I never unfollow them because is fantastic have them on my dash everyday! Happy new year sweethearts xx

From A to C:

a-girly-touch - adorable-luxury - affogoneiricordi - afireworkadancingflame - aidan-turner-is-perfection - aidanturner-daily - allafinedellarcobaleno - amo-solo-lui - arcobalenodoppio - ari-kanon - asociale-con-brio - aspettandosolote - assenze-mai-colmate - asukie - atecipensoiora - baciamisottolalucedicentostelle - baciarsialbuio - baobeiii - becauseyoulovemebb - berryflirt - bilboring - blisseingly - blissfully-winter - blog-di-un-ragazzo-come-tanti - books-and-trees - boromirs - brennan-booth-forever - brialovesdemi - but-first-smile - by-the-grace-of-katy - c0loursz - candyforniadreams - capellibiondiconpuntenere - ccute-couples - cenedobbiamoandareviatutti - cercandoitacacomeulisse - ch00se-h4ppin3ss - chanel-and-louboutins - charlotte394 - charmandglam - comecollafraledita - comelapioggiasuivetri - crazykissing - cinnahearts - coconutglam - cold-tea-and-cigarettes.

From D to F:

d-lovato - dazzling-dicaprio - dd-l0vatic - de-la-valliere - deli-ciousdreams - demi-world - demimyall - demirockgod - desolantepanoramaumano - domenico-giordano15 - doriimer - doubleperry - drownedout-atsea - emmybyeakitty - evisseropersemprelontani - fanofleonardodicaprio - fattadiabbracci - federico-leonardolucia - fingerprints-of-katy - fragilecomeilcristallo - frammentidelmiocuore - francimic - frissonsdanslecoeur - fruity-gloss - fuckingunspokenwords - fuckyeahjapanandkorea.

From G to I:

gasaii - get-your-heart-on - girlythatsclassy - give-me-yourself - givemedemetria - glitterflirt - gridomanessunomisente - grovigliodiparole - hawaiianflirt - hello-katy - heipidge - hellyeahbrennan - hihurts - hisandherquotes - hitchae - hoonsena - howtodemi - hugmoi - hummingbirddheartbeat - ibacichemirubasti - icy-brunette - idontlosemysmile - ifeelperry - ignitetheliight - iheart-pictures - iheartkatyperry - ilciuffoditiziano - iocredoinme - itcuddles - ilmareditroppo - ilmaterialedelcielodimilano - ilmiosorrisoparlasolodite - ilragazzodagliocchiverdeacqua - ilvuotodentro - ilysfm-ddlovato - imnofuckinguse - inaadequate - islandgloss - islandlust - ivuotiquiregnano - iwantliam-wbu.

From J to L:

just-leo-dicaprio - jackson-dicaprio-cavill - katheryn-is-flawless - katycatbobs - katykicksass - katyperrylicious - katys-katycats - kawaii-stuffs-kawaii - kiiseu - kilriel - kirakirabubbles - kissingstyle - kissmeok - kushandwizdom - l0vely-kisses - labbra-di-gelo - lacollezionistadiricordi - lamoradagliocchiscuri - laragazzaconlamaschera - lasuperica - le-solite-canzonii - lecometecomete - leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas - lestazionidelcuore - lividiblu - loceanoinunpaiodiocchiscuri - losbagliopiudolce - lovatocutie - luxuriousglamxoxo.

From M to O:

maketimetotime - malibupinkk - myprettypercocet - marlbororosse- - mypsichotherapy - mathpeopleforever - mein-herz-gehoert-dir - metalhearted - miaffezionotroppofacilmente - mibasterestetueilmare - miseiscoppiatodentroilcuore - miss-shoppaholic - nanaisreal - nascondeteilrum - natabones - nonpuoiabbattermi - nontemere - nothinglastsforever03 - oceanitralecostole - oceanomareoceanogomma - okbones - omgkatyperry - one-step-at-a-time-x - onesoulfree - oro-dentro-te - our-stone-age-love.

From P to R:

pandathatispurple - pastel-cutie - pastelcloudie - perlabionda - petali-nell-aria - petuniaswart - philophobja - pinksummerbreeze - pioggiachecade-vitachescorre - psychedelic03 - queenofclassy - quelmareciavevafregato - quelssaporediamore - raddaghast - rainingteadrops - rebled - ricucimilanima - riderecomenonavessimaipianto - rivorreiqueituoivecchiocchi - rosy-blossoms.

From S to U:

salvaminelletuebraccia - santa-kisses - saragiuli - screamlovato - senza-cielo - servicewithasmileee - so-personal - sonoperennementeincasinata - st4rflake - staypozitive - swiminparadise - sesorridorecito - sex-a-y - shadow-g - shutthef—ckup - silentcollapse - slowlydecay - solo-contro-il-mondo - sopravvivodiricordi - stay-strong-beautiful-demi - sweetie-cutie-pie - taurielweek - the-leo-blog - theheirsofdurin - these-times-shall-pass - theycallmehachiko - traimieirestifiorisco - tulipanispenti - twopiecez - unasolaanimanonbastapervivere - unsp0ken-misery - uraganinellostomaco.

From V to Y:

vecchidifetti - vedomaschereridereincoro - ventiquattroottobreduemiladodici - vento-gelido - volevavolare - webellu - white-temptation - words-of-emotion - xtouchthesky - yakisobaru - yeahkatyperry - youkickedallmywalls - youreiinmyveins.

anonymous asked:

I had a question, what kind of movies would joker and clown princess watch together? And what if She's a huge film buff and doesn't aprove of her fathers movie choices?

I think it would be difficult for Joker to watch movies because he can’t sit still but also he’d either get angry because he knows he can outdo the characters and want to. Say she showed him Scarface, he’d be too distracted plotting out how to make that his reality that he can’t focus on the movie. But in that same sense he may enjoy watching movies like that to get inspiration. So anything about extravagant lifestyles I think he’d enjoy. If shes a film buff she’d probably be upset about his lack of caring for the actual plot and how he’s just in it for the aesthetic. Then while they’re watching, he’d be dazzled while she’s going over the plot.

anonymous asked:

Jontron would be the dom top using the bad dragon on his sub. Gotta get them worked over REEEEEEAL good so he can give em the ol' Razzle D Dazzle. 👀

combeferre-the-mothman  asked:

“I’d know those dazzling eyes anywhere.”

Grantaire shifts his gaze to align with the voice directed at him. His eyes crinkle as he cocks his head ever-so-slightly. 

“Would you?” he asks. “And what’s made you so familiar with these eyes of mine?”

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