d day beaches

What your favorite gorillaz album says about you

Self titled: you’re lying that’s what you are

Demon days: an old soul,,,, tired,,,, sleeps with a fedora on,,, if you can sleep at all,,, oh god where has the time gone. Likes the aesthetic of cigarettes but nicotine upsets your stomach. You like black nail polish but you pretend like you’re only wearing it ironically, you smell vaguely of an Olive Garden

D-sides: who are you…..where are you….are you ok?? Please answer. I’m not certain you exist

Plastic beach: weeaboo. You wear pre ripped jeans with no shame. Makes a lit vaporwave edit. Gay. 80s movie hoe. You have had, currently have, or will in the future have pink hair. You have an aesthetic blog with lots of pictures of daisies woven into shoes and 90s anime screenshots. Always nostalgic about something.

The fall: You thought you were an atheist then you realized you’re a god. Vapes but you only use one flavor. Smudged eye shadow for days. Bootleg Gucci purse. I’m very scared of you. You watch a lot of foreign art films. You speak fake French but you do it with such confidence that everyone thinks its real French. Hangs out in trailer parks that you don’t live in

Humanz: you’re just really chill dude. Appreciates $6 pink wine. rocks a galaxy print and aviators. Thunder soothes you. Has a black lives matter sign in your yard. Loves Snapchat filters. Everyone likes you but no best friend. You have very specific names for music genres, “post modern sea punk acoustic”. Goes to star trek conventions even tho you don’t watch Star Trek. Reblogs a lot of pictures of Rihanna


The 1st Special Service Brigade goes ashore at Sword Beach, 1944. The Lord Lovat Simon Fraser is visible to the right of the column wading ashore in the first photo, and is the one standing and addressing the brigade. After losing several men to sniper fire the unit switched from their distinctive berets to helmets shortly after coming ashore. Also visible in the first photo, closest to the camera, is the “Mad Piper” Bill Millin, who famously piped the unit across Pegasus Bridge. 

Gorillaz song titles
As Sung by Gorillaz
Gorillaz song titles

Tomorrow Comes Today | New Genious (Brother) | Sound Check (Gravity) | Rock the House | Latin Simone (¿Qué Pasa Contigo?) | Starshine | M1 A1 | Dracula | Ghost Train | 12D3 | Last Living Souls | Kids with Guns | O Green World | Feel Good Inc. | November Has Come | All Alone | White Light | DARE | Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head | Don’t Get Lost In Heaven | Demon Days | People | Hongkongaton | We Are Happy Landfill | Highway (Under Construction) | Rockit | Murdoc Is God | Spitting Out the Demons | Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach | White Flag | Rhinestone Eyes | Stylo | Superfast Jellyfish | Glitter Freeze | Some Kind of Nature | On Melancholy Hill | Broken | Sweepstakes | Plastic Beach | Cloud of Unknowing | Pirate Jet | Revolving Doors | HillBilly Man | Detroit | Little Pink Plastic Bags | The Parish of Space Dust | California and the Slipping of the Sun | Doncamatic | DoYaThing |


If “Intro: I Switched My Robot Off” isn’t a classic Murdoc monologue about him having to turn Cyborg Noodle off I will scream because THAT IS A MISSED OPPORTUNITY

What I’d Like To See In a Gorillaz TV Series

- Damon and Jamie being like hosts, with each episode beginning with 30 seconds to a minute of Damon and Jamie explaining what’s going to happen at the beginning of every episode, and appearing at the end of every episode to conclude them as well.

- Scene transitions consisting of short 5-7 second long footage of live Gorillaz recording sessions and Jamie’s drawing process, used as transitions for each episode.

- Special Guests every episode, usually a musician or maybe even an actor some have done stuff with Gorillaz before, some haven’t. 

- Every episode’s end credits has improv dialogue from a different band member.