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Pierce The Veil Sentence Starters
  • “I know it’s hard, but who are you to fall apart on me?”
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t see that you truly love me.”
  • “’Cause sometimes I love the way you swing the blade at everything in sight.”
  • “Last night, you said you ended up at Palm Springs dancing on tables.”
  • “Well, fuck, what am I suppose to be, impressed?”
  • “I guess it’s time to say goodnight. I hope you had a really good time.”
  • “Oh my god, this is paradise.” 
  • “Can I even complicate your breathing?”
  • “Keep talking ‘cause I love to hear your voice.”
  • “What’s so good about picking up the pieces? What if I don’t even want to?”
  • “Don’t mind me, I’m just reaching for your necklace.”
  • “You can’t just throw me away.”
  • “It was the best time of my life, but now I sleep alone.”
  • “The taste of you and me will never leave my lips again.”
  • “Don’t you try and blame this on me.”
  • “My love for you was bulletproof but you’re the one who shot me.”
  • “By the time you’re hearing this, I’ll already be gone.”
  • “I want you in the most unromantic way.”
  • “This blood evacuation is telling me to cave me.”
  • “Just stay away from my friends.”
  • “I don’t care if you’re sick, I don’t care if you’re contagious. I would kiss you even if you were dead.”
  • “Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?”
  • “If you come over tonight, we can travel through time.”
  • “What a waste of a perfectly good clean wrist.”
  • “If every living thing dies alone, what am I doing here?”
  • “If it’s the end of the world, you and me should spend the rest of it in love.”
  • “Dare me to jump off this Jersey bridge?”
  • “I’m tired of begging for the things that I want.”
  • “The thing I think I love, will surely bring me pain.”
  • “Imagine living like a king someday.”
  • “You’re just wasted and thinking ‘bout the past again. Darling, you’ll be okay.”
  • “If you kiss me goodnight, I’ll know everything is alright.”
  • “You know the only real way to cure pain is to add a little more, because everything new distracts from the old.”

DP: You don’t have to label yourself for anybody except yourself. ‘Sides, those sorts of labels are like designer jeans – they’re great when they fit, but it’s when they don’t – and you go on one of those miracle ”this-will-likely-kill-you” Hollywood diets to fit in it – that’s when they do their damage. Me? I’m two sizes too big for any label to really fit snugly on me. Trust.
If you’re happy with your partner now, and gender is nothing more than a set of chromozones to you, you don’t need to try it with the same sex just to make sure. That being said, if your partner is chill, he’d probably understand if you did want to sprawl seductively on the other team’s bench. For scientific purposes, of course. 


Mid-episode tag to Kolchek, A. (6x23) 

Special thanks to hermionesmydawg for capturing the exact moment and making it look so incredibly beautiful. 

A surprisingly sharp pang of annoyance strikes Kensi hard as Deeks’ hand drops off her shoulder at the exact moment they walk through the doors of the Mission. They’d just arrived at OSP, having been driven back from the scene of the earlier accident by a member of the OSP motor pool; her car was now most definitely out of commission.

Her annoyance isn’t directed at the suspect (though, did he really need to ram her precious SRX in an attempt to evade them?). It isn’t directed at Deeks either, who had up until that moment been gently massaging her shoulder and neck muscles, attempting to combat the inevitable tightness and ache that would most likely affect her for a few days. Whiplash can be such a bitch.

No, the annoyance is mostly aimed at herself (and if she’s honest, maybe a bit at their status as work partners first and more-than-partners second). After committing to All In, they had mutually decided to keep their relationship quiet, wanting to prove to themselves their ability to maintain their professional partnership while being “more than.”

Of course they also wanted to prove themselves to their fellow agents and co-workers. And yes, they both feared potential repercussions from Hetty and Granger. And while both would absolutely choose the other over the partnership if their hands were forced, they didn’t necessarily want to offer up that option to their bosses on a silver platter.

So as much as it pains her at times (because she has to admit that sneaking into the burn room with Deeks definitely holds a certain appeal), she had proposed the idea of physical distance, maintaining a professional front during work hours. And while Deeks might have asked her to clarify what qualified as inappropriate touching by thoroughly touching her all over, ultimately he had agreed to her plan, understanding her reason for it without even needing the explanation.

And maybe this has more to do with the dull ache that’s steadily increasing to throbbing pain (which is going to require at least a few pain pills), but she’s feeling just a bit bitter that the A-team partnership has probably shown more public affection for each other over the course of one case than she and Deeks have shown in the many months since Christmas. Do they even realize how married they are?

She’s well aware she used to touch Deeks much more than she does now, and it wasn’t even always strictly platonic or professional either (smacking his ass on occasion comes to mind rather quickly). But she’s been so careful to maintain her distance, to refrain from simply laying a hand on his arm to get his attention (nothing inappropriate there) or grabbing his face and kissing the breath out of him for no reason (definitely boundary-crossing material).

But all she desperately wants right now is for Deeks to keep massaging her muscles with his warm, comforting hands. Is it really too much to ask? Is it really all that inappropriate? They were in a damn car accident, with her on the receiving end of the worst of it. There’s real physical and tangible reasons for Deeks to touch her. And would anyone really bat an eye. Everyone apparently already knows of their relationship. So what’s the big fucking deal?

And with that last agitating thought, as she and Deeks stop to receive the latest sit-rep, Kensi reaches for Deeks hand. Giving it a quick reassuring squeeze, she lifts their joined hands to her shoulder and then lets go, leaving his hand in place. She senses him tense just a bit, shuffle his feet, but then he almost immediately begins to knead the tight muscles. And as she melts into his touch, she can’t be bothered by any curious or disapproving stares directed their way. Because the relief that sweeps over her far outweighs any of her previous concerns.

Turns out she had no need to worry; the only looks they receive are small smiles at seeing the partners in everything finally letting down their guard, if even for a just a moment.


Some cropped character concept XD; Evil lord and WWI brit pilot.

I discovered then that I have a thing for smirky guys with eyepatch…
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Im pissed at knights legs so I will post him once I correct them XD;;;;

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