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omfg y’all. It seriously just now occurred to me… that the running joke in Daesung’s Dome Tour earlier this year was “Show me something!” So now he’s gone and done it and named his next tour the D Show. The D Show.

What’s he gonna show us? His D? We gonna see One Night D-LITE come out to play?

Why. Why is he like thisssss

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scenario with xanxus dino and enma getting extremely jealous


Xanxus hated that stupid fucking red dress. You’d gotten it on a whim a few weeks ago and now you were wearing it all the time. It wasn’t one of the super fancy dresses or anything, it was simple and meant more for casual wear, but you managed to make it look absolutely stunning. You were completely oblivious to all the men that would stare at you, at the way it perfectly accentuated your curves, at the way it pushed your tits up. You didn’t notice that their kindness was just them trying to get into your pants. And he’d had about up to fucking here with it.

He’d tried to explain it to you before. But you didn’t get it. And then you got angry with him and started to wear the dress out of spite. So of course he’d come with you when you decided to go out to the mall in it. And he didn’t take no for an option. He scowled at any and everyone that tried to even glance at you, and to a degree it worked, but he was losing what little patience he had.

When one of the guys working at a kiosk stopped you to talk about cell phone cases, you stopped. And smiled. And laughed. And were just as overly friendly as you always tended to be. He completely pretended Xanxus wasn’t even there, leaning into your personal space and complimenting you. So when he punched him in the nose so hard you could hear the crack of the bone breaking it should’ve been expected. And when he grabbed your upper arm roughly and began to drag you away you should’ve known what was coming.

He found an empty fitting room and shoved you inside, pinning you against the wall as his teeth found your neck. He was already hiking your dress up around your hips, not hesitating to rip your underwear off. You gasped, hands pressing against his chest as you half-heartedly tried to push him away.

“Xanxus, not here,” you argued.

He answered by easily shoving a finger into your entrance. You bit into your lip to stop yourself from moaning while he worked in a second, pumping them hard as he tried to  get you ready for him as quickly as he could.

He released your neck, lips brushing your earlobe as he whispered, “You’re such a fucking slut for me. You know none of those other men would ever satisfy you, don’t you?”

“I know,” you breathed.

“You fucking better,” he growled. His fingers dug into your ass as he lifted you off the ground, your legs instinctively circling around his waist. It took him only a second to pull his cock out of his pants and line himself up, not giving you any time to adjust to his length before he was pounding into you.

The sound of your coupling was almost deafeningly loud in the quiet of the store, and you could feel your cheeks burning as he fucked you, hoping he’d go faster and finish before you were caught. You had to bite into your hand to keep quiet, especially with the way he was sucking on your collarbone and marking every inch of your neck he could reach. You knew you were in for a hell of a night when he dragged you back home and reminded you who you belonged to.

You often frequented the same clubs and bars as he did, and you hadn’t stopped going to them even after you two started dating. You both enjoyed it quite a bit, and you had fun together there. Usually Dino could ignore the other men sending you drinks and hitting on you. You always turned down their advances fairly quickly, and they were pretty quick to realize you were with him and they probably shouldn’t push their luck. But tonight was different.

Tonight he had to step outside to take a call from Romario. It had ended up taking longer than he’d have liked, sorting it out. But it hadn’t been urgent enough that he needed to go deal with it personally, so he didn’t want to cut his night short. So when he finally went back he found someone acting much too friendly with you, as if he’d sensed Dino’s absence and decided to make his move. He placed a hand on your upper arm while he leaned close to your ear to be heard above the music, probably whispering some honeyed compliment in the hopes of getting you to invite him to your home.

You were usually pretty good at pushing them away, but instead you laughed and responded back. He must have hooked you by talking about one of the games or movies you liked, and you’d forgotten about everything and just let him stay. You got so into those conversations you never realized that they didn’t really care about what you were saying at all.

Dino felt his stomach drop at the sight, at your bright smile directed towards a man that wasn’t him. He suddenly doubted everything. Doubted that you really loved him at all, that you’d rather be with someone else, someone better. He wasn’t worthy of you, maybe you were finally seeing that. Maybe you were planning to leave him, maybe you were already cheating on him.

You deserved better, but he didn’t want to give you away. He was selfish, and he wanted to stay with you. He wanted you to stay with him forever, because he loved you to death and he didn’t know what he’d do without you. He felt a sudden yearning for you, that he needed to touch you and kiss you and make sure you were his. He didn’t care if you deserved better, if you’d be happier, because he wanted you. Nobody else deserved you either, so he might as well keep you.

But he hesitated. He was gonna walk right up to you, slide his arm around your waist so the guy got the hint and left. But his feet were glued to the spot. He almost turned around, but suddenly you looked away from the person you were talking to and your eyes met his. And the way your face lit up, the way you left the guy mid-sentence and ran up to him, his heart just about gave out.

Your eyes widened in confusion as he grabbed your hand and pulled you through the throng of people, and he didn’t answer any of your questions as he opened the door to his car and pushed you in, and eventually you stopped asking.

He almost stopped on the side of the road and pulled you onto his lap, but right now he wanted somewhere more private, so he could love you properly. When you got into the house he swung you up into his arms, carrying you bridal style to your shared bedroom. He was glad he had mostly grown out of his clumsiness; if he dropped you now you’d surely get up and leave.

You giggled as he threw you onto the bed, arms wrapping around the back of his neck as he climbed on top of you. He kissed you so gently, and you sighed contentedly as he pulled away.

He caressed your cheek, softly smiling down at you as he asked, “So what do you want tonight? Lady’s choice.”

Enma usually didn’t mind the parties he needed to go to. The Shimon were the Vongola’s allies, and they were expected to attend. As the boss, that was just one of his responsibilities. You always attended them too, of course. It was only natural, as you were his wife. You needed to be seen with him, or you’d be disrespecting one of the biggest mafia Famiglias in Europe.

You played the part perfectly. He knew you disliked these parties, but you never let it show. You stuck to him and knew exactly the right words to say to anyone who tried to approach you to get them to leave without offending them.

But today it seemed like everyone was trying to get on his nerves.

You were dressed as beautifully as always, the necklace you were wearing hanging right above the line of your cleavage, giving every next asshole an excuse to stare at your chest. And not only that, but it seemed that there was someone else pulling him aside to talk every five seconds. And every fucking time he looked back there was someone else cozying up to you. It was driving him insane.

But when Tsuna decided to test him along with all the rest is when he snapped. He slid his arm around your waist, pulling you close as he smiled at the Vongola Decimo. “What were you two talking about?”

“Oh, nothing in particular,” Tsuna said with a shit-eating grin. His eyes darted to your own before staring absently around the room. “We really need to find a day to catch up, Enma. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Not since your wedding, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Ah, well, we’ll have to figure something out. I’ll leave you be for now,” he said, purposefully glancing towards you before walking off.

Enma scowled. He didn’t know if Tsuna would actually do anything or not. It would cause too much tension between their Famiglias when it could be so easily avoided, so he didn’t think it really likely. Tsuna was just being Tsuna. At least, that’s what he hoped.

But he was annoyed. Nobody ought to look at you like that but him. You shouldn’t be attracting everyone’s attention like that. You should be pushing them away better. You were his, and it pissed him off that everyone seemed to be so unafraid of angering him. You were his. He would need to remind you. He couldn’t let you get used to having so many men hanging off of you when your mind should only be on him.

He linked arms with you, pulling you down an empty hallway. You didn’t ask any questions aloud, but you tilted your head at him as you waited for him to explain where you were going. But he didn’t. He didn’t have trouble finding an empty room, pushing you in ahead of him. He locked the door, removing his tie as he turned around. Your eyes widened a little as he pulled your arms behind your back, wrapping the fabric around your wrists.

“Enma?” you asked, trying to turn your head to look at him.

He made sure it was tied tight, just loose enough you wouldn’t lose circulation. He walked back around to face you, grabbing your chin and forcing you to look into his eyes. “You’re mine and I’m yours, _______. Or have you forgotten?”

“Of course not,” you responded, swallowing past the lump in your throat.

“I think you need some reminding. I’ll make you scream so loud everyone at this party will know who you belong to.”

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More drag au please!!!!!

Sure thing, Anon! (I was planning on writing more)
Parts 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (final)
Also available on AO3.

Michele took Emil’s offered arm, trying to hide his amusement when he realized he was just a bit taller than his boyfriend now. There was a lull between songs and the clicking of his heels seemed to echo through the club.

Once again, Michele felt eyes on him, but he paid them no mind. They didn’t matter. Emil said he looked good - actually, he’d used the word ‘stunning,’ which had made Michele’s cheeks tint and his heart flutter - and that was more important than what the others thought.

He did catch sight of the young man who’d asked him to dance, out of the corner of his eye. He felt bad about the way he’d rejected him. Of course, Michele’d thought he was after Sara, but he could have let the man down a bit easier.

“You move really well in those,” Emil said, drawing Michele’s attention away from the dance floor.

“What?” he asked, pushing some of his wig’s long synthetic hair over his shoulder and bending down just a bit to make up for their slight difference in height.

“The heels,” Emil clarified, glancing down. “As usual, you’re all fluidity and grace.”

Michele cleared his throat. “Flatterer…”

“Am not.” He chuckled and moved his arm to wrap around Michele’s waist as they came to the door. Emil ushered them outside and asked Michele to wait while he hailed a cab. Seconds later, he returned, smiling brightly. “It pays to leave early,” he beamed.

Once they were inside, Michele started to feel the usual butterflies taking flight in his stomach. He always got a little nervous when they were first together after time apart. Long-distance relationships were tough, after all. No amount of phone calls could prepare him for Emil in the flesh. Even after dating for two years, it still felt so new.

“So, where are we going?” Emil asked, taking Michele’s hand in his. “Sara said not to wait up, right?” He brought their joined hands to his lips and pressed a soft kiss against each of Michele’s knuckles.

“She did, but,” Michele hesitated. “I haven’t had a chance to clean the apartment or change the sheets.” He blushed at that last part and, maybe it was the warm glow from the lamppost outside, but he could have sworn Emil had, too.

“We can go to my hotel room…” Emil gave his hand a squeeze. “If you’d like.”

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I don't know if you'll reply but I would love if it you did. I try my best to be faithful to God but I have only recently discovered Him. I am not trying to make excuses, but I would love some tips on how to be closer with God, and how to incorporate Him into my day to day life.

Of  course I’d reply HAHA! :D I have a YT channel that is dedicated to helping bring new Christians closer to God as well as helping older, lukewarm Christians revive their lives in Christ. If you haven’t checked it out and you’re interested, it’s Leighla93. You totally motivated me to make more videos! I just have difficulty making time to make them regularly, but maybe you can pray for me? :) I love that you’re hungry for more of God, and this is a good place to be. Remember this is a conviction from the Holy Spirit, and if you ever feel like you’re not in the mood to be all about God, try your best never to give up in this faith…remember that hunger for God. Have you been born again as in baptized? It’s important to take that step if you haven’t. Doing this will help attract/keep the kind of company you need in your spiritual growth. Get plugged in at church, into a group you find humble and trusting. Trust God with your decisions, He’s started this in you and so He is also now your guide for the rest of your life. I suggest learning how to journal in your quiet times…usually early in the morning before everyone else gets up. If you already journal then this shouldn’t be hard for you. Journal about you feelings, whenever they’re good or whenever they’re bad, but always finish your entry with praises and thanks for God. No matter how bad you may be feeling on certain days, know that He’s watching every effort you put in this relationship. When you’re journaling, doing it for Him makes you aware of your mental state and that you want to be better by surrendering to His therapy. Writing down your feelings instead of venting to a parent, best friend, or boyfriend/girlfriend will more often lead you to pray mentally or verbally to God, which ultimately strengthens your dependence on Him. Focus on being more like His Son, Jesus. I believe a lot of lukewarm Christians miss that big key, which is Christ. Most people just go straight to God expecting their prayers to be answered without first looking at Christ and displaying the humility He had before the Father. Lukewarm Christians are stagnant because they do not often see God answering their prayers, so they go on living in their own terms without really realizing it. Remember Jesus died for our sins, so that we may have everlasting life. I’m not just talking about eternal life, I’m also talking about a full and meaningful life here on earth. He has set the example for us all. We cannot and will not enter the Kingdom of God if we don’t have a day to day relationship with His Son. 1 Peter 2:21-25. Focus on Jesus and put on His character everyday the best you can. He was humble, patient, loving, understanding, forgiving….I suggest also putting reminders all over your bedroom walls or anywhere you know you will be spending a lot of time in. These reminders should be positive affirmations and also maybe visuals that will build your faith as a Christian. No other person should be as responsible for encouraging yourself in this walk as much as you should be to you. Once you start praying for something, never end it until you have peace in your heart, until you’ve fully trusted God. Once you keep practicing that, then prayer should become so natural like breathing. Memorize uplifting Bible verses. They are God’s promises to you! I’m going to find some of the best Christian vloggers for you to follow and make a post about it. For now I hope this helps. I’ll pray for you! God bless!! <3

By His Grace, Sheela


josiesimblr replied to your photo:After calming Hope down, Gabriel alternated…

Gabe is deeply hurt, but I hope he sees that she was young and scared.

He is deeply hurt, there is always Hope (see what I did there? LOL) that somehow they work things out eventually.

josiesimblr replied to your photo:Hope:  “Eight years ago?  What are you trying to…

Poor Kinsley…she’s been carrying this secret for so long, of course she’d faint at being discovered.

Sometimes it’s easier to just shut down than face things but she’s a strong Sim woman, she will soon enough get herself back together.

fatpandasims  replied to your photo:Hope:  “Eight years ago?  What are you trying to…

Poor thing

I felt bad for her, too.  LOL

zauglom replied to your post : TS4CC:  Bowling Pack Desk Chair

Wow! That looks awesome!! Thank you! ❤

standardheld replied to your post :TS4CC:  Bowling Pack Desk Chair

Thank you, sweetie! It’s just perfect :)

I’m really happy with the way this turned out. There aren’t any other chairs like that and they’re so cute.

hellcat1989 replied to your post:  Thank you

Ohmygod yes!!! It’s my bad ass Evi!!! I missed her so freakin much!!!!

Oh she’s just getting started…..Evi is truly matured into her bad ass potential.

mdianasanders  post:  Thank you

Kill her grandmother, again?

*shrugs* Maybe or maybe not…….I mean, we don’t even know what happened to her the last time Evi tried to kill her.  

fatpandasims replied to your post: You’re pacing

Ahahah I love her

Hope, thanks you for loving her.  We think you’re sims are pretty awesome, too.

hellcat1989 replied to your photoset:Evi….. Are words really needed? She makes evil…


josiesimblr replied to your photoset:Evi….. Are words really needed? She makes evil…

WOW. She is BAD ASS. LOVE this! And I would hate to be the person who crosses her!

Somebody messed with her babies….her family….somebody will pay dearly…….


The Dulcie + Victor-babies (twins, as ordered by the random number generator) were born in the middle of dinnertime without much hassle.. Despite almost all of the family being in the room, Victor was the only one who reacted to their birth :—-D

A girl and a boy,

1. Karyna Mantorok
skintone from Victor, eye color from Dulcie, hair color from Dulcie

2. Arjun Mantorok
skintone from Victor, eye color from Dulcie, hair color from Dulcie

Soooo they’re identical at this point.. :D And of course they both got black hair…

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♦and kylux?

Slow dancing

Ben couldn’t believe his pack of friends had tricked him into going to the dance – of course, they’d only wanted to go in the first place for the promise of smuggled alcohol and seeing girls in short, spaghetti-strap dresses. The former was of vague interest to Ben, but he could always steal what he wanted from his dad, and the latter was far less interesting than gossiping with Armie ended up being. 

Neither of them had really had any intention to dance, and had stayed off to the side for most of the night, trading barbs about their classmates to make the other snort with laughter, but then the fast songs began to veer off into slow ones, and Ben’s friends had scored them some Fireball smuggled in a Gatorade bottle, and by the end of the night they were buzzed enough to take the dare to slow dance together as an undeclinable challenge. 

It wasn’t half bad for a joke, Ben was thinking, looking at the way Armie’s skin glowed under the red and purple lights of the gym. In fact, he thought, it wasn’t bad at all, having Armie’s hands on his waist, just above his hips, looking at him with a half-grin that Ben maybe, just maybe, wanted to kiss off of him. 

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Sometimes I wonder if I've discovered things about my sexuality and gender thanks to the way I'm able to understand your fics, but other times I worry that I'm just a cis het girl playing pretend to try and fit in with a group that might accept me.

Nonny, (first of all *hugs*) here’s a not-so-secret - I’m still figuring things out too. Two years ago I had no idea there was even a word for my gender identity. I’d seen one article about an AMAB person who’d taken a similar course and it was very much an ‘omg look at this’ article. That was it. When I’d tried to discuss my needs with my surgeon it was made clear it wasn’t an option. So I thought it wasn’t a thing, that it was just me and I was cis dreaming of impossible things. It’s still not *available* to me, but now I know I’m not alone. A great deal of that is down to fic and the community around it. I found out so much and I’m still finding new things I didn’t have words for.

I’m not particularly out in RL because my only attempt went horribly wrong, and I don’t feel I fit into most RL communities (trans, LGBT, etc). I know I don’t fall into easy black&white classifications, especially when it comes to being demi and the effects of physical/mental trauma. It’s very easy to look at my identity and say X is due to the medical abuse, Y is the disability, Z is depression, how much of the whole is real? Especially if you’re no longer at a stage in life where you can experiment it can be hard to pin things down. But I don’t think you necessarily HAVE to pin anything down.

Labels are handy tools, they help us find other people like us and they help us understand ourselves. But they are just tools. If you realise the job needs a saw not a hammer don’t feel you have to keep on using the hammer to please other people. I’m so so glad that my fics have helped you, they help me in sorting out the mess in my head, but know that I love you whatever labels you think fit. Hell, there might be a better term you haven’t found yet. Or there might be none.

You are YOU. That’s the one identity that you need, and you are still growing, always growing and changing because that’s what time does to us. Be YOU as big and as loud as you can be. Try things on and if they don’t fit YOU then the feel free to move on. It’s not a performance, you don’t get points. If they fit and someone tries to make you feel bad, show them your middle finger because no one owns you but you. I can tell you if you’re someone I count as a friend I love you for YOU, all your messy complicated self and that won’t change however you label yourself.

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35 If money was not a factor, how would you live your life?

I’d want to live somewhere near nature - with internet access of course. I’d probably want to go for a smaller town with lots of old buildings and plenty of trees and green places. Ideally there would be forests to explore and rivers to follow. (Seriously my last city was perfect.) I’d want to be able to be a witch as a career - selling spells and sigils, amulets, spell ingredients, tarot readings… I’d wanna be the “village witch” basically. And I’d want books everywhere - ones I have written myself, ones others have written, books and binders full of spells and magical biz… I’d want to be able to take in stray animals, take care of them until I can find them homes. Stuff like that, Idk.

Thanks for asking! ^^

[Dig a Little Deeper]

my favorite sort of ‘Easter Egg’ in TURN is in S1 when we see this shot of the Codebook. Notice the names - right below C. Brewster is Rivington, and right above, though out of focus, is Austin Roe.

Obviously these are there because they’re in the Real Life Culper Codebook, but in the context of TURN I find it hilarious because

1. Rivington…Rivington is Townsend’s business partner.
2. Neither of them are even introduced until S2,
3. Even then there has been no indication Rivington is anything less than a Loyalist (as of the end of S3 anyway)
4. Even if he was up for Them Spy Shenanigans…they’re all crying over not having a man in New York and according to the book, they sure do X’D (unless, of course, this Rivington is meant to be a different Rivington, which is entirely possible)

and then there’s our boy Austin Roe, the victim of identity theft (RIP)

the name is in the book, meaning he- and Rivington -are people who exist and who Ben knows about in some capacity, else they wouldn’t be in there. The book is then burned to a goodly crisp with the rest of the house a few episodes later.

And it’s about a season and a half after that Rogers bounces up and chucks the name Austin Roe about during his stint as a faux Culper.

None of this actually means anything, as this is the same show that quietly introduced Joseph Reed back in S1 and then in S3 aged him up by about thirty years.

But I still find it Amusing.

It didn’t take long for Naomi to get acquainted with Mauricio’s cousin, Malachi. The chemistry between the two was intense and overwhelming for both of them.

N: So, you’re M’s cousin? Your family is a gold mine of good genetics

M: Haha, yeah thanks, Naomi, Mauricio has said a lot about you, sorry you kinda got kicked out so I could move in.

N: Wait, what? That’s why M bought me the house? I thought it was just because of the baby?

M: Nah, Ricio and Candy would’ve loved to have you stay and help with the baby but ya know the black sheep of the family come with a lot of baggage and they didn’t want to force you into that. Anyways, want to come inside? It’s getting a bit chilly out here?

N: Of course, I’d love to. ;)

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Hey! Would you mind if I use your "Trust me, I'm a doctor" edit as my header? (with credit of course) Absolutely LOVE your edits by the way :D

Of course!! Go ahead :D and thank you so much, this is really flattering! :D

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WYR: Go to the Chocobros World from start to finish (Where they meet their ends)/They join your world and live with you (Meaning you have to offer basic living standards)


While I have some experience with firearms, let’s be real; I’d probably piss myself at the sight of the Astrals an Iron Giant Gladio any daemons in-person, so I’d have to make the poor chocobros come to my neck of the woods…CANADA XD

That would be an interesting scenario; course I’d have to explain to my husband “Ok so, these four dudes are going to be living with us for uhhh, indefinitely, so the sooner you can deal with it, the sooner we’ll all get along JUST FINE” *internally screaming*

Noctis would be live-in petsitter, looking after the pups and cat and just generally mooching his lazy arse off. Prompto I think is kind of a wild card, he could enjoy taking photos of the area and get into freelance work, or carpool with me to the city each day and perhaps take up a part or full-time job. Gladio could easily get a job at the construction firm near my place, small business with a good reputation in my area. And Ignis, fuck Ignis could do whatever the hell he’d like and be successful at it IMO. Though there’s a small school nearby that could benefit from him teaching there, I heard they’re always understaffed due to the long commute to the city and the low population in the area.

Either way, you best believe it’ll be a fuckfest. My husband would be totes down. He’s into that shit, too.

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