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Not a request bUT ON THE TOPIC OF PUPS IMAGINE WHIRL WITH HIS OWN LITTLE SHIT ARMY. He has like half a dozen tiny pups that just laze around and act nothing like their sire. But then they just abruptly scream bloody murder at random intervals and no one can explain why other than they're Whirl's kids of course they'd be like this of course. He just stares down at them proudly like "Ah, yes, I made these." Everyone is suffering, especially Cyclonus. Can't sunbathe in peace anymore

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Shrieking babies!!! Yes!!!

I like to think that the worst part about the pups doing their Unholy Murder Shrieks is that they get louder whenever the liaison is there. The pod thought they were awful before? Wait until they hear the hatchlings reach a pitch that no pup should reach with their itty bitty baby lungs.

( Somewhere, out there, Soundwave is wincing and clutching his head in pain when he makes the terrible mistake to try and eavesdrop on the Lost Light pod to see how Megatron is doing. He is Suffering. )

Maybe it has to do with the fact the liaison once jokingly cooed at what a good screamer one of the pups was after they ruined one sunbathing session for poor Cyclonus. The liaison, in their attempt to divert attention from the cranky mershark, started cooing and complimenting the pups for their performance.

Big mistake.

It seems like the pups have taken it as a contest now to see who can scream the loudest, the longest, and the scariest in order to get praise from their carrier. Their favourite target to test on is, you guessed it, poor Cyclonus. Especially when he least expects it so there are some days he wakes up from a nap and sees the babies have formed a circle around him, their little mouths stretched out wide as they all take a collective breath before-

Cylconus has One Fear now. )

simself meme

I was tagged by @shhhushhh​ and @wannabecatwriter​ (thanks!) and just not got around to it.

RULES:  Post a photo of your simself, answer these questions and tag some friends.

She’s a resting bitch faced, socially anxious cat lover introvert. Very exciting stuff.

Favorite Season: Autumn, hands down. The colors, the cooler weather, the insects dying, ahhh. It’s lovely :D

Of course it helps that I’m basically perpetually dressed for cold weather. Sweaters and jeans or leggings are basically my whole wardrobe.

Favorite books / author: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, PC Hodgell, oh god stop me this might go on for quite a while

Favorite song: This is always in flux. I guess right now my favorite would be anything off Slash’s latest album. 

Favorite food & drink:  Tea. I drink all kinds of tea. Coffee if I’m going to work but if I don’t need that extra caffeine hit, I go for tea. It’s a comfort thing.

Dogs or cats: Hmmm….

I wonder xD


Forever making stupid faces at cats and cooing at them while they wonder if my brains have melted :D

I tag @ashuriphoenix @ktarsims eerrmmm anyone else following me who might have a selfsim :D

Hey for the new year I am thinking of making a shop of little magic hand made items and such but for a longggg long time I wanted to make a little zine on cottage magic/magical ‘terriors’ and it will be very seasonal and based on things to do per season in my local climate. I would love to work with other witches in other climates and have articles based on witchy lifestyles that promote good energy in the home and helps the environment but also of course tips on magic, talks and details about the astrological events to come for that month, tarot and divining insights etc etc. I was wondering if anyone would be interested? Maybe I should make a patreon?? And sell hard copies on my online shop I am unsure cause its something of course I’d want to make to help witches get started in their path too

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@Janna have you thought jack how to hypnotize people? If yes could he do it on a certain inventor with glasses and a half mewnian/half human princess to make them finally fall for each other (oh and I think Mr. Diaz should take long nap again, don’t you think?)

Janna:  I love my little Jacky. that being said, there’s no way I’d trust him with that level of power. He’d go totally mad with power and prank his poor sweet mom. I mean I’d be proud of course but not this week. I got deals that need to be made. and Maybe. he seems a little stressed out. OOOOOH MARCO!


Slime rancher magnets!!!

Love all the slooms!!! Glass charms on magnets. Good for using on magnetic chore charts! You can do custom background colors if you’d like. Of course, you can pick the Slimes in your sets. 


$2 each
Set of 5 for $8
Set of 10 for $15
Set of 15 for $20 

Shipping not included
Payments are accepted via PayPal More

Slime products coming soon:
1” reward stickers
Resin charms

So I made a chibi thing :””””9



The only fandom I’m in is Hannibal, but I’d take anything. Of course you can send anon asks, but I prefer public ones as I’d like to make friends x”””9 It will take long but I’ll try to do as many I can.

Chibi doesn’t mean it has to be cute, I’d take anything gory, kinky, nsfw, etc.

I’ll Be Here:A Stranger Things Fanfiction

Mike hated hospitals.

The sickly-sweet smell of the chemicals in the air.

The sight of sad family members crying.

The uncertainty of death that lingered.

So spending a long time in one wasn’t something he wanted.

But it was Will.

His best friend.

His closest buddy in the party.

His crush.

Of course he’d brave it out.For Will

                    He sat  on the right side of his bed,rarely moving unless he absolutely needed to.He had to be there in case Will would have an another episode.

                    He tracked his every move ,as if that would lead to a clue on how to defear the shadow monster.Every twitch,every time his heartbeat hiked up.

The fact that he was so,so cold.

                    Sometimes Will would tense up and Mike would hold his hand.His face would then relax,but Mike would still hold his hand.”I’ll be here,”he’d whisper.

Just to make sure his friend was okay.

                  “Hey Mike,”Joyce greeted as she sat down beside him.”How are you doing?Good?”

                   “Nope,”Mike said,too tired to even lie.Joyce’s features softened and she put her arm around Mike.

                   “He’s going to be fine.”she said sincerely,trying to convince both of them of the fact.Mike leaned closer to her,thankful for the emotional support.

They looked at Will’s still body and hoped for the best.

One month later

He had another nightmare.

It was silly,really.

I mean it was over, he should be over it.

He wiped the tears off his face and grabbed his walkie-talkie off the nightstand.

                     “Hello,anyone on this channel?”he said,trying to keep his voice down,despite his panic and rapid heartbeat.He heard static.Damn it.He was about to place it back on the nightstand when-

                     “Will?Is that you?”Mike answered.Will felt relief rush into him and quickly answered.”Ye-yeah,this is Will.”

                     “Why are you up?”Will remembered why he was on in the first place and didn’t want to worry Mike,so he tossed the question back to Mike.”Couldn’t sleep,so I’m writing up a DND campaign.You?”

                       Will swallowed thickly and decided he didn’t need to lie to his best friend.”I had a nightmare about the Upside Down,but I’m okay,honestly and-”

                       “Will,that’s not fine.Y’know what?I’m coming over.”Despite Will’s reluctance and the please Mike I’m goods he delivered,he heard Mike fetch his bike and he knew Mike was already cycling to his house.

                       Will was trying really hard to forget the nightmare,but everytime he’d blink,he’d see the horrors of the Upside Down.Its never-changing winter climate,the way people are held,the overgrowth of vines.He knew he was no longer inhabited by monsters,but what if he was still a monster?The Mind Flayer made him do terrible things, so he was terrible too and-

                       “Will!”Mike called from the open window.Will touched his face and found new tears.He quickly wiped them off.He stood up and helped Mike through the window.

                        “Thanks.”Mike said.The two boys stood in uncomfortable silence until Will said “Hey,thanks for com-”which was cut off by hugging him.

                         Will was so surprised by his sudden movement that he staggered back,but soon realized that the the hug was nice.Comforting.Loving.

“Thank you,”he whispered.

Mike’s grip tightened.

“The monster’s gone.It won’t get you.”he said.”I’ll be here.”

Will was grateful this was the boy he’d fallen in love with.


(a/n:im sorry that this isnt a musical fic…i have just been so in love with stranger things that i wrote this.if this is well received, i might write more stranger things,maybe more byeler or jopper or babysitter steve.hope you enjoyed this! byeee!  -eurus)

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of course you’d sympathize with an addict drug abuser lol

Im 2 tired for this but I hope you get run over by a fucking train and hop off ur high horse goodnight


“I’ll be honest, Harry, this is one of those times I am so glad that I’m alive. We can finally drive without worrying about my mother yelling at us.”
I thought it was because you are cuddling Hermione all night now.”
“That too.”

Harry and Ron having their usual quality time.

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Cities & Moods: Tübingen, Germany 

Es blüht das fernste, tiefste Tal:  Nun, armes Herz, vergiß der Qual!
Even the deepest, most distant valley is in flower. Now, poor heart, forget your torment. (Ludwig Uhland, Frühlingsglaube) 

inspired by the wonderful moodboards by lovely @expatesque:)