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BTS at High School Reaction

Jin - 

Jin would be a player; known to play with a girls heart and the school’s heartthrob. All the teachers would think he’s a goody two shoes but he’s really not. Would flirt with you when nobody’s looking. Jin would be a prep and probably carry a mirror to school just to look at himself when he’s bored lmao. 

Suga - 

Suga would be quite serious and a bit intimidating to anyone that doesn’t know him well. He’d fall asleep in most classes except music which is where he’d be most interactive. He’d probably have his headphones on all day and not really pay attention to anything going on around him. He’d smile at you occasionally but wouldn’t make much eye contact.

J-Hope - 

Hoseok would be well hyper all the time. Everyone would always want to be partners with him in everything. Whenever he joins a conversation, everyone would automatically become more lively. He’d answer questions in class even if he didn’t know the answer and say something silly just to make everyone laugh. Teachers would get tired and annoyed after a while though lol. Hoseok would have a secret crush on you and say hi to you every time he saw you.

Rap Monster - 

Namjoon would be a little bit of a know it all and be top in everything apart from gym. He’d be class president, prefect, school council whatever you want to call it. He’d lead the chess club, maths club, debate club etc but you’d followed him after school one day and found out he’s a secret underground rapper and surprisingly really good. 

Jimin - 

Jimin would be well shy at first but would open up to people when he was more comfortable. I imagine he’d work really hard in everything even if he didn’t like it, including making you his. You tried talking to him but he pretended he didn’t hear you because he was too shy to talk. He wants to let you know he likes you but he can’t. 

V -

Taehyung. Wow. Ok, Taehyung would be really funny but not on purpose. Like he’d try to be serious but everyone just laughs anyway. He could make the teachers laugh so they’d forget that he never did his homework. He’d try to go for a bad boy look but it would flop because he’d be too cute. A lot of girls would have a crush on him but he only looked at you. 

Jungkook - 

Jungkook would be a softie. Again, a lot of girls would like him but he would mostly talk to boys. He wouldn’t interact with girls a lot. He’d be good at basically everything. He’d have a different pair of timberlands for every day of the week. Teachers would love him and be wishing he was their child. He be leaving them jungshook. Jungkook would try and get closer to you, sit with you at lunch and in class sometimes - it was really obvious he liked you. The only person who couldn’t see it was you.

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Congratulations to your sister and her husband, Anon! :)

Italy (Feliciano Vargas): Italy would enthusiastically say yes. Anything his s/o wants to do, he wants to do too. However, he might not pay much attention during the class itself. 

Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt): It would be surprising if it was the s/o who suggested it first, as opposed to Germany. Of course he would say yes, he wants to know exactly what to do in any situation and to be prepared for his child’s birth. He would do extremely well in the class, needless to say.

Japan (Kiku Honda): Japan would definitely be on board with it and he would be interested in learning new things. Like Germany, he would do very well in the class, and he’s probably done his research beforehand too.

Spain (Antonio Fernandez-Carreido): Spain would be enthusiastic about it as well, and he would be quite excited to take the class. He’d do pretty well and would definitely be prepared for his child’s birth and parenting in general.

Romano (Lovino Vargas): Romano might be more… reluctant. However, even if he wasn’t really into the idea, I think he would still say yes. He’d want to know what to do when his child is born. During the class, he would feel quite awkward though lol.

anonymous asked:

HC's for being bff's/growing up with Anakin? What was it like adjusting to temple life for him and being away from his mom? Having class with the Chosen One? Pranking your masters together?? (Have a great day! ❤️)

(You too sweetie!)

  • When Anakin first comes to the temple, a lot of the other children shun him, not trusting an outsider and making fun of him for being “the Chosen One”. Truly, they were just jealous of him, but he always assumed he was the one that had done something wrong. 
  • You, however, were always nice to him, and the two of you quickly became inseparable. You would complain about your masters and classes together and help one another study and do homework. During class, you’d use the force to levitate notes to one another behind the teacher’s back, rarely getting caught because of how sneaky you were. 
  • He had a hard time adjusting to temple life. First of all, he was always cold, not used to the moderate temperatures of Coruscant after knowing only the Tatooine heat. And he wasn’t used to there being so much water. At first, Obi-Wan could barely get him to take a bath, not because Anakin didn’t like being clean. Quite the opposite was true, actually. He was just scared of wasting so much water. 
  • He missed Shmi intensely. To help him, you would ask questions about her, keeping his memories of her fresh and letting him vent about any nightmares he might be having about being away from her. 
  • The two of you took the most delight in pranking Obi-Wan. Your master was Mace Windu, and both you and Anakin agreed that he was too scary to prank. Obi-Wan, though? With his kind heart and inability to hold a grudge against the two of you? He was an easy target. 
  • The worst prank you ever pulled on him was when you and Anakin were 14. You waited until Obi-Wan was asleep before sneaking into his room and shaving half of his beard off, leaving the left side of his face hairy while the right was clean-shaven. You were sure to take a picture of it before he woke up. When he figured out what had happened, the two of you were given detention for two weeks, but it was totally worth it. 

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Bard Week Master Post

Forgot to make a “master post” for bard week way back.

Making the Bard Feel Important - A guide to making a support character feel like they belong in your campaign

Musical Puzzles - Some examples of music-based puzzles for the bard to solve in your dungeon

Karest, the Storymaker - An encounter with a werewolf bard that makes up their own endings

New Bard Colleges - Four new subclasses for the bard including colleges of the ringing voice, of fables, of gambol, and of the worldspeaker

Magically Musical Equipment - New magic items for the bard

do you think the first D-Class to get labled 


lost their fucking shit

like they would straight up breach containment and kill millions just to run to their friends and be like

“holy shit i’m 69420″

“wait weren’t you on death r-”

“69. 420.”

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

creepypasta (bad, for little kids): super mario’s eyes bled hyper-realistic blood and instead of the music there was someone saying “death” so i threw the game cartridge at the window.

scp entry (for intellectual, manly adults): william shakespeare’s eyes bled non-euclidean blood and the music was replaced with sad daevite poetry. we killed a d-class about it.