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D&D Compilations: Fighters

[The fifth entry to the Class Compilations Project here in all its glory, the Fighters!]

[As a bard is skilled with a tune, a fighter is skilled withh the blade. Not every knight, soldier, or swordsman is a fighter, but those who can claim such a title are masters of their chosen style, which are all showcased within the various subclasses listed above from the Player’s Handbook, the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, and Xanthar’s Guide to Everything!]

What is the D&D Compilation Project?

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Shitty Sub

So a few days ago, we had a sub in my GT Art class. We’ll call her Rosa Parks because she looked exactly like her. Now my school is notorious for being a bad school, with kids smoking weed behind the school and people getting pregnant and such. Rosa Parks gets into an argument with one girl, let’s call her D. While D and Rosa Parks are going at it, Rosa Parks asks D how many boyfriends she has in this class. (D was one of the “popular girls” in my school.) Then, even after D didn’t answer, Rosa Parks calls her a hoe. In front of the class. This same sub even insulted people’s art styles and refused to believe that music and dance were other forms of art. To my knowledge she still works as a sub

Tag your class: seeing a cockroach in your room
  • Knight: Grabs any shoe that's close to kill it
  • Tank: Stomps it immediately with your foot
  • Archer: Throws whatever object is close to you at it in hopes of killing the little intruder
  • Summoner: Screams for help so someone comes and kill it for you
  • Mage: Uses bug spray to kill it
  • Healer: Uses any net, magazine, glass or whatever object to let the pest outside your house
  • Thief: Leaves the room immediately
  • Dark Mage: Lets the cockroach roam freely before it dies because you fumigated beforehand
  • Bard: Screeches in fear hoping the cockroach just goes away

So after about a month of work, I finally finished the rough-draft of my 5e Chronomancer class. Unfortunately, tumblr will not let me upload the final page, which contains all the credits for artwork.

Let me know what you think, as this is still a WIP. It will be going through It’s first round of playtesting next week. Thanks and I hope you Enjoy!


Updated/alternate version here:


if you are interested in Playtesting, shoot me a PM!

You are an unexceptional superhero, D-class at best, except for your tendency to get along with evil clones, robot duplicates and alternate and future/past versions of yourself. The rest of the supers are starting to get worried about your growing army.