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Bloodlines - 4 (Callum ‘Cal’ Lynch/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

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The ride to the coast was quick and full of car songs that he’d never heard before. Cal smiled watching the kids do the hand motions to the songs in the rear-view mirror.

He was slowly coming to the realization that maybe the Animus had brought him more than just a sense of belonging. It was bringing him closer to something he’d lost early on, a family.

Or at least a unit…

He had glanced over to you singing the song looking back at Eli and Ren. The wind was blowing your hair around in a magical way. Were your eyes always so bright and E/C? Was your smile always so radiant?

He felt a warmth fill his chest when you looked at him. He could’ve kept driving forever if he knew that smile would greet him every moment.

Ice cream on the other hand, turned out to be messy and insane. He looked at his shirt as you reached over trying to clean up the last bit of what Ren had dropped on him, “Really it’s OK.”

“You’ll be sticky all day if I don’t.” You told him licking your thumb.

He grabbed your hand stopping you as he smiled, “Really it’s fine, I’m just happy that it was the melted bit and not the entire thing.”

Ren was looking up at him big crocodile tears starting to form, “Mmmm…”

“Ren…” You turned to pick her up but he beat you to it scooping her up into his arms.

“Hey now, no tears.” He smiled at her, “Can you give me a smile?”

She glanced over to you unsure. You smiled when he started to tickle her tummy getting her to giggle and squirm in his arms. You were always amazed at how good he was with the children. All of them really, not just yours. He would start soccer games with the older ones and help the younger ones sneak sweets.

“There, see, no harm done.” He smiled at Ren before looking at you, “Shall we walk around a bit?”

“If that’s okay…I don’t want to keep you from anything.” You told him as he took Eli’s hand.

He gave that big toothy grin, “Honestly…nothing would make me happier.”

You could think of one or two things that might, but you weren’t going to just suggest them. Walking in and out of the shops was relaxing from your normal outings which consisted of running to the store for things that they couldn’t grow themselves.

“You seemed relaxed.” He commented as you looked at a necklace.

Looking to him you let it fall from your fingers quickly, “It’s nice to be away for a moment. I forgot how stifling it can get there, despite having been gone so long.”

He nodded relating to the feeling. He wasn’t used to staying in one spot for such a long time and seeing the same faces daily, “I never did ask…I wasn’t sure if you’d want to talk about it…but how long were you there? You don’t have to answer of course, I’d understand.”

You knew he meant Abstergo, and hesitated answering until they were walking out with the children on to the sidewalk “Eight months.”

His eyes widened surprised, “Wow…how…”

“Did they get me?” You watched him nod crossing the street toward a small park to let the kids play. He waited as you instructed the kids to play nicely and took a seat next to you on a bench, “It was kind of like this actually.”

He watched your motherly gaze following the children as you went on, “We go out on occasion with the children, the other mother’s and I…to introduce them to the real world so it’s not startling when they go out later. We ended up at a museum a few hours from here and…these men started to come at me with guns.”

Your fist clenched at the thought, “I thought they were coming for the children so I sounded the alarm and everyone sprang into action. As a mother we’re trained to run, not fight. Keep the bloodlines safe and alive.”

“Well, when I realized that they were after me I just…stopped.” You looked at him, “I let the kids run ahead of me knowing Ann would get them. I let them take me to protect them.”

“Were I in your place, I would do the same thing.” He told you quietly.

“You wouldn’t have had to.” You looked back toward the kids, “You would’ve been able to fight.”

“You don’t fight? You don’t know anything at all?” He seemed surprised which reminded you how little he still knew of the Creed’s ways.

You sighed shaking your head, “Mostly defensive, nothing offensive.”

“I mean I knew you hadn’t taken a life, but I thought you’d know something.” He frowned a little worry lines showing on his forehead.

You looked at him, “How do you know that I haven’t killed anyone?”

He smiled a little looking down at his hands, “Your eyes.”

“My eyes?” You squinted at him, “What about them?”

“They’re bright and not heavy.” He looked at you pointing to his eyes, “Look into mine, there’s this…weight to them that I’ll never shake off. It’s the price of taking a human life. It takes a little of your brightness away. Your eyes as bright like the stars.”

You looked away flushing, “Well…you’re not wrong.”

He watched you lick your lips as he bit his own. He wanted to reach over and touch you…any part of you. He didn’t know if that was okay, after all the arrangement was for you to teach him.

He cleared his throat before looking out to the children. He couldn’t help but smile when he felt you looking at him. He’d begun to wonder if there was something developing between the two of you. He hadn’t been with anyone in a long time even before he was in prison, and he couldn’t lie that he thought you attractive.

Swallow down the knot of apprehension in his chest he turned to you, “Would you…”

“I was wonder…Oh…” You started at the same time.

“I’m sorry go ahead.” He stopped to let you go first.

“I was…just going to ask how your training had been. I know you mentioned Sam yesterday at dinner.” You looked at him with concern, “I’m hoping he’s not taking out any frustration on you.”

“Oh he is.” He looked down laughing a little, “But it’s alright, I’m not that fragile. Plus, Anders always makes the situation less tense.”

You smiled a little, “Anders does that. He and Renatta’s father were always the light hearted ones.”

He saw you face change a little, sadness filling your eyes, “You never talk about him.”

Your sad smile faded into your sigh, “Landon died on a mission before Renatta was born. He was a good man…a good assassin and he would’ve been a good father.”

“I’m sorry…” He started quietly.

You put a hand over his, “It’s okay. Landon was a good friend and…Renatta was an unexpected surprise from a drunken rescue he performed.”

“I feel like there’s a story with that.” He smiled a little feeling you glow as you began to tell him about this man he would never met. How he swooped in and saved you from another who you wanted nothing to do with and ended up together instead.

“Landon sounds like a good man to make you laugh even in death.” He squeezed your hand in support as you wiped some tears of laughter from your face.

“He was…he really was.” You smiled at him.

“We should probably get going.” He stated after staring into your eyes for a long moment.

You nodded slowly still staring into his, “Okay…”

He finally let out the breath he was holding when you stood up to collect the kids. Wiping a hand over his face he stood up as Eli ran over to him hopping up and down, “Look look look!”

Cal looked at him holding up something with a string attached to it. He took it from him, “Is this a slingshot?”

“Can I keep it?” He looked at him eagerly.

“Eli, it’s broken.” You told him as you adjust Ren on your hip.

“But I found it in the sand…” Eli said as if it was enough information to justify keeping the broken toy.

“I’m sure we can fix it.” Cal said turning it around in his hands inspecting it, “That is if mom says it’s okay for you to actually keep.”

“Mom, please!” Eli wrapped his arms around your leg, “Please, please please!”

You stared at Cal who gave you a pouty look before putting his palms together begging behind Eli. You sighed shaking your head, “Fine, but there are going to be some big rules. For the both of you.”

“Yes!” Eli turned around to Cal who was already with a high five.

“Don’t make me regret this.” You told Cal stepping closer to him.

“Never!” He said before kissing your cheek. He paused looking at you. It had just happened so naturally, “Uh…sorry…”

Your face was red, “It’s fine.”

“No…no it’s not…” He took a deep breath in scratching the back of his head, “That isn’t…I’ve crossed a line.”

“Cal…” You reached down with your free hand gaining his attention. You smiled at him a little, “It’s fine.”

Fluttering hearts left the park that afternoon in silence, aside from a small boy’s excitement over a broken toy. There were no songs on the car ride home, just naps and soft contemplation.

He glanced over at you finally, “I am sorry about earlier. I don’t know why it happened…”

“I said it was fine.” You looked at him, “It’s only natural…we’ve been around each other for a while now. It was bound to happen.”

“I just didn’t want it to happen like that.” He told you quietly.

“Oh?” You looked at him surprised, “You…You’ve thought about that?”

He smirked a little, “Y/N, you’re a very beautiful woman…it’s hard not to think of you in that manner.”

You flushed moving hair behind your ear nervously, “I see.”

Silence filled the car again until he swallowed, “Would you like to have dinner?”

“Sure, I can whip something up when we get home.” You started to rattle off, “It’ll probably be something easy though…”

“No.” He interrupted looking at you, “I didn’t mean today…I meant in the future. Like Friday…just you and me.”

You blinked a few times looking at him. He was asking you out. Something that you’d never in your wildest dreams thought would happen. Something he didn’t need to ask for according to Creed law, but here he was asking because he still didn’t comprehend what it meant for you to be branded to him.

He took your silence as a no, “I’m sorry it’s silly…we have a good thing going…we shouldn’t…”

“Yes.” You said finally his eyes landing on you again. You nodded, “Yes, I would like that. I’ll ask Ann or Lily to watch the kids.”

“Really?” He grinned as you nodded again, “Alright…uh…we’ll hash out the details later, if that’s ok?”

“That sounds great.” You smiled at him taking a deep breath making the tears you wanted to cry disappear before they came. Callum Lynch was a dream…a wonderful, handsome dream, and he was yours if you’d just step up to him. He was giving you a life outside of the Creed within it and it was a dangerous place to be.

Sergeant Colon knew he was facing one of the most dangerous moments in his career.
There was nothing for it. He was out of options.
“Er… if I add this A and this O and this I and this D,” he said, the sweat pouring down his pink cheeks, “then I can use that V to make ‘avoid.’ Er… and that gets me, er, a… what d’you cal these blue squares, Len?”
“A ‘Three Times Ye Value of Thee Letter’ score,” said Leonard of Quirm.
“Well done, sergeant,” said Lord Vetinari. “I do believe that puts you in the lead.”
“Er… I do believe it does, sir,” squeaked Sergeant Colon.
However, I find that you have left me the use of my U, N, and A, B, L, E,” the Patrician went on, “which incidentally lands me on this Three Times the Whole Worde square and, I rather suspect, wins me the game.”
Sergeant Colon sagged with relief.
“A capital game, Leonard,” said Vetinari. “What did you say it was called?”
“I call it the ‘Make Words With Letters That Have All Been Mixed Up Game,’ my lord.”
“Ah. Yes. Obviously. Well done.”
“Huh, an’ I got three points,” mumbled Nobby. “They was perfectly good words that you wouldn’t let me have, too.”
“I’m sure the gentlemen don’t want to know those words,” said Colon severely.
“I’d have got ten points for that X.”

The occupants of the boat play the Make Words With Letters That Have All Been Mixed Up Game | Terry Pratchett, Jingo

Beach house - Calum Hood

Imagine spending new years at a beach house with all the 5sos members and their girlfriends and it’ll be all cool and vibey and at night you would all sit outside the fire and blast one of the boys spotify playlists and in the morning you and cal would go for walks/runs and end up on the beach laying there in each others arms and when you’d come back everyone would tease you for taking so long and you’d swim with the boys and calum would come and beg for some alone time but you say later because you wanna spend time with everyone even though you are diving inside to spend time with calum. and then you’d spend a day with just the girls and you would go shopping and cal would be texting you that he misses you and you’d be smiling at your phone and then the girls would tease you and bring up the topic of you and cal. and you’d come back and cal would cling onto you and the whole day he’d be holding you from behind and holding your waist and he’d just be so cute and cuddly and clingy and omg can i please have calum.

Calfreezy imagine

Warning: Sad Cal?

You were leaving for New York in a few days, it was only for a week but that was enough to get Cal upset. He hated it when you left him, he always had a fear that one day you’d find someone else and leave him for good. Even though you had no plans of that.

Harry’s P.O.V

“Yo, what’s up with Cal?” Simon asked. It was my idea to go out drinking, mainly to cheer Cal up, the others weren’t aware that Cal had a girlfriend let alone one he’d been with for nearly 3 years. “I would tell you but Cal’d kill me”,I responded jokingly,“if he want to know it’s probably a good idea that only he gets drunk.”

It’d all gone pretty well until the uber back, Cal was sat in the corner, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. “Harry?” Cal asked, “Yes” I responded. “She’s not leaving me for good is she? She’s not going to fly off to America and never to return?” This had caught the attention of everyone else as they turned and stared, not fully understanding what was happening. “Oh God Harry, what would I do if she leaves me? Maybe she should leave me, she deserves someone better.” “Cal, don’t you dare say that, Simon call my phone contact Y/N” I cautiously comforted Cal as the phone began to dial. “Hello?” Y/N voice rang through the cab.

Y/N’s P.O.V

"Hello?” You weren’t expecting a call at 2 in the morning, at least not from a distraught Harry. “Y/N Cal’s seriously upset, please talk to him. I’ve told the uber to go to your flat so we can bring him to you” Harry rushed out. “Cal, Callum listen to me. Think about how Liverpool won the match today, 3-1 wasn’t it? Do you think Millwall deserved that goal?” You tried to refer to the match earlier. “No, they didn’t deserve it, we’re the better team” “Hey!” You laughed as you heard someone shout in the background. “Y/N we’re outside your block of flats, see you in a minute” someone interfered. “Wait, no Y/N don’t go please don’t leave me”. You hated hearing Cal like this but you knew he’d get over it.


You opened the door to see a group of guys and what looked like their girlfriends I’m front of you. “Hi, you must be Y/N. Cal’s on his way” A kind of tall, bearded guy said as he stepped into your flat. <

Harry helped Cal into the elevator as you invited the rest of the so called ‘sidemen’ and girlfriends into your flat. You waited before she was engulfed into a crying Cal’s arms, “Please don’t leave me Y/N, I don’t know what I’d do without you” Cal chocked out as you stroked the back of his head, which was quite a task seeing as he’s over 6ft, “I promise I won’t”. “Can someone get me some pillows and a blanket, Harry can you get me a bottle of water and paracetamol please?” You asked as you managed to get Cal to sit on the sofa. “Y/N I don’t understand though.” Cal piped up “Why choose me, lanky, odd, Cal? Especially when you could have any guy you wanted?” “Callum Airey do not say that; I’m with you because I don’t someone normal, I don’t want someone smaller, I don’t want anyone but you. Okay?” You raised your voice at him as you laid him down of the sofa, smothering him with blankets and pillows and putting everything to the side for when he wakes up.

"Sorry about that” You apologised sheepishly to the rest of a group with your signature wonky smile. “We want the whole story, starting from when you met” You gulped. “If you can be here by 11 tomorrow morning I’ll make you all breakfast and explain.” “Deal, goodnight Y/N. Take care of Caltripod for us.”

Angry Sex

It would be after a particularly rough Quidditch match, Calum angrily stomping into the empty showers long after his defeated team had left, his slightly smirking girlfriend in tow.

“Need a stress relief, babe?” She’d mock, dropping her robes to the floor and pulling her stressed boyfriend’s off as well, his beautiful golden body leaving her in awe, despite the countless times she’d seen him bare.

He’d crush his mouth to hers in loo of an answer, using his wide hands to lift her up with ease as she flicked on the water, steam starting to fog up the mirrors and leave their burning skin damp.

Calum would hold her against the wall, his face buried into her neck as he sucked bruises into her soft skin, earning a loud whimper from his lover.

“Cal.” She’d mewl, knowing that unlike their usual tangles underneath the sheets, this time he would be focused on chasing his own release, all of his pent up anger and frustration not causing him to want to take care of her needs.

She bit into his shoulder roughly as he positioned himself at her dripping entrance, the water cascading down their soon-to-be-joined bodies and leaving her hands sliding against his slick back.

Calum groaned in pleasure once he dropped his girl’s body down onto his length at the same time that he jutted his hips forward, and he heard her loud moan at the intrusion.

Unlike the other times that they’d made love, Calum wasn’t doing all he could to please his princess, but he was only focused on himself coming to a release.

He fucked her roughly against the wall, kneading her breasts in one of his large palms as he continued to suck hickeys into her throat and collarbone.

He could hear her screaming out his name, but all that mattered to him at the moment was the growing tightness in his balls, signaling his imminent release.

She shuddered as he pulled out and painted her stomach with his release, feeling herself climax at the hot splashes on her belly, screaming in pleasure despite the pain in her hips and tit from his rough touch.

Calum gently let go of her, his now cleared head leaving him with the guilt of the already bruised skin on her hips, throat, and breast.

He slid to his knees, pressing gentle kisses to her hip bones that were a darkening purple color, before doing the same to the fingerprints around her breast and the round hickey on her neck and shoulders.

She sighed in content as his lips and tongue soothed the pain from her skin, bringing his lips up to hers for a gentle kiss.

“I may have lost tonight, but I’m still a winner with you by my side.” He’d mumble against your smiling lips before shutting off the water and wrapping you in several fuzzy towels.


And it would be after he heard one of your housemates going on about how odd it was that a babe like you was dating a square like him.

He’d pull you into the Prefect’s bathroom, capturing your mouth with his and quickly undressing you both before entering the massive tub, filled to the brim with pink foam and purple water, your favorite combination.

You’d break away to ask him what had gotten him so riled up, but he entered you unexpectedly, your words cutting off into a high-pitched moan as your normally reserved boyfriend fucked you roughly against the side of the tub.

He’d bounce you up and down on his length, his teeth nipping into your neck as you’d call out his name, the sound echoing around the room.

And he’d watch with hooded eyes as the door would open, the boy from earlier gaping at the sight in front of him before he’d close the door and rush off, Luke smirking because he knew that the boy took his bathes at this time every night.

So he’d make sure that you didn’t forget whose girl you were, and that the slight wobble to your step wouldn’t let the Gryffindor forget it either.

Luke would slow down a bit now that his plan of the loudmouthed boy seeing him fuck you senseless had succeeded, and he’d push one of the knobs, letting the water quickly drain out until there were only a few inches left.

He’d pull out and gently lay you on your back, kissing over the reddened skin of your hips before sliding back in slowly, letting you stretch around him.

“Sh-Shit, Lu.” You’d whine as he lapped his tongue against yours as he rocked in and out of your shaking body until you came around him, your tightness bringing him to his climax as he came inside of you, his breath faltering against your mouth.

And you’d lie there for a moment as the water began refilling the tub, Luke pulling you up to rest on his lap as he gently washed your hair until you were strong enough to do it yourself.


The stupid Potions master had done it again, calling Ashton out in class for not completing his task correctly.

He would fume silently as you knew just what was waiting in the free period that you had next, and not minding one but that Ash would use you as his stress reliever.

It would be in the broom closet on an empty corridor, Ashton dropping your books to the ground (since he’d insist on carrying them to every class) before he’d look up to see you already bare, save for the tie that he loved pulling as you both got a bit rough in the sack.

He’d waste no time in starting, immediately dropping to his knees to get you ready, not wanting to hurt you anymore than his thick length already would, and you’d bite on the tie as his fingers would prod into you, stretching you and getting you wet in anticipation for the great angry sex.

Once he deemed you ready, he’d stand up, hooking your legs around his waist as he roughly entered you, your teeth sinking into his neck to silence your screams.

He’d rut his hips forward, thrusting into you as you’d groan and whimper, him pulling your head up from his shoulder to connect your lips, mumbling between pants, “I… Love… You.”

You’d whine at his words, not able to respond but you clench around him, and he knows that you feel the same way.

He’d begin moving your body to meet his thrusts, ultimately pounding you deeper into the stone wall, but you don’t mind because he’s so far deep into you.

And as you’d reach your climax, he’d thrust harder and quicker, you screaming out his name as you came all over him, Ash pulling out once you settled down and coming all over your quivering stomach.

He’d rest his forehead against yours as you’d catch your breath, him unraveling a bandana that he uses in Quidditch to wipe your stomach clean before pressing a kiss to your belly button, gently sponging them up to your upturned lips.


Michael wasn’t one for sweet love making, but once he met you, that all went out the window.

It had been ages since he’d been balls deep inside of someone, chasing his own release and not paying any mind to the little minx below him.

You’d taken a trip down to Hogsmeade when an ugly girl from house called out that he’d gone soft, and for some reason, that irked him straight to the core.

So once you exited Zonkos, Mikey pulled back up to the castle, his jaw ticking the whole way, only slowing down once you’d asked if you had done something wrong.

“No, love. It’s just something someone said to me.” He’d sigh ashamed, no longer hellbent on taking you up to his dorm and making you scream loud enough for the whole castle to hear.

“If it’s about that wrench commenting on our vanilla sex life, I was quite looking forward to proving her wrong.” You’d mumble casually before taking off into the direction of the dungeon.

He’d join eagerly, quickly stripping you down once you’d get into his empty dorm, passing a few kids in the common room.

You were no saint, and most Slytherins already knew that, but you were going to make sure that the girl from Hogsmeade left Mikey alone after this.

You didn’t have to exaggerate your scream once he slammed into you, catching you off guard before he began fucking roughly up into you, your gasps and moans echoing.

“M-Mikey…” He’d smirk at your euphoric face, leaning down to suckle on your nipples that were peaked from the cold, and he’d only suck harder as you’d groan at the sensation.

His hips would slam into yours as he’d bounce you on his length, hitting you so deep and hard, you had to grip onto his jet black hair to keep from falling.

He’s impossibly speed up one you’d tighten around him, a high-pitched whine leaving your lips as you climaxed at the same time your boy did, Mike still slamming up into you as he kneaded your ass cheeks.

Once you’d both calmed down, he’d pull out of you, a mixture of both of your release sliding down your legs as he wiped it up with a few tissues.

He’d mumble out a thank you into your neck, knowing that you didn’t particularly enjoy being treated as a tool for sex, but you did it for him.

You just smiled as you walked hand in hand down to the common room, past the nosy girl from earlier, the scent of sweat and sex lingering long after you’d both gone.

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I'm so confused! Why do the recivery recommendations tell teenagers to eat 3000 calories when people shouldn't eat that much?

“When people shouldn’t eat that much”? 
The average teenage girl eats around 3000 calories a day to maintain their weight. The whole “2000 calorie DRCI” was based off of self reports, not clinical data. When clinically tested, they found that adult women ate on average at least 2500 cals p/d to maintain their weight (unless extremely short and sedentary), men around 3000. Adolescent girls were found to eat around 3000 calories p/d, whereas boys, around 3500. Both adults and adolescent intakes where obviously found to vary upwards in cases of high energy exertion - athletes etc.
And also please don’t forget, when in recovery, you are not even looking to “maintain” your weight. More often than not, if you are in recovery, you are most likely under weight and need to gain weight. Not only that, but the energy needs to go towards healing tissues, restoring muscle, bone density, nervous system, hair, skin, nails, hormones, metabolism … You don’t have a chance in hell to that on a measly 2000 calories per day. Your metabolism will only remain suppressed, and your body won’t have the energy it needs to put towards healing the damage that was caused through calorie restriction and/or any other compensatory actions ❤︎

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Do you think Dua Lipa is doing this?

Yeah, totally. Read the article. She talked to Dan Wooten. I don’t think Dan made that part up. In the UK, the libel laws are different & he could be sued. If he was concocting a story that angle would have come from “someone close to” her, not from her mouth. And honestly if I were a young ambitious singer, I’d be after Cal, too, for more than his musical talents. I give her points for coming right out & saying what dozens of others are thinking. It remains to be seen if Cal will play along w/ her.

I’d like to think Cal is above playing the Celebrity Dating Game. But he’s not. He took Tinashe to Nobu, for goodness sake. A place where they were certain to be seen & noted. The gossips dutifully reported he was dating the sexy young singer. It served both of their images. Her name recognition was boosted. She got features in the UK tabloids & mentions on US gossip sites. He showed he was moving on after his heartbreak. We have no way of knowing if they were ever actually FWB’s or not. Tinashe has now laid down a “men suck” wounded prelude to a soon-to-be released single about unrequited love to end their arrangement—whatever it was. It’s a neat & tidy media narrative. Except it leaves Cal looking like he still hasn’t recovered from his last “great love”. Enter Dua Lipa, stage right, to show the old dude’s still got his sex appeal… maybe. We’ll have to wait & see.

But in the meantime, we all need to keep a jaded perspective about the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. Don’t take this shit seriously. It’s designed for our amusement. Let’s enjoy it & laugh.    

imagine waking up next to cal, you’d look to your side and he’d be sleeping with his lil plump lips pressed together, the small curls atop his head falling on to his forehead, cheeks flushed from the heat the covers gave you, and his tattooed arms wrapped tightly around you. you’d try and break free from his hold without waking him, only for him to wrap his arms tighter around your waist, mumbling a croaky “what you doing? it’s too early” in that hot morning voice and you’ll try and tell him you have work and he has to be at the studio but he’ll just open them brown eyes and shake his head stubbornly, telling you “just want to sleep with my girl” and you’d probably melt and let him rest his head on your chest as you wrap your arms around his neck bc who can resist that