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when hoseoks mixtape drop i dont know what ill do, ive been dying to see what goes on in his head on a deeper level + what beats hes whipped up like… this been in the works since like 2014 its gonna be monumental

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"I know this isn’t a smart decision-” “Then I would recommend not doing it.” Cal, Bobby and Lightning if you can?

(Kinda spoilers because of Cal Weathers and Bobby Swift? Still tagging it just in case)

           “…Okay, I know this wasn’t a very smart idea– ”

           “Then I’d recommend not doing it! Let’s just back out now, shall we?”

           Instead of nodding and agreeing like Bobby hoped he would, Cal’s face lit up with a smirk.

           “But,” he continued, giving the pair of scissors he had his tire on a light tap, “it would be a shame if we didn’t carry it out…”

           Bobby groaned and rolled his eyes. “I knew you were going to say that….” he groused. He glanced at the thin rope Cal was prepared to cut, looked up its length; it had been threaded loosely through the suspensions in Bobby’s garage, and extended past the door and into the opposite side’s garages, pulled taut to hold the tarp attached to the garage’s ceiling in place.

           Cal rolled forwards an inch and looked out. “Nope,” he said, shaking his cab, “He’s still not here.”

           Bobby cringed. “Cal, do you…? Do you really think we should do this?”

           “YES!” Cal practically yelled, “You know how many pranks he’s pulled on me this season!? Heck, Bobby, you were a part of some of them!”

           “Yes, I am well aware of that, but…” Bobby side-eyed the rope, his upper lip curling. “…Don’t you think we should wait a while for this one?”

           “And just why do you think that?”
           “Well, ‘cause, just– Cal, we’re just about to start the next race!” Bobby jabbed a tire towards the open doorway, pointing at the racetrack. “Can you imagine how pissed he’ll be if he– !?”

           “SHH!” Cal cut him off, his voice a harsh whisper. “He’s coming!”

           Taking that as their cue, both cars retreated into the garage, certain that the shadows hid them well. They waited.

           Then they watched as one of their best racing friends in the world, Lightning McQueen, drove up to the garages, humming a country tune to himself as he went along. He found his own garage – the one directly parallel to the one Bobby and Cal were hiding in – and, never missing a beat in his humming, strolled in.

           Not even bothering to hide his childish snicker, Cal cut the rope.

           They heard a loud splash, layered over a wet and gargled shout. Then came the sounds of sputtering and spitting, and Bobby couldn’t help himself. He burst out laughing just as Cal did, right as McQueen drove out of his garage.

           McQueen spotted them collapsing into giggles, appeared to put the pieces together, then shot his two friends a look of faux hatred.

           “Oh. I see,” he yelled in a monotone voice, “I see what’s goin’ on here!”

           He was covered in a mix of purple and blue paint, courtesy of the tarp that’d fallen on him just seconds ago. Small, yellow paper flowers dotted his frame, making him look as if he belonged in a bad children’s cartoon. He would probably just scare children away, Bobby decided, seeing as he had on a permanent scowl as he stared at him and Cal.

           McQueen slowly shook his cab as Bobby and Cal approached him, spreading his tires as if to say “I actually can’t believe this right now”. “…Wh– ” he said, “…Just… What was…?”

           Cal cackled and gave McQueen’s fender a friendly shove. “Gotcha, buddy! I got you good!”

           McQueen just blinked at him, his lips turning upwards like he wanted to laugh but wasn’t sure if he should. “…Are you kidding me right now, Cal?” he asked in that same monotone voice as before, “Are you… actually kidding me, dude…?”

           Bobby chuckled and scraped some of the paint off of McQueen’s side with a tire. “Hey, I tried to talk him out of it,” he said, “I told him to wait till the end of the race, but– ”

           “Oh, the– till the end of the race!” McQueen hollered, though he was laughing too. He shook out his back tires, spraying globs of paint behind him. “So you guys were going to turn me into a washed-up clown regardless!”

           Cal snickered. “Hey, it’s alright, man,” he said. He gestured with his tire. “We’ve only got fifteen minutes till the race anyway. Just go off to the washes, you’ll be fine!” He nudged McQueen’s fender then, grinning as if he were about to tell the worst joke in the world and he knew it.

           “…You are fast enough to do that, eh Lightning?”

           McQueen froze in the middle of shaking out his front tire. Then he slowly turned to Cal, shooting him yet another glare. A tight-lipped smile spread across his grill.

           “…You know, sometimes I really hate you guys…” he said.

          Bobby and Cal promptly cracked up.

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Ana Tips - Meals Together

Here are just some tips for anyone who has people breathing down their necks or people watching them eat.

Ask a lot of questions. If you are trying to move the attention away from the food, getting them to answer questions is a great way. Ask them open ended questions so that they have a while to talk and a while to think about what they are going to say. That way, they won’t be looking at your food but they will be focusing on answering the questions. Talk a lot. This one is simple. When you are talking, you aren’t eating. Hold the food up to your mouth and then say something as if you just remembered what you were going to say. That way, it looks like you were about to eat.Spit into napkins. Take a large mouthful of food, making sure that they see, and chew it up so that it is smaller. Then, wipe your mouth on the napkin, spitting the food into your napkin. Don’t use this as a go-to technique. This is just when you have a lot of food on your plate and need it to look like some of it is gone.Make your food look smaller. Either spread all of your food out so that it is thin, or bunch it all up in one place. That way, you plate looks less full. Your parents/whomever you are trying to hide anafrom will be happy to see that you “ate” at least some of your food, so they won’t get upset that there is still some food on your plate.Offer them some of your food. I know that this may seem a little suspicious, but when you are out to eat and you have something else than them, you can ask “Do you want some of this? It’s so good, you have to try it.” Insist. Be confident.


I guess you all know water is your bestie. Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water, or a glass per hour.
-Cold water speeds up your metabolism.
-Hot water makes you full faster.
Have a sip of water between each bite, It will help you to fill up faster and won’t make you overeat.
If you are about to binge, count 1 to 100, this will distract your mind and turn it to a different direction so when you finish counting you will be able to tell if you really want to eat or not.
You can also drink a glass of water fast, you’ll be all disgusted and the impulse of eating will go away.
You can also brush your teeth, chew a non-calorie gum or a pepermint. Do you really want to mess up your perfect mouth? And if you still feel like it, give it a bite. Good? I don’t think so, your mouth will be all minty and food will actually taste bad.
If you are REALLY willing to eat something, go to the kitchen, prepare it and chew it. BUT you have to split it out. And you should know that once food it’s in your mouth, you gain the 15% of the calories in it.
Don’t eat before going to sleep because you burn 100 calories while sleeping and if you have some snacks before that you will have to burn it, and other stuff you didn’t burned earlier on the day so you’ll actually areputting weigh for the next morning.
ALWAYS get 7-8 hours of sleep because like I said before- You burn 100 calories while sleeping AND if you don’t sleep your appetite will increase by 15% the next morning.
If you have insomnia, can’t help it. But don’t cry, there’s nobody awake! Do some workout while nobody is watching!
Every time you say ‘no thanks’ to food, you are saying ‘yes please’ to skinny.
When you are alone, WORKOUT! There’s nobody to bother you!
-Go to the kitchen and throw away all the stuff you’ll be snacking on the next day.
-Dance, sing loud, scream, laugh. You burn more calories.
-Go to the kitchen and LAUGH of food. I haven’t lost my mind, I’m serious. Tell it how bad it is. Tell it how it dosen’t control you. Tell it you will NEVER eat it.
NEVER EVER eat alone. It’s no use. It’s stupid. Eat when they’re watching you so they can’t say you starve yourself.
If you really don’t want to eat but they’re making you do so, get a colored cup and split all out in there, like pretend you eat it and that you’ll drink water, they’ll never know.
Do yoga.
Always take the stairs and when you do it, skip a stair so you’ll loose more thigh fat.
Suck in your stomach always, you can burn up to 10 calories an hour.
Tip toe stand when you’re washing your teeth, combing your hair, washing your hands, etc. This helps you burn about 15% more calories a day.
Wiggle your legs while stitting, this speeds up your metabolism and makes you loose about 10 calories per hour.
Don’t stay in one place, move around. Every calorie counts.
Make a list of stuff you are NEVER aloud to eat.
Say you are happy with your body.
Don’t get nervous when people talk about anorexia, say things such as ‘i can’t believe people actually starve themselves!’ Don’t be stupid.
If you have hunger pains, squeeze your body into a ball.
If you don’t have anything to exercise with, walik up and down your stairs for all the time you want and make your thighs smaller.
Eat while watching yourself in the mirror naked. How much are you able to eat now?
Think higher of yourself. YOU are too GOOD to put THAT in your body.
Always remember what ANA WANTS.
Eat al least 7 things a day, we don’t want a skinny corpse, we want a skinny girl.
Stay inspired. Why do you want to loose weigh?
Buy your own scale.
-Weigh yourself in the morning and at night.
If it’s possible, get an ana buddy.
Hit your stomach when you are hungry.
Make up some punishments if you think about food.
-Put a rubber band in your wrist and slap it when you do so.
-Don’t use a blanket in cold nights.
-Make up your own.
Take a shower with cold water. This helps you burn more calories.

You must burn more calories than you eat if you want to lose body fat. Period.

The basic rule of weight management is that you must burn more calories than you consume each day; each week; and each month if you want to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if all the food you eat is healthy, wholesome, or “clean” food.

so..here are some basic tips…

1. Don’t’ drink calories! Drinking only water (8 cups or 64 Oz a day baby!) or tea.

2. Eat under 1500 calories.

3. Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day. Just think about it, if you are waking up in the morning after an eight hour fast and want to be productive eat like a king! What’s the point of eating a large dinner if you are just going to be sleeping?

4. Healthy food choices all day (lean meat, fruit, veggies,). You are a cave girl! Eat like one!

5. Anything made from wheat or rice is a no.

6. Eat often! You won’t get as hungry if you are eating small portions throughout the day.

7. Pick a day to binge. You will go fucking crazy if you don’t allow yourself to binge. Pick one day out of the week to eat whatever, like Sunday.

8. Stay active for an hour each day. Choose to walk instead of drive. Stand instead of sit.

9. Pick a time to stop eating. I stop eating at six.

Fasting Tips!

1.       On a day you plan to fast, make a to-do list for yourself. This will keep your mind off of eating. Here are some examples:

a.       Do laundry

b.      Do the dishes

c.       Clean the kitchen

d.      Vacuum, dust

e.      Take out the trash/recycling

f.        Run to the bank

g.       Go shopping at the mall without the intent to buy anything (Double Whammy – avoid the Food Court area and try on clothes you love but know will be too small; try on clothes a size or two smaller)

2.       BEFORE you plan to fast, make sure you have all of your supplies!

a.       Caffeine pills

b.      Diet soda (I drink Coke Zero – 0cal, 0 carb)

c.       Energy drinks (Monster Energy – Absolutely Zero is the best! 0 cal, 0carb)

d.      Bouillon Cubes (5 cal/cube, fat free)

e.      Water, Juice, Drink mixes, etc.

3.       Things you can do when you start getting hungry and are afraid you might binge:

a.       Smoke a cigarette. (If you are not already a smoker,please do not start because of this suggestion!) I am not a habitual smoker but I will sometimes have one before bed when I feel like I’m about to binge.

b.      Drink a glass of water quickly (will make you gag a little). Makes you slightly nauseous and decrease your desire for solid food.

c.       Drink a diet soda instead; tell yourself it’s a meal.

d.      Take your clothes off and look at your body in the mirror. Pinch bits of fat and think about what you ate that did that: here is the bowl of pasta, there’s that slice of pizza, the bag of chips, those peanut butter cookies, etc. Ask yourself if it was really worth it.

e.      If you’re wearing jeans, put on shorts and sit with your thighs pushed down against the surface of a chair/bed/etc. Think about how disgusting they are; like flat fat fucking pancakes oozing with fatty syrup and whipped cream.

f.        Tell yourself that your body is confused. It isn’t hungry, it’s tired. Take a nap.

g.       Clean something.

h.      Brush your teeth. If you have a retainer, put that in.

i.         Paint your nails

j.        Put on lipstick or gloss

k.       Turn on your computer/open a magazine and look at thinspo.

l.         If you have Netflix, watch Heavy or the Intervention episodes with eating disordered people (Intervention obviously will not be triggering for everyone, but it is for me).

m.    Watch America’s Next Top Model or The Biggest Loser

n.      Watch a gory movie. i.e Hostel or any of the Saw films.

o.      Put on your little sister’s t-shirt (or an old one of your own thatused to fit).

p.      Look at the clock. Tell yourself that you have 25 minutes. After 25 minutes drink a big glass of water. Weigh yourself. Look in the mirror. Look at your thighs. Still hungry?

q.      If you are craving a specific food, Google “Fat person eating _____.” If you don’t find a good enough image try, “Most disgusting ______.” The goal being to lessen the craving by either drawing a parallel from the food to rapid fat gain, or just by making it look as unappealing as possible.

4.       Always have a diet soda, bottled water, tea, chewing gum (5 cal/piece), or coffee with you when you are away from the house in case you get hungry or feel faint due to low blood sugar.

5.       Never carry extra money w

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The Red Queen Fandom

ok… Maven will be the answer for most of these questions, lmao

The first character I first fell in love with: Maven obvs
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: MAVEN
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: ahahah, Cal :’)
The character I love that everyone else hates: ….Maven…..obvs……. (I mean there are amazing people who love him too, so its not like everyone hates him, but,,,, still)
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: none
The character I would totally smooch: mmmmmMaVeN
The character I’d want to be like: okay, this time answer won’t be Maven, lol :’) I would say Cameron and Farley
The character I’d slap: omg… Cal, Volvo Samos and his wife, Anabel, Cal again, Elara, Tibe VI, don’t hate me but I’d like to slap Iris too, idk why, Cal once again (I wolud not miss that opportunity)
A pairing that I love: mareven obvs
A pairing that I despise: marecal

Send me a fandom and I’ll answer these questions!

His Favourite Picture of You


You were weird, but that is what Mikey loved the most about you. It was a particularly cold day out, but you still insisted that you and Mikey got slushies together. You, of course, got the blue one so that the colour of your tongue would change. You childishly stuck your tongue out at Mikey. You looked away for half a second and he quickly snapped the shot, setting it as his phones new lockscreen.


It was a hot day in your home town and both you and Luke were extremely hot. This causing Luke to go out with no shoes, thinking that it would be nice against his feet. The whole day you laughed and messed about with each other, causing trouble here and there. But in the mid-afternoon you both decided that it was too hot to be out so you would go back to your house. But you had walked out so you wanted to get the bus back. You were both waiting by the bus stop and Luke was teasingly taking pictures of you. But then a bird pooped and it landed on his foot. You looked down and cracked a smile. Luke thought that you looked so beautiful, just smiling at the ground, that he took the picture. Then his attention quickly went back to his foot and he began to laugh.


You and Calum were very mischievous and adventurous people. He had flown you from your hometown to Sydney to visit him and you both couldn’t be happier. You were on the beach, just walking and talking, when you started to reach the edge of that particular beach. The ground was becoming slimmer and soggier, more rocks coated with moss as you walked on. Calum suggested on turning back but you just giggled and kept going. You were barefoot thought, so you needed to be careful on where you stood, unlike Calum who was wearing shoes. You continued to make small talk with him as he cheekily took the photograph and tweeted it out later on in the night.

“@Calum5SOS: Spent the day exploring with this trouble maker”


It was in the morning and you and Ashton had spent the last night you had alone in a hotel. You stayed in a hotel because you arrived from the airport the night before extremely late and you didn’t want to disturb your family. You were looking at some outfits that you had laid out on the bed before you. Ashton walked into the room from the bathroom and smiled as he saw your naked figure looking down at the clothes. He came over and kissed your cheek, making you grin happily. He quickly grabbed his phone and took the picture. He smiled at your beauty and wonder how in the world was he lucky enough to have found someone as amazing as you.

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