d at the hive


i was in the middle of my weekly bath.

those words echoed. stung my little ears. they don’t use electronics, you know, so their loudspeaker system was through each individual cell. you’d be surprised how loud it is, everyone in the hive screaming at once. i could even hear it with the water running. 

i shut my eyes. took a long, appreciative drag of my cigarette, eyeing the carton. four left. i will have to make them last. climbed out. made a bee-line for the pheromone jar. after a thorough slathering, i stalled before the entry tube.


i swallowed the cigarette coolly. exhaled. the ash burned in my gullet like a sizzling ember. i squeezed through the tube into the bowels of the network.

down, down, and down some more…

thoughts pls

i’m gonna remake my blog since rwby hasn’t felt the same to me in a really long time. so like, it’s gonna be all destiny-y, but i have a few problems:

i can’t decide on a theme (not like, a tumblr theme like, a thematical theme)

also idk if i should wait til destiny 2 since it’ll probably change then or… what :/

“Ah, yes. You think that you have killed a god. Do you feel powerful? Has your own hunger deepened?

Be wary, Guardian. There are gods…and there are gods. Not all are quite so small - and not all are quite so big.

I have seen what the Hive call a god.

And it did not look like Oryx.” 

- Eris Morn

[lately i’ve been thinking about dropping sapphire in favor of apping garnet in her place. it’s not that i don’t love sapphire (i fell in love w her the second i saw her character design) or that i don’t love playing her, but it’s just i think by picking up garnet, i’d be able to do a lot more, as well as it’d be like…a final step in sapphire’s character development…

like she’s unlocked so many powers and made so many friends, and to then suddenly be garnet, i just think it’d be really cool…plus garnet would have memories of all her hive friends since sapphire would remember them, but they wouldn’t recognize her, which would be funny.] 

anonymous asked:

21 sweep old blue blood male. He would probably take his date to the club where he DJ's to go dancing, or maybe out to eat East Alternian food. He likes mixing music and dancing. He is a flirty troll, who likes to be the center of attention. He sticks up for those that need it. He has all of his quadrants open.

i can see Eudico taking a shine to him, being interrupted by Arvenn because Eudico is a wee just-recently-adult and then Arvenn turning around and catching the hots for this guy. He used to be really into the club scene but now only goes out when he knows there will be people he knows there so that’d be a good excuse to get himself out of the hive. Probably something flushed or pitch.

Jyn  Erso’s Spotify playlist feel-trip

I got a request to edit some excerpts of other Rogue One characters’ official Spotify playlist songs, and bc I’m a pushover with way too much free time, HERE’S JYN IN ALL HER REBELLIOUS GLORY, AS SEEN IN SONG LYRICS, plus so many Jyn x Cassian refs if you look closely.. :)

(Personal faves from this playlist are Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio, Elephant by Tame Impala & Diabolic Scheme by The Hives).

My Cassian post is here! :D More to come… maybe…

anonymous asked:

bronzeblooded male 9 sweep old, currently in a relationship but they're confused as hell on what quad they occupy so possibly willing to experiment. hobbies include talking to plants, digging food out of garbage bags and screaming nervously. for his date he wouldn't be able to take your troll anywhere that fancy cause he's poor and hiveless but he'd try his best to find somewhere nice for them. I've put this troll for like 5 asks but he's one of the only ones of age :V

Describe your troll on anon, and I’ll tell you if any of mine would date them

She doesn’t have a page yet but this is Ricara. She’d pap the hell out of this troll and carry him hive with her. At other times she also might join him in screaming nervously, talking to plants, and digging through trash if he actually likes to do that and it’s not just for survival. 

She’s very motherly but also very… quirky.

There’s also buffel who would be completely amazed at your troll’s ability to ‘communicate with plants’ (because he’d totally believe that’s what’s happening). He’s very naive but very loving and would make your troll a flower crown even if they’re not interested in a quad. He’d be nervous as hell at first but I could see them getting along. 

On the pitch side of things Bijoul would hate him for being dirty, lowblooded and hiveless but also being pathetic in a weird way that pulls on their bloodpusher. I could see them having a strange rivalry that involves bijoul ranting at him and demeaning him for being pathetic while also making sure he gets enough to eat. 

“How dare you have the nerve to dig through my trash and look pathetic!” -shoves a sandwich at him- “You should consider yourself lucky to be alive!” (continues ranting)

Nerigal Savant

“The enemy is only another algorithm. Simplify it, solve it, and set it in its place.”

FIELD LOG [status=CLASSIFIED:authcode(Lima-0017782901)]



I’m waiting for my Ghost to feed me location telemetry from the scouting party deeper in the Dreadnaught.

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♠ Not So Secret Shopper ♠

Ophelia was never sure if she’d ever get over the culture shock of Hive City. How a city could seem equally outdated and futuristic at the same time was baffling. Their technology was outdated, that was for sure. Yet the culture seemed so far removed from her own. It was tiresome; especially when it came to shopping. She stood out like a sore thumb amongst all of the modern clothing. As she looked like she stepped out of a 1940s pin-up magazine. Awkwardly she held up a pair of booty shorts, “Do people who aren’t wild or prostitutes really dig these threads? Excuse me,” The 5’0ft bombshell walked up to the man without hesitation, “Are these common in your world? For the regula’ fella of gal to wear?”



Being a spontaneous visit, Eridan didn’t feel the typical obligation to wear the utmost formal of attire. Rather, he settled on a loosely fitted linen shirt and high waist trousers. To some, it’d still look somewhat formal and slightly dated in style, but to him, it was about as casual of an outfit he’d willingly leave his hive in.

His leather boots clacked against the hardwood until he stepped onto the transport pad, quickly making his way to Kanaya’s, already gritting his teeth for the sudden snare of energy to capture him in place.

It didn’t take long for it to start hurting.

Gone for long but back before you knew it. (Closed with Random-trolls )

It had been a few days since Cestus had sent Yiviro that text that he’d be back hive three days ago. But in his defence he had gotten stuck in a really back storm during he and his lusus’s travel back from getting a huge number of fish and was stuck in a cave that had no reception.

He could see the island from where he was atop his lusus. He patted his lusus to urge him forward a bit quicker.

Once they finally made it close enough, he slid down and started running across the dock “Yiv! Yiv! I’m back!”

( @random-trolls )


“The Singularity” 3x18 – The S.H.I.E.L.D. team is left reeling and decimated as Hive continues to sway Inhumans to his side. But there is a sliver of hope as Agents Fitz and Simmons follow a lead that may be able to stop the maniacal Inhuman once and for all.