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Hi Claire! Maybe you've already heard the question before but anyway... how do you imagine a possible kabby baby? I mean, when you think about this precious little ray of hope... what do you see? Short/long hair? Dark eyes? Any distinguishing mark? Grounder/ark/mix of both clothing style? I actually think it'd be nice to collect the kabby fandom's most popular ideas to find out if we are all thinking about the same girl (because for me it's a girl) :D

When did we all sync our consciousnesses up to the Kabby Hive Mind and collectively decide through osmosis that the Kabby baby is obviously a girl? Because as far as I’ve seen there is 100% agreement on this question, which I absolutely love. My two favorite name options that I’ve heard – which I believe are both from fanfics, though I don’t recall whose is whose – are Eden and Hope. (Everyone appears unanimous that her middle name should be Vera.)

I would go with brown hair, around Abby’s color; Jake and Clarke were both blonde but Kane and Abby are brunette so their child (let’s call her Hope) (SEE WHAT I DID THERE LMAO I CRACK MYSELF UP) probably does too. Preferably curly, because that’s adorable. As far as clothes, I’d like to think that by six years in, everything is all jumbled up and we’ll come back after the time jump to see that everyone wears some combination of Grounder and Skaikru clothes (and hair; still keeping my fingers crossed for Abby in Grounder braids someday). Especially for the children, I’d imagine that they’re limited by whatever is available to fit them as they grow, and it would be pretty much a jumble of hand-me-downs of anything available to be passed down from older children once they grow out of it.

As far as what she’s like, I think she’d be a calm and thoughtful and serious child who is always asking big questions and wants to learn everything, but there are a few people in the bunker who can make her just light up and turn into a sparkly silly giggly ball of sunshine.

Jackson and Miller are her favorite babysitters; Uncle Nate teaches her pranks to play on her parents and goofy little-kid jokes, and one day Kane catches him teaching her how to pick a lock. (Which he’s not pleased to discover she’s very, very good at.) Uncle Eric is her best friend; he lets her hang out in Med Bay sometimes and keeps an eye on her while Mom is working, and puts her to work doing things like rolling up bandages that make her feel helpful and important.

Auntie Indra always address Hope very seriously, as though she is a tiny grownup, and claims she has no time to be bothered with a small child who is too young to fight; yet somehow, Hope always manages to find her to pester her with questions. Around age five, she startles her parents by casually switching every once in awhile from English to Trigedasleng midsentence.

Auntie O manages to get her hands on a wooden toy sword from a Grounder child who has outgrown it, and secretly begins teaching Hope how to use it (but secretly, to avoid Abby’s wrath if she ever found out). Sometimes when she babysits, Kane stumbles upon the two of them squished together in the big leather armchair in the bunker library, Hope sitting on her aunt’s lap while Octavia reads to her from Bulfinch’s Mythology.

Every night her parents tuck her into bed with stories about the family that she hasn’t met yet, but someday will. She knows all about her sister Clarke, who lives up above where the trees are, and about her Uncle Bellamy who lives up in the stars.

Hope grows up hearing everybody’s stories. She learns about the people who live in the bunker with her, but she also learns about everyone they’ve loved and lost, whose memories are kept alive in the stories they tell to the first Skaikru child born on the ground. Dad teaches Hope how to be the one who tends the tree, which he dug up from the earth with his bare hands and planted in a metal box in the bunker. He tells her all about his mother, who gave Hope her middle name. Mom tells her stories about her big sister Clarke when she was little, about the games she played with Wells and how she was scared of the dark and how much she loved to draw. Auntie Indra tells her stories about Lexa and Luna and Roan, and about the world of Grounders that used to be. Uncle Nate and Uncle Eric tell her all about the kids who live on the spaceship in the sky, how they lived there all their lives, then crashed down to earth and had so many adventures, and now they’re back up in the sky again. But someday, everyone promises her, someday they’ll all come home.

The Vesta IV returns to Polis a year overdue – a year of rationing and limited medical supplies and escalating tensions and Hope asking her parents every day when her family is coming home. When they finally clear away enough of the rubble to open the door, Hope knows them all so well that she greets them by name before they even know who she is. She wants to touch Raven’s leg brace and Emori’s tattoos and Harper’s blonde hair. “Who the hell are you?” says Murphy dubiously, and she flings her arms around his leg and exclaims “Hi, Uncle John!”

They spill out into the desolate land around Polis and begin the quest to resettle. They find a patch of green forest and the whole crowd, all twelve hundred or so, make their way over the wrecked, dead ground towards it.

Hope is riding on Dad’s shoulders, and she sees the flash of blonde hair in the trees before anyone else does. She begs him to set her down and takes off running as fast as her little legs can carry her. Abby chases her down, calling her name, but Hope is off like a rocket, leaping over logs and bracken until she reaches the clearing, sees the girl standing on the edge of the creek, and yells, “I found you, I found you! You’re my sister!”

After that, it’s as though they were never apart.

“Ah, yes. You think that you have killed a god. Do you feel powerful? Has your own hunger deepened?

Be wary, Guardian. There are gods…and there are gods. Not all are quite so small - and not all are quite so big.

I have seen what the Hive call a god.

And it did not look like Oryx.” 

- Eris Morn

SCAD Tip List

SCAD Tips (aka what we’ve gained from our freshman year - me, imaginativemad, jordannabanana5, theunbloggable, lovelyladylaudanum)

*edit* Since it’s been a few years and I’m currently now a Junior, some things may not be the same and I’ll just cross out things that will be irrelevant considering the new Hive has new buildings and such; sadly I don’t know much about the new freshman and hive dorms. New information is bolded and italicized. 

1) The Hive / Other food

-Usually a hit and miss but it’s better than eating microwave food every night

-Best on SCAD days, minus all the visitors

-Please don’t go during continental time unless you are okay with just cereal, toast and sometimes pizza.

-Dining dollars roll over quarters but not years

-The artisan (located in Turner) is your best friend for late night dinner or =-weekends

-Go to J.O.’s Chop House on the weekends for a really really nice dinner.

-Sometimes random food at Hive is spicy- don’t ask why.

-The Hive conveyer belt where you drop off your plates has a sensor, make sure you don’t have any things hanging over the edge or it will stop and become backed up

-There is midnight breakfast the weekend before finals in Fall and Spring Quarter. Go- it’s worth it.

-Use your dining dollars! It’s money you can’t get back at the end of the year so put it to good use.

2)Busses /Transportation

-Bus system is great on weekdays but never trust the weekend route

-The academic buildings are not conveniently close but it’s still nice to walk back or in between from time to time.

-Invest in a bike – SCAD now has a bike share program, and you get 4 free hours to use a bike per day

-Freshmen can have cars but can’t park at any academic buildings (you’ll get fined) 

-If a friend has a car, ask politely if they can take you to the academic buildings on the weekend.

-Thank the bus drivers

3) Classes / Professors

-Even if you hate 8 am’s- take one or an 11 on Tues/Thurs. and you can start your weekend early.

-Classes only happen Monday - Thursday

-Friday makeup classes suck and throw your schedule off

-Always look at the class syllabus

-Make friends with your teachers

-Time management is your best friend

-Buy your materials as you need them- not all at once. Seriously, all that charcoal you have to get for drawing classes will most likely never be used again.

-Pay attention in class

-Communicate with your professors!

-Use your 4 days to be absent from classes for actually being sick or towards finals when sometimes it’s more efficient to work in your room rather than the studio.

  1. Again, if you are sick, communicate with your professors. But if you choose to skip, skip on a day that nothing is due and you can use your time effectively to work on other projects or homework.

-The professors don’t bite.

-Blackboard is your best friend

-Have fun and enjoy your classes!

-Compare prices and consolidate your textbooks with friends if possible.  

-Share materials and textbooks with friends who are in the same class as you.

-If you’re having trouble writing a paper, go to the writing studio and get some tips from tutors!

4) Entertainment / Activities

-Masquerade ball in October

-Join a club!

-Go to the beach at Tybee

-SCAD has a gym (located next to O-House)

-Go to SCAD events (not all are very advertised or emailed out though)

-Exhibits at SCAD museum

-Watch for SCAD events that might be interesting that can help you in your career path!

-If you like movies, keep an eye on the Lucas theater and the Trustees. They usually play classic films at least once a month. The Trustees is free while the Lucas is only about $6, around a $10 trip in total.

-Have some kind of entertainment system that can be used for groups of people whether it be a blu-ray or a game console. You’ll have a lot of down time the first couple weeks.

-Go to the student center

5) Dorms / Dorm needs

-D at the Hive and Turner Annex both have a pool

-If you don’t live in Tannex (Turner Annex) you can’t get in

-Tannex occasionally floods during heavy rain (aka Titannex)

-Tannex has two sized rooms. Even numbered rooms are smaller.

-Command strips DO NOT stick to the walls!

-Laundry is not hard to learn

-Keep your dorm clean- it’s your space, be proud of it

-Get a storage unit toward the end of the year.

-Get a pasta boat

-Experiment with what you can cook in your microwave

-Learn how to fold clothes effectively

-Get a thick mattress topper

-Get some other kind of seating because art stools are uncomfortable - this stands true for older dorms, but the new freshman dorms should have sorta regular chairs

-Keep a timer for your laundry- don’t be that asshole who leaves it in hours after it’s done. (people will take your laundry out when it’s done if you don’t get to it fast enough)

-SCAD wifi isn’t the greatest - Get your own router! Find one that is cheap but reliable.

-Bring a colored printer (you can print in black and white at the labs but finding a colored printer is hard.) 

-Get a shelving unit that can be broken down

-You can pin things to the wall (just have to cover up the holes at the end of the year)

6) Misc Tips

-Get enough sleep- don’t start pulling all nighters as a freshman

-Get amazon prime student and get your textbooks from there

-Never lose your ID- you can’t get anywhere without it

-Utilize SCAD’s resources!

-Please don’t shop at ExLibris too much- go to Blick

-Get those scholarships

-Call your parents at least once a month

-Don’t throw away any materials you bought for other classes! You or your friends might need them later on!

-ExLibris (student?) appreciation day = lots of art samples

-Look both ways before crossing the streets and watch out for tour trolleys. Even when using the crosswalk drivers do not always pay attention

-Utilize CS3 if you need to! They are great for anxiety and short term depression, etc. They are only short term though but they will recommend long term places.

-The turtles by the hive


-Drink water.

-Take care of yourself

-Hold doors open for people, no one wants to constantly hit their ID to get into buildings.

-Free and For Sale and other SCAD yard sale related facebook pages are awesome for finding and getting rid of supplies, books, and furniture. 

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actually my Number One Fear when it comes to academia-related things is like?? asking for references??? It makes me break out in hives every single time :'D So I guess my question is, what's it like from the other side so to speak? & what's the best way of going about doing it?

that’s a good one!! here’s some tips i’ve sort of picked up along the way, and then things i expect from someone requesting me to be a reference:


1. don’t feel dissuaded if it’s been a long time / you didn’t feel like you had a ~deep personal connection with the faculty member

if you were a good student in the class (turned in assignments, came to class, were respectful to your peers), it’s totally fine to send an inquiry email or go to their office hours to talk about being a reference/writing a letter of rec

if you think the professor might not remember you right away (say it’s been a few years since you’ve had them, or it was a big lecture hall, etc.), re-introduce yourself in an email. when asking for letters of rec, i’ve found it helpful to give my name, the semester/year i had a class with them, the name of the class, my grade, and attached any major papers or assignments i had in the class (bonus if you can find something that has the professor’s feedback on it!)

 as an instructor, i’m usually fine with writing letters of rec for any student that put forth positive effort in my class (usually a “C” or above, but i always always do case by case basis. the best students don’t always earn As or Bs)

2. let them know what you want

don’t be shy in saying what you want the reference to do or letter to cover. i always have an easier time providing a reference/writing a letter if i know:

a. what it’s for (links to the company/grad school/scholarship/etc. are especially helpful, because that way i can tailor my reference to help you more)

b. why i’m a good person to be a reference (i don’t mean this in a PAT MY ASS way, but rather in a how-can-i-help-you way. for example, am i a good reference because you want someone to speak to your communication abilities? do i work in the field you want to go into? etc.)

c. what strengths you want me to speak to, especially for a letter of rec and double especially if it’s been a while since i’ve had you in class (ex:in your class, i demonstrated good time management by doing xyz)

d. when you’re applying for positions (now, end of semester, next year, etc.)

often, if it’s for a LoR i try to outline the letter with the student so it’s doing the best job the letter can do. 

3. always ask if they’d be willing to provide a positive recommendation/reference

this feels like it should be a given, but cover your bases. 

4. be conscious of time

the typical time period for asking for a letter of rec is 2 weeks in advance. i’ve had students ask me for LoR an hour before the deadline and that’s not always going to be feasible.

 in terms of the academic schedule, professors are usually more busy during the first two-three weeks of a semester, during the end of november/beginning-to-mid december, early april, and the last two weeks of a semester through the first two weeks after term ends (grading deadlines, woo)– so giving some padding during those points of the year will also be appreciated. also be up front about the due date– i recommend saying you need the letter a few days before the actual deadline, because professors are notoriously late with these things

if a professor has agreed to write a letter of rec and you haven’t heard back from them/the deadline’s coming up, you are totally entitled to send them reminder/follow-up emails. send that shit high priority, even. i’ve had to do this for a few of my profs writing me LoR to get into grad school / scholarships

for references, the big thing is to make sure you have their approval before sending anything out with their name on it (job apps, resumes, etc.). this is usually a really quick matter of sending an email during business hours.

I THINK THAT’S IT. the Biggest Thing is that it never hurts to ask for a reference/letter of rec and to also not #Stress if the professor wants to meet with you or get more information before giving you a LoR/reference. Usually this is so we can learn more about what your needs are / help you be more successful!

Sora was a bit late, he knew that much. Well, with what’s been going on, he was lucky to stick close to Zack through this whole mess. It’s not like his weapons can be downgraded any more then Xehanort already did. But that wasn’t what he wanted to think about now.

Taking out his phone, the boy decides to write a message to… well, those he had consider a ‘father’ figure within this city. The three different from one another, but still those he manage to look up to.

to: Hozuki, Daylen, Itachi

from: Sora

[text]: Hey you guys! I hope that you’re doing okay out there. In whatever mess these scientist got us into again.
[text]: I guess you can say this is out of no where, but I never got the chance to say Happy Father’s Day.
[text]: I know you guys aren’t real dads… at least, I don’t think you guys have kids, but while I’ve been in this city, I look up to you guys as father figures. Like, best friend father figures, or BFFF…
[text]: Wait, I take that back, that sounds kind of weird.
[text]: But I wanted to say thanks for everything. You guys have always been there for me, and I’ll do my best to be there for you guys when you need it.
[text]: Stay safe! :D And thanks for everything! :D

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“ Oh? “

Yamori laughed from under his mask.  If he hadn't been starving he might have very well asked her to go dancing, such a shame a cute little lady had to run into him before anyone else.  Oh well, fate had decreed this would be how it all occurred, there was no point in complaining.

“ You won’t be alive long enough
to feel intimidation. Now little dove…

Yamori’s eye became bloodshot as they so often did before he ate. Drool began to drip down his face from under his mask as he lunged at her. He’d reward her for such a lovely face by making her death relatively quick


Do I want fancy brunch on Sunday or fancy dinner on Monday to celebrate my birthday? Sunday the friend I’ll be meeting has a hard deadline, Monday we wouldn’t. But also I am avoiding alcohol 100% completely until I get my bloodwork rechecked since my liver enzymes were slightly elevated last time (not that I drink ever, really, but that bloodwork was done three days after I’d had half a margarita. So hey.)

Thoughts? Hive mind, choose for me.

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YOU AND LYSICAL ARE GOING TO CLAIM "AN EARTH" FOR A/YOUR SHARED UNIVERSE? I LEGIT CLUTCHED AT MY BOSOM, I'M READY. Seriously though capslocked mania aside that's such an ingenious idea and your both such creative giants i'm just so incredibly excited to see what it all looks like.

:D @lysical and I are pretty much living the hive mind joke, it’s not even ironic anymore. Funny enough the shared universe we’re making is for ship fic; at some point we’ll probably get to a shared gen project but for now it’s a fun endeavor we’re figuring out.

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Ooh, HIVE for the 'top 5 things I'd change about it' ask meme?

There’s probably more but these are the first five I think of.

1. IMPACT. IMPACT, IMPACT, IMPACT. MAKE THINGS EFFECT THE CHARACTERS. This would fix a lot of the character development issues, and honestly, most of the issues in general. (Also, along this line- Nero. Actually talk to the traumatized kids. What the hell, man.)

2. Number One. What was he like before Overlord? The one flashback we get shows him largely the same, which is boring. Nero said he got harsher over time, but he had to have been still somewhat strict. What was he like? How did he run things, and how did he get GLOVE started?

3. Pit them up against ‘heros’. Maybe not superheroes, but schemes like Diabolus’s seem kind of dumb when there’s no ‘hero’ to thwart. Yeah, putting the ‘bad guys’ against the ‘worse’ guys is fun, and I think Trent was an attempt at this, but he was still clearly an asshole. How would Otto and the rest of them react to being put up against a genuinely good person, and how would they decide where the line between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is drawn?

4. Make Laura more consistent. She’s pretty much just flatly there to do as the plot demands. Make her jealous of Otto’s powers and work to compensate, or unsure of her place now that someone else is the ‘tech one’. Make her affected by her time at the Glasshouse, and by Zero. (God, she was tortured by someone who looks like Otto and then immediately tries to jump into a relationship with Otto.)

5. Introduce Number One’s death squad dudes earlier. They’re complete deus ex machina and mentioning them before would help characterize him as ruthless in a more ‘show don’t tell’ way.

    THIS time no voice guids him through the darkness. Rage that had engulfed him listening to the scientists spew over the intercom throws him back into the waking world with a jolt. He’s told himself he’d never close his eyes again and now he’s staring with burning eyes at this forsaken city upside down with a mysterious pressure pressing on him from all sides. Flipping upright is met with much resistance and a telltale rush past his ears that means he’s not in the air. He’s not falling lazily to the earth thanks to some reflex triggered in his unconsciousness. He’s floating in water, drifting downward at the leisure of the currents.

With that observation he notes that this city he’s staring down upon is not the Hive he’d only just arrived to it. True to the scientist’s words, it’s a totally different location drowned in the waves and swarming with agitated animals and shop keepers. He watches with renewed fury as they hunt his fellow test subjects with a mad fervor that they must be being manipulated by the scientists too.

Two days prior he’d been dragged from a survival situation and now they’re thrusting him into another. He’s not sure what the point of all this is but he knows it’s agitating. He’d had to survive to make his way back to protecting his User and now he’s faced with the weak fleeing for their own lives, not equipped for this ‘test.’ There’s a conflict of interest between his primary directive to be there for his User and protect those who need protecting here and now.

What would Jotaro have him do?

Cutting through the water like an arrow, he makes impact on the street below with a rumble.

❝  O R A !  ❞

The call is a challenge to all the foes skulking around the area, sound bouncing around the coral encrusted structures in spite of the water. Of course he’s in it to take out his frustrations on these ocean beast, but his main goal is to draw attention away from less physically oriented test subjects. By the frenzied wallowing he can hear headed his way, he’d say he’s succeeded.