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til hamingju með afmælið ísland!



Design belongs to @ehuante!

So, as you can see, next to every picture of the chibi, there are crayons, pencils, markers and a high lighter.

-The first picture shows the marker that I do the line art with. It’s thin around 0.4.

-The second picture shows a pencil that I do the skin with, and a crayon (light pink) that I do the shadow with. 

-The third picture shows the two markers that i used to color the hair.

-The Fourth picture shows the marker and the two crayons that I used to do the upper clothing.

-The fifth picture shows the crayons, marker and pencil that I continued coloring the clothing with. I used the pencil for the blouse, the marker for the shadow of the skirt and the crayons for the bows.

-The sixth picture shows the pencils and the crayon that I used for the coloring. 

-The seventh picture shows the high lighter that I use for highlighting.

And the final picture shows the final thing. :>

For the anon who asked about the things I color with, there ya go, and also, if someone else was curious, then there ya go. :D

Hope you like it! ☺♥☺



Hi !! Mmmmm …
It is the first time I show something of mine and I’m really nervous … Well, I did a drawing characters FNAF, based on the designs of PoleBear.
They are so great !!! and so ahsdasdasdasfkj
I honestly was not easy since I do not have tablet and as a result of that I was painting all day … I think I deserve a break …
Ok, I hope you like her as much as you !!
Well, I think draw more things I like on vacation.!
Bye :D
P / D: Sorry for my bad English, I promise improvement.

Pokemon Fighters

Another collection finally complete! All Pokemon that have ever been playable fighters in the Smash Bros series!
D-Arts Charizard and Mewtwo
Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. pose figure Greninja
Subarudo pose figure Lucario
Tomy Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Ivysaur, Pichu and Squirtle