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“Örneğin,benim yaşımda ölen kör cahil ve kitap okumayan biri yalnızca tek bir hayat yaşamıştır.Oysa ben Napoleon'un,Caesar'ın,d'Artagnan'ın, hayatlarını da yaşadım.Bu nedenle hem ileride zehir gibi bir bellek oluşturmaları için hem de doymak bilmez ve çok katmerli bir kişilik geliştirmenin bir yolu olarak gençleri hep okumaya teşvik ettim.Böylece ömrünüzün sonuna geldiğinizde sayısız hayatlar yaşamış olursunuz ve bu hiç de yabana atılacak bir ayrıcalık değildir.”
- Umberto Eco

Introduction/Guide: There is a set of 5 fanfiction prompt ideas for each week. You should write at least one Karamel fanfiction per week. If you’d like or have time, you can write more than one from what is on the list. You should write at least 500 words per fanfiction and you can publish it on either AO3, Fanfiction.net or both. For example, for week one, I’ll be writing a fanfiction based on a bodyguard AU that’s 1k words long and I will publish it on both Fanfiction.net and AO3. If you want, you can use AUs that aren’t on this list or use these AUs in other weeks. I don’t want you to feel restricted from writing what you wants. This is just a flexible guide so let your creative juices flow! Once you’ve published your writing, share it on Tumblr under the Karamel Fanfiction Challenge tag.

This will be going on from the 25th of June to the 23rd of July. Spread the word!

Week one:

  • Hogwarts AU
  • Lawyer AU
  • Bodyguard AU
  • Bookstore AU
  • College AU

Week two:

  • Coffeeshop AU
  • Neighbors/Roommate AU
  • Disney AU
  • Stuck in an elevator/train/plane/etc… when it stops AU
  • (Super)villain AU

Week three:

  • Band AU
  • Road trip AU
  • Historical AU
  • On the same bus everyday AU
  • “We love each other ‘platonically’” AU/Best friends to lovers AU

Week four:

  • College professors/Highschool teachers AU
  • Forced to share a table in a crowded coffee shop AU
  • Pretending to be your BF/BFF because you look uncomfortable AU
  • Asylum AU
  • AU based on book/movie

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Woah woah woah…OMG what if Queen Rhea sets Mon el up with Lena that way he won’t be with Kara. Hence “Villainous prearranged marriage.” That would explain then tensions between Kara, Lena, and Mon el AND the fact that Queen Rhea and Lilian/Lena have a scene together (*I’m pretty sure they do*)

Theories anyone??

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Daxam’s Mating situation - Finally figured out why they throw parades when People get together!

In 2x07 Mon-El says : “On Daxam we have arrange marriages chosen for you at Birth and you reach a certain age and boom! You are latched to that person.”

In 2x13 “Things were easier on Daxam when I objectified women and didn’t care for anyone”

In 2x14: “I mean back on Daxam they used to throw parties when people got together. You’re lucky I didn’t arrange a parade.”

It seems like most people on Daxam had arranged marriages and since they knew their romantic future was predetermined, our lovely hedonistic Daxamites just partied, objectified each other and slept around until they reached their latching age. That attitude towards relationships is common in arranged marriage cultures. I’m from a country with arranged marriage culture and people don’t take dating very seriously.

So it seems like whenever two rare souls decided to seriously date or pursue a romantic relationships with someone they intend to latch to one day, it was a cause for celebration because I don’t think it happened too often. It’s an exception to their usual mating ritual.

And ofcourse he wanted to throw a parade, he’s the Prince of Daxam! If he ever decided to choose a mate for himself, they would have totally thrown him a parade because I don’t think politically influential people ever got to make an exception to the arranged marriage system. It’s a big deal for him to be able to pursue a romantic relationship where he can see a future…

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Kreisberg talks about Mon-El in the finale and next episodes

“Supergirl” is about to learn that Hell hath no fury like a Queen of Daxam scorned. After Rhea ventured across the galaxy to reunite with her son Mon-El and bring him home, he chose to stay with Kara over his own family. Mon-El’s father, Lar Gand supported his son’s decision, a siding which ultimately led to Rhea killing him. A vengeful Rhea has now set her sights on Kara, Mon-El and Earth, and woe be to whomever stands in her way.

In her anger, Rhea killed her husband and stated she is not finished with Earth. What is her endgame? At this point, is it all about her son, Mon-El?

I don’t want to give too much away because it’s part of the surprise coming in the next few episodes. Her plans definitely include Kara, Mon-El and Lena. She has a master plan. She’s very bright, very dangerous and she’s very ruthless. Rhea is used to getting what she wants. She’s going to set the table for the last few episodes to enact her master plan. What exactly she wants from all those people – you have to tune in to find out.

Mon-El isn’t the same guy as he was at the beginning of the season. How comfortable is he in his own skin now, and what is his arc in the next block of episodes?

Mon-El is very comfortable. He’s grown into himself and is in love with Kara. He’s the best version of himself. For all of Mon-El’s selfishness, he was never quite comfortable being this Prince of Daxam. Being on Earth, and being with Kara, has really allowed him to become the person that he wants to be. They are going to be put to the test in these last episodes when they are faced with some unimaginable choices. Each of them has to evaluate what it means to be a hero. And, can their idealisms survive what they are up against? Is winning more important than values? They are all put in these great moral dilemmas and have to make these choices. Is it love or duty? These are some of the biggest episodes we’ve ever done in terms of scope, visual effects and stunts, but they also have some of our best emotional material. Hopefully, the audience thinks so, but we really bring everything that’s happened this season together in these last few episodes.

What else can you tease about the finale and what it sets up for season three?

We have amazing guest stars in the finale. We are bringing back people we’ve had all season. We have Calista Flockhart coming back. In the last two episodes, we have Lynda Carter returning as the President, Sharon Leal is coming back as M’gann. Obviously, there’s Tyler as Superman. These are some of the biggest episodes we’ve ever done. We’re so proud of Teri Hatcher, and so amazed she’s on our show and killing it as Rhea. There is a feature film quality finale, with huge guest stars, stunts and visual effects. We will get a glimpse of the Season 3 villain in the finale, which we’re also excited about.

There is more info about other characters and storylines in the link.

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Speculation about Mon-El / Valor / Karamel


Guys, I’m keeping a list of people that wish be copied in any interesting Supergirl speculation post, mostly about Mon-El / Karamel / Valor, but anything relevant for the show really.

This would be for speculations from a pro-Mon-El and pro-Karamel perspective. RESPECTFUL and friendly disagreements are ok but I will not hesitate in blocking/ deleting haters, trolls and anyone who does not behave appropriately as per BNBR policy below.

Tell me in the comments tagging me if any names should be added or removed to the list below. I will try to keep the list updated. And I will try to tag the Karamel Fam in any interesting speculation that I come across. I repost all of them in my blob using the tag ‘Supergirl Speculation’.

I still remember the first time I used the tag ‘Supergirl Speculation’ on a thread with some fabulous members of the Karamel Fam.

Now it’s a tag that we love dearly and it is this intellectually stimulating awesome safe space to bounce off ideas in this sea of impolite uncultured barbarians that is the Supergirl fandom in general.

As more people join in these speculation, I would like to propose some ground rules so we can all feel safe while doing it. Please feel free to comment on them with your suggestions, so I can update them to ensure that we all are comfortable with them.

Speculation Karamel Fam BNBR (Be Nice Be Respectful) Policy:

1. About the hottest topics/ characters - L*na and Mon-El: no matter who you like and what you ship, when it comes to these two characters, tread carefully and be respectful to the person who stans or ships someone other than your fave. Don’t attack Mon-El/ Karamel in a speculation thread related to it and don’t attack L*na in a thread about her. Jokes about antis are acceptable, if are in an appropriate speculation thread and in good spirit. If you want to talk directly or more harsly about haters, it’s better if you do not do it in a speculation thread and open a specific thread about whatever you want to point out. As a reminder, this is the list of people who want to speculate from a pro-Karamel and pro-Mon-El perspective, so if you are unable to be respectful about that, these are not your threads and the Karamel Fam is not interested in your comments.

2. It would be nice if the Karamel speculation threads are places for people to bounce off ideas, so we can do guesswork for fun about fiction based on inconsistent source material. If you have an idea, solution or comic knowledge please do bomb drop it. Sometimes just discussing crazy ideas is the best part, even if you know/ suspect that it will never happen.

3. Be very polite, respectful and careful in your discourse, especially if you are moving from the territory of bouncing off ideas to debating. Please refrain yourself from policing ideas. You may not agree with someone else’s speculation but you don’t need to convince them that they are wrong. Be extra nice when you disagree with someone.

4. Debating cannot include condescending remarks, personal attacks, talking down and arrogance, especially in regards to a field in which you are no more an expert than the person you are challenging. None of us have real evidence about future storylines so we all can be wrong.

5. Hate/ shaming/ mocking/ attacking real people is NOT acceptable. Not about actors, producers, fans or shippers. Do not send hate messages, make hateful comments about people or try to make people feel bad for writing metas or fanfics, making gifs or fanvids, speculating, commenting, enjoying hotness, doing their work or having different opinions or preferences than you. We want nothing of this in the Karamel fandom and in our speculation threads. Just don’t do it. If you do, we don’t want anything to do with you.

6. Just remember, the only form of debate that is acceptable in the Karamel fandom is respectful agreement or disagreement. Have fun and enjoy!

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BSH Chapter 5- Enchain

Story Summary:  Felicity is living in the Glades, surviving on her own, when she runs into the Nightmare of Starling; the green-clad bringer of justice. She saves his life, and the attraction blooms. But Felicity has been burned before. She no longer believes in what a True Soulmate can give her. Circumstances force the two of them together, and only love can force them apart.

Read from Beginning


Preview of Chapter 5:

Two black marks touched and the world filtered out. Two individuals became one, a perfect blending of souls. That was the magnitude of a soulmate.

Felicity’s hand spasmed from the violent shocks arcing back and forth between her and the Hood’s marks. A small brush, as miniscule as if they’d passed exiting the same shop. Such an insignificant moment turning her life upside down. Now they had to go through the whole ‘bonding’ ritual. Which could take as long as an hour. All Felicity wanted to do was to go home, get her white Dubrowski back, and not have a True mate.

The world was not that kind to her.

As if magnetized, their two palms sealed together, warm hand pressed to warm hand. She felt thrills run up her arm, past her elbow, all the way to her neck and crystal port, igniting sparks and leaving a low burn in their wake. For an instant, the power of their two souls connecting had the cogs in her spine working, providing feeling and movement of her two legs.

Her eyes drifted closed as her vision swam, spots flickering, her senses overloading. Ears started ringing, the pounding beats of her heart roaring, a steady stream of vibration to focus on. Her stomach rolled with nausea. Goosebumps covered her bared arms. Vaguely, she felt a firm hand gripped her upper arm, steadying her.

Then, people she’d never met appeared before her eyes.

First she saw a young boy, with dark hair and blue eyes begging her to come play, to come climb the large tree. She climbed it, following her companion. Up and up they went, until Felicity slipped, her foot coming loose. Down she fell, attempting to grasp branches as they whipped by, until she made enemies with the ground. Felicity felt the snapping of bone as she landed on her side, pain a fire of agony.

The vision faded and another took its place. This time it was a stunning young woman flirting with Felicity, coaxing her with her finger. Eagerly, Felicity followed the mysterious woman to the study where they were alone, a solitary candle burning. “Shhhh, or we’ll get caught.” She giggled, hands tracing down Felicity’s cheeks. The woman leaned in and kissed her, and Felicity could taste the sweetness of her lips.

That’s when Felicity knew. These weren’t visions. They were memories.

His memories.

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The President, Daxamites, Dominators, Cadmus & the finale speculation!

I recently wrote about my Cadmus vs Daxamites theory (https://winelover1989.tumblr.com/post/159271608702/cadmus-vs-daxamites) for the finale but now with the return of Superman and Cat coming back and the videos of a full blown alien invasion, I have a weird theory for the finale. This season has been very scattered in terms of all the villains and alien species compared to last season where Kryptonians were the big bads and it makes me wonder how these storylines will close out during the finale. 

The President

Linda Carter confirmed on twitter that her character is a DURLAN, an alien species of shapeshifters that assume world leader positions before invading a planet, which is an excellent strategy. In the comics the Daxamites, Dominators & Durlans invaded the earth together(there were more species involved but I doubt they’ll introduce any more storylines at this point). Even though the president doesn’t show up too often, this is the list of things she has contributed to the plot this season.

  • Cadmus was a government agency last season whose purpose was to prepare for an alien invasion or the day aliens visit earth with hostile intentions. The beginning of this season, she dismantled the organisation after introducing a bill for alien rights. The agency went rogue and serves Lillian Luthor’s personal agendas now. 
  • She learned everything about the DEO.
  • She ordered the DEO to not engage with the Daxamites, hinting that they might be on the same team.


The Dominators were introduced for a reason for the four way crossover storyline and their story hasn’t ended because there has to be a reason why Supergirl visited Slaver’s moon this season and messed with their operations. What do we know about the Dominators:

  • They have the means to stage an invasion from what they attempted on Barry’s alternate universe during the crossover (Remember that it never happened on Supergirl’s earth)
  • They do business on slaver’s moon & have access to the portal’s technology 
  • They have great relationships with Daxamites considering how the Dominator bowed to Mon-el and probably ratted him out to his parents who later showed up on Slaver’s moon looking for him.
  • They don’t like Supergirl very much after the damage she caused on Slaver’s Moon.


After Queen Rhea’s declarations of having plans for this world, the fact that her plans of rebuilding Daxam won’t work anymore after Mon-El’s rejection and the fact that she is an evil genius, I doubt that her plan is just to send the few people on her ship to attack National city.


Lillian has been going on and on about aliens becoming hostile someday and Cadmus being on the right side of history when an alien invasion comes. After saying that on repeat the entire season, if Cadmus doesn’t interfere in this invasion, their entire storyline makes no sense. What do we know about Cadmus?

  • Its a super shady rogue ex-secret government agency whose sole purpose is to fight aliens and alien invasion.
  • Lillian procured a box from Lex’s liar when she kidnapped Lena that has a weapon that made her happier than the time she found a genocidal bioweapon against aliens. So she obviously has a secret weapon against aliens that hasn’t been disclosed until now.
  • They have research on weaknesses of all alien species after decades of torturing and experimenting aliens (remember how Jonn was being transferred to Cadmus for being experimented on last season, after revealing himself)

Superman’s visit?

Considering all these open storylines, what if the finale is about the joint alien invasion where the Daxamites have the support of Durlans and Dominators? Maybe it starts out with just the Daxamites but they bring in their Dominator allies into the mix for an army and firepower. And maybe the Durlans use it as the perfect opportunity to hatch the invasion plans they’ve been brewing for earth and the president reaches out to Queen Rhea. (Maybe that’s why spoilers say that the situation is so dire that we might not have a CatCo by the end and maybe that’s why Cat Grant is in town because her city is at war with aliens)

And that’s why even Superman shows up to intervene and help Supergirl. Also it’s a perfect opportunity for Valor to rise and Guardian to finally become a part of the team. It’ll be a great visual with all four of them and Martian Manhunter. 

Cadmus is sandwiched in between because the organisation’s purpose is to fight alien invasions if there’s a need but Lillian personal agenda is against the Supers and with Superman in the mix, she could atleast temporarily jump ship and shift alliances to either prioritise her personal agendas over Cadmus’s purpose or killing two birds with one stone sort of a thing.  

 Lena having scenes with Rhea and ending up on the Daxamite ship could also add more conflict for both Lillian and Supergirl.

So the finale could have a major disaster coming our way, with all of these stories colliding, which individually might not be as scary as the Kryptonians last season but together with so many conflicts, coming from so many different sides could just end up being extremely action packed.

Thoughts? Tagging the speculation fam:

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I made this video after seeing a post on @winelover1989 blob for karamel appreciation week. I hope it does you post justice! *Tagging fam*

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SPECULATIONS end of Supergirl season 2

(mostly related to Karamel & Mon-El)

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

I have been giving a lot of thought to the fact that LeMon (L*na + Mon-El possible marriage arranged by Rhea to happen in 2x21) would be the second time in season 2 of Supergirl that someone wants to force half of our Karamel OTP to marry someone else (first was Mr Mxyzptlk).

There are several things that I think that happened in 2x13 that may be clues to what Mon-El learned from that and how he (+L*na) may decide to handle the situation to stop Rhea. Usually the lessons set up earlier in the season play a big role in the last episodes because it is the end of that particular story arch. All of this may happen in 2x21, 2x22 or both.

1. Mon-El was jealous not only because he thought that she would marry him, but because he thought that Kara wanted Mxyz in her team (wrong).

Speculation: of course that Kara will be jealous. I think that she will even think that Mon-El preferred L*na (wrong).

2. Kara lied to Mon-El making him believe that she was going to marry Mxyz and he believed her. And she did it to protect him so she could do what she had planned to do. He wanted to help and tried to solve the problem on his own but it was Kara the one who handled it.

Speculation: Kara will want to help and solve the problem but it will be Mon-El the one handling it. He will make Kara believe that he is going to marry L*na to protect her and take forward his plan. And Kara will believe him. My guess? This is the heartbreaking goodbye Karamel scene that we have been told by the paparazzis that will happen.

3. Kara defeated Mxyz because she out-tricked the most cunning intergalactic trickster making him do something (typing the password) that would make him loose his power.

Speculation: Mon-El will defeat Rhea out-tricking her, making her do something that will make her loose her power. My guess? Him at the wedding and in royal clothing is connected to the fact that Lar Gand is dead and Mon-El was the Crown Prince. I think at some point during he ceremony Mon-El will be recognised as King and ruler and a significant number of Daxamite soldiers will become loyal to him. And then Mon-El will command them against Rhea and her followers. Btw, the paparazzis said that LeMon will not actually marry. And I think that after that he will abdicate and set them free. Some of them may decide to stay as his allies or may leave as possible future villains.

4. Mon-El wanted to kill the villain but Kara said again and again that heroes do not do that. Mxyz was banished to a place that he couldn’t return from.

Speculation: there will be another moment when Mon-El will have the opportunity to kill his mother but he will not do it. Rhea will be banished to a place she cannot return from. My guess? The Phantom Zone. Now that we know that Mon-El still cares about his mother, this would fit the requirement for his ultimate sacrifice. And I would love Rhea to return as a villain as I found her much more interesting and menacing than Lillian.

5. Once Mxyz was defeated, Kara explained everything to Mon-El, including the fact that she wanted to be with him. And then a big step in the Karamel relationship happened.

Speculation: Once Rhea is defeated, Mon-El will explain everything to Kara. Another big Karamel step will happen. My guess? ILY from Kara to Mon-El.

I have also been thinking in some of the Supergirl season 2 themes that were set up in episodes 2x01 and 2x02 and how they are connected to Mon-El and Karamel and the end of the season:

6. Love bonds these characters together and this makes them family. This has been mentioned several times during, most clearly by J'onn, that has included Mon-El in their family in 2x17 and 2x20. In 2x02 Winn says that family is not about score-keeping or who did more, it is about showing up. I know that our alien puppy will show up at the end of the season.

7. Cat mentions in 2x01 that Supergirl is a hero because she has an inner need to help people, to protect the planet. I think that this is something that will be expressed more clearly by Mon-El at the end of season 2 but will be developed further in season 3.

8. Kara comments in 2x01 that she loves that Lois worries about Clark and that she doesn’t know how he can be an amazing reporter, a great boyfriend and Superman. Clark says that being Kara is as important as being Supergirl. Kara, darling, you have already got this! Will she mention that?

9. Cat said in 2x01 that Kara was scared of diving into new waters, that it would be hard and that she would become a new version of herself when she reaches the other side. Again, she dived in. With Mon-El. Kara, reminder that you just need to say to him how much you love him.

10. In 2x02 Kara loved very much teaming up with Superman, someone similar to her, someone who understands what is like to be her, that she even thought about moving to Metropolis. Luckily for her, there is already a handsome alien superheroing with her. He just needs a supersuit with spanx and a cape. Please and thank you. Sadly, I don’t think that he will get the suit in season 2.

11. Kara also mentions in 2x02 that she will be there for the (hot shirtless) guy in a coma so he will never know what is like to feel alone. Well done, Kara. I would like to hear you say that you don’t feel alone now because you have him.

Other speculations that I have for the final episodes:

12. At some point Mon-El will take a completely selfless decision that will put his life in danger. We will actually think that he is dying. They are following all the steps of the classical hero journey so the metaphorical death of the hero has to happen for him becoming Valor. The fact that his heart is at the right side of his chest may be a relevant factor. The fact that his cells can recover absorbing energy from electricity may be another relevant factor. If he has to be sent to the Phantom Zone while they find a cure for lead poisoning, this will be a Han Solo in carbonite situation. The rest of the team will come up with a plan to save him during the summer hiatus and he will return to Earth early in season 3. I’m thinking something similar to Oliver in S3 midseason finale of Arrow, when (spoilers) everyone mourned him but we knew from the first episode after the return of the hiatus that he had survived his apparent death.

13. There is a Flight Ring in the Fortress of Solitude. And in comics, Mon-El gets one of this from Superman. The ring would give him flight powers. And also in comics this is THE cure for lead poisoning. Just saying.

14. There are leaked pics of Rhea, Mon-El in DEO uniform & Kara in a roof. There are also pics of Mon-El fighting in DEO clothing in the streets. This will probably happen after the LeMon wedding is stopped.

15. We know for interviews that Chris is returning and that his hero arch will continue in season 3.

16. We know thanks to the paparazzis that Supergirl and Superman will fight in 2x22 and most likely Clark will be brainwashed thinking that she is General Zod.

17. Clark speaks with J'Onn in 2x01, asking what would he if the President gives him orders that he doesn’t agree with. I believe that this will happen again in 2x21, particularly because POTUS is an alien from a race (Durlan) that may be working with Daxamites. I wonder if Durlans will be the big bads for season 3.

18. Stills show that Lillian will work with Supergirl in 2x21. Similar to Max Lord in the S1 finale. What will be Cat’s role? Could she die? Will Jeremiah return? Will he die as a hero protecting her daughters? Will Cadmus still be an adversary in season 3?

19. Sanvers. Fighting together. Stronger together. In love.

20. Winn will fight as DEO agent. Will Lyra survive? Will she team up with Guardian?
We know nothing about James in the finale. Could James die?

21. Will M'Gann return permanently? (she will be in 2x22). I hope so.

22. L*na. What will happen with her after Lemon? Will she feel betrayed because Kara didn’t tell her about her identity about Supergirl? She will have her heart broken because of Jack and Rhea. Are they setting up a path to darkness for her? Will Checkmate be a part of her path in season 3?

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Beneath the Shadowed Hood (There is a Mark Upon My Countenance)

Summary:  Felicity is living in the Glades, surviving on her own, when she runs into the Nightmare of Starling; the green-clad bringer of justice. She saves his life, and the attraction blooms. But Felicity has been burned before. She no longer believes in what a True Soulmate can give her. Circumstances force the two of them together, and only love can force them apart.

A/N: The long awaited fic is finally here! Hooray! .This will update weekly on Fridays! 

 The biggest thanks to @writewithurheart for betaing this, @alexiablackbriar13 for cheerleading and feedback as well as the amazing poster above!


“I feelin’ me a spark today.”

Felicity jumped at the unexpected voice, almost hitting her head on the steamship she worked on. She cursed, wondering how she had gotten so lost in the wiring and mechanics of the machine above her that she hadn’t heard anyone enter. Adjusting her goggles so they rested on her head, she pushed out on the slideboard.

Her assistant, Evelyn, grinned broadly, bouncing slightly with barely contained enthusiasm.

“A spark?” Felicity asked, not exactly sure what Evelyn meant. They dealt with electricity and steam constantly, feeling a connected arc from a wire wasn’t unusual.

Evelyn rolled her eyes, then gestured to her gloved hand. “I feeling a soul spark,” she clarified.

Felicity about let loose a scoff, barely holding it in. Just because she was cynical about society’s fixation on a ‘one true match’, didn’t mean that everyone was. The fact that Evelyn was excited about what Felicity would’ve just brushed off, meant that she still had golden hopes. Evelyn, like her, had grown up in the slums where there wasn’t much hope to begin with. She couldn’t crush something that had Evelyn’s eyes lighting up with delight.

Forcing her voice to feign interest, she passed off a simple, “oh?” then slid back under the steamship.  

“ Felicity. ” Her assistant whined. Apparently, Evelyn wanted her whole attention.

Not able to mask her impatience with Evelyn’s choice of topic, Felicity snapped “That’s Miss Smoak to you, young lady. Plus, this steamship isn’t going to fix itself. Go ahead and tell me, but I aim to continue working.”

A large, dramatic sigh was heaved above her. A few seconds later, Evelyn launched into her tale.

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Mon-el is dying (Temporarily) in the finale!

We all know he’s on the hero’s journey, they have even explicitly stated it and DEATH and REBIRTH is a huge part of that metamorphosis. And TV show writers love using that cliffhager! I can bet my money that they’ll either imply that he died in the finale and show that he survived next season or they’ll kill him and he’ll be resurrected next season! 

They are going to pull a John Snow on us and it’ll be spectacular because:

  • The antis will celebrate and the happiness will be snatched away from their hands next season. 
  • He might go out alone in a blaze of glory (Flying a plane with a bomb alone kind of a huge moment) and we’ll get the most angsty I love you from Kara. Don’t even get me started on the grief. I need that! 
  • Also, imagine how amazing the reunion is going to be? 

Speculation Fam : @starcrossed-comets @kelbottumbles @pwettypwita @gldngrl7@olivertryst@emarasmoak @winelover1989 @super-karamel@breadrunnersofcakedom@karamelizedlove @mon-kai-el@thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain @jeymien@ships-sailing-in-the-night @as-mae-ar @5ha5ha @dipdab7@fangirlintheforest @taurusclh @captainkaramel@reddragonlilly7@baskingintheinsanity @anaveragegirl15 @sananey77@noeji@busysciencegeek @contygold86 @karahasmyheart@geekyelvengirl@airykurk @iminyourhandskara@ginervamariechaseeverdeen @mon-el-ofdaxam @secretlycasualninja@ynahpets-world @ladytedw33naslowsby@fangirlforlife2448 @hillshollow@awestallendevotee @jko333 @karamel-club-soda @talldarkandblandsome@kalena-henden @highwaytothe7hells@wladyb91@babywhenyouwishuponastar @seasaltkaramel@maggshouse19 @mads415@jj-c123 @samlive @myfangirlinghq@elenajones23 @bananakittensblog@emma-d-artagnan@profoundlyfadedprincess @teeandrainbows@karadanversprince @ships-sailing-in-the-night @fangirleslie14@comerunninghometomysuperfriend@alex-wesley

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Yo Max, what is your real name that is very long and great?

Sir Maximillion Jack Calvin Fritz D'artagnan McGregor Allen…

…The Third

You have to include the pause.

Only Natural

Originally posted by why-this-kolaveri-machi

Fandom: BBC Musketeers

Pairing: D’Artagnan x Reader

Warning: Miscommunication, tiny bit of angst

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Hello! If you have the time, could I please request a reader x D'Artagnan where the reader works for the Musketeers and has grown up with d'artagnan and loves him. But she started to distance herself because she thinks he loves Constance and one day D'artagnan confronts her about it. Thank youuu 💙

Note: This is the second attempt because tumblr managed to mess up and the first attempt ended up getting deleted thanks to technical errors. 

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