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“Denis Beauvais’s ‘The Draw’ is actually a self-portrait.  Denis is wearing one of his (quite real) fantasy costumes in the role of the black king.”  This is his fourth fantasy chess cover for Dragon magazine dated 1984 under his signature, but it did not appear until issue 118 in February 1987.

ID #57124

Name: Mirre
Age: 17
Country: the Netherlands

Hi I’m Mirre and I currently live in The Netherlands. I’m a 17-year-old Aries and I’m about to graduate high school. After the summer I’ll be off to college to become an English teacher. I enjoy R&B and Hip Hop when it comes to music, I would love to talk to someone who likes those genres as well. There are only 2 series that I absolutely love: The Get Down and SKAM (I’ve watched many more, but I don’t feel like mentioning the whole list lmao) I also love all the Star Wars movies. I like fashion and arts as well. Magazines such as i-D and Dazed and Confused inspire me. I would like to talk about literally anything, I’m very open-minded. Idk yet if I want to write actual letters, but I’m down to talk via social media.
Preferences:  16+, idc about gender, sexuality, religion etc.