d annunzio


RANDY DANDY - model: Clement Chabernaud - photography: David Slijper - styling: Robert Rabensteiner - hair: Franco Gobbi - makeup: Julie Nozieres - New York Times T Style Men’s Fall / Winter 2009

  • inspired by Gabriele D’Annunzio and Italian decadence
What your favourite Italian author in high school says about you
  • Dante Alighieri: you got beef with like 900% of the people you know and won't stop talking about your crush. it's creepy. please stop.
  • Francesco Petrarca: you use the too good for this world too pure meme a tad too much.
  • Giovanni Boccaccio: you probably laugh out loud watching cinepanettoni but won't admit it
  • Nicolò Macchiavelli: egalitarian; anti-sjw; anti-feminism; #AllLivesMatter
  • Torquato Tasso: you think vergil's aeneid is way better than homer's iliad + odyssey. you're wrong.
  • Ludovico Ariosto: self-righteous ass
  • Alessandro Manzoni: just as self-righteous but with a pinch of #mainagioja
  • Ugo Foscolo: sideburn fetish
  • Giacomo Leopardi: i really hope therapy worked for you
  • Giovanni Verga: who the fuck am i kidding no one likes giovanni verga
  • Giovanni Pascoli: you wanna fuck your sister
  • Gabriele D'Annunzio: fuckboi
  • Luigi Pirandello: existential crisis 24/7
  • Giosuè Carducci: damn giosuè back at it again with the self-righteousness
  • Italo Svevo: just stop smoking already
  • Giuseppe Ungaretti: basic bitch
  • Eugenio Montale: you thought Leopardi was going to be your all-time fave but damn boy them cavallo stramazzato feels