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BTS Reaction to Their s/o Dirty Whining/Tick Tocking On Them

specifically @ a caribbean carnival

jungkook : “oh my god..” he’ll try his best to hold in his grunts and the fact that he’s turned on. he wouldn’t know what to do. he’ll just know what he’s going to do to you later on.

jimin : he’d enjoy it honestly. he’ll be dancing with you all while never letting his smile leave his face. “i’m a lucky man” he’d whisper dirty things in your ear which would turn you on and make you grind, twerk etc harder. good lord you’re in for it when you get home

taehyung : “ohh baby..” automatic turn on. when he sees the way that you move your body, he can’t do anything else but watch/touch you

namjoon : he’d try his best to keep up with you, you’ll go at a slow and steady pace for a few but then you’ll speed up once he has the hang of it. “damn y/n you can move your body!”

hoseok : once you throw it back, my mans will catch it. he’s moving up, down, left right with you. “you know what we’re doing after right?” he can’t keep his tongue in his mouth while looking at you go.

yoongi : “what do you say we get out of here and you know..” yoongs was already horny when he saw you in your costume. he’d go ahead and tell you straight up that he wants sex, he’d try pulling you towards the exit but you just pull him back. when you’re dancing on him, he’d never let your ass leave his private area 😛

jin : “ahhh y/n i didn’t know that you were so dirty..” he quickly gets horny and wants the moment to never end. it’s cute how he tries to dance with you.

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When Trini's family is too much Kim makes her coffe and brings her doughnuts

Lazy proofing, y’all should be used to my grammatical errors by now, anyway, I hope this suffices your donut and trimberly needs

Kim knew all about Trini’s bad days. She knew all about Trini’s home life. She knew about her coming out, how her parents brushed it to the side, how they said she’d marry a nice man when she was older, how her sexuality was a phase, she’d grow up eventually. Kimberly knew about her over protective mother, who would say things and do things to drive Trini away. Those were the days Trini wouldn’t come home, she’d spend time at Zack’s trailer, helping take care of his mother and take care of him, she’d ditch school, do tai chi or yoga above the space ship, on the cliff’s face. Today was one of those days.

First Trini didn’t show up for school, that was the first tell. She wasn’t in bio, one of the only classes they had together, one of the classes Kim looked forward to most of the day. Kim knew she had a crush on Trini, which was not helpful. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed and sad that Trini wasn’t in bio, or that she wasn’t in school at all. The day dragged along, a pit growing in Kimberly’s stomach, which she avoided, her little crush wasn’t going to get in the way of school, no matter how sad or slightly betrayed she felt about Trini not showing up.

The second tell was Trini not replying to Kim’s texts. The girls texted back and forth often, and very rarely did one of them not text back. The pit in Kimberly’s stomach grew a little, was Trini mad at her? Did she say something to put her off? Maybe Trini realized what a horrible person Kim was and decided not to deal with her outside of being a ranger. Kim tried remembering if there was anything she had said, but she fell short. Maybe Trini had realized how horrible she was and started ignoring her, she wouldn’t be the first. Kim went on the rest of the day feeling guilty and pitiful for herself, but there was some worry beginning to bubble in her stomach.

The third and final tell, which put everything into place, was when Kim called Zack, asking if he had seen Trini at all. Whenever Trini was having an off day, a day fighting with her parents, or a day were she just needed an escape, she’d go to Zack’s trailer, or hike the cliff faces, but she wouldn’t ever leave without dropping by to see Zack, who spent most of his time at the abandoned trains. So when she called Zack, his response is what caused the seed of worry in her stomach to grow.

“I saw her climbing the cliff faces today, but she looked different, she didn’t look sad, she just looked lost, afraid, confused almost. She didn’t say anything to me, I don’t even think she knew I was there. I’m worried Kim, that isn’t like her.” Zack said, Zack Taylor, the embodiment of the 100 emoji, his voice trembling with worry. Kim knew she had to see Trini, she had to know she was okay, she knew she had to make her feel better, she wanted to at least comfort her.

That night, Kim bought a pack of powdered donuts from krispy kreme, and poured hot chocolate into a thermos, and drove to Trini’s house, making sure not to alert Trini’s parents, Kim took the donuts and hot chocolate, and climbed up to Trini’s bedroom window. She could see Trini lying on her bed, clad in black sweatpants and a yellow t-shirt, typical. Trini’s eyes were open, and she was staring at the ceiling, seemingly lost in thought. Kimberly lightly knocked on the window, trying her best not to alert Trini’s parents. Trini’s head snapped to the window, visibly startled, but her expression softened quickly once she realizes it was only Kimberly. Kimberly could see the smallest smile on Trini’s face, just thinking about how her presence made Trini soften and smile, made Kimberly’s heart swell twice its size. Trini slowly got off her bed and opened the window, immediately asking.

“What are you doing here?” Her face is throughly perplexed but her eyes land on the donuts and hot chocolate and something flashes in her eyes, something similar to astonishment. It is gone as soon as it appears, but Kimberly finds herself still staring at her warm brown eyes, and the small smile playing on her lips, which look so soft and welcoming, Kimberly could feel her body moving closer, but she stops herself when she realizes she had been staring without saying anything.

“Hey um I..uh..I brought donuts.” Kimberly manages to say, her voice stuttering. Trini’s eyes widen as she lets Kimberly in. Kimberly knows not to ask about what happened during the day, she knew not to press, knowing that Trini would wall up and retreat into her shell, so Kimberly just gave her the hot chocolate as they ate the powdered donuts, laughing softly, putting powder on the others faces. Kimberly just stared at Trini, the powder sprayed across her warm brown skin, her dark brown locks curled around her small face, and Kimberly could think of nothing else besides kissing off the powder smeared across her face and lips, but that could wait, that could wait for another day, so she just stared and ate donuts, both of the girls in their own bliss, as the night faded away.

my heart is no longer heavy from all the things I could not keep and wanted to. i learn that what is meant to be, always finds a way. it was supposed to happen like this. destiny. it was written somewhere in stone that i’d fall in love with you. without knowing from where or why. it would just happen. and then it did. and although you never learned to hold me like I needed for you too- you were honest. you could have never loved me. and i needed that. because you made room in my heart for love, because the part of me that still believes in loving a person has not died off yet. it was supposed to happen like this. i was supposed to lose you. you were not born the man i’d spend the rest of my life with, but you were born the boy who’d teach me that’s it’s possible to start over in your same home country. as it turns out, this heart is still mine even if it’s loving the wrong people.
anyways, i want to say thank you.
thank you for leaving me when you did.
thank you for leaving behind all that room for beautiful things to happen.
beautiful things have happened since then.
this new love, stronger love, is one of them.

You’d be my sun; you’d be my light
If I was a simple man… (x)

Pastel Kaneki in heels 👌


Happy Birthday! (March 29th)

  • Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass) 
  • Masashi Arai (Prince of Tennis)
  • Renny Epstain (D.Gray-man)
  • Nah (Fire Emblem Awakening)
  • Maria Ushiromiya (Umineko no Naku Koro Ni)
  • VesVes (Sailor Moon)
  • Joe Hibiki (Gatchaman Crowds)
  • Rasa (Naruto)
  • Catarina Devon (One Piece)
  • Saint Shalulia (One Piece) 
  • Tomoya Mashiro (Ensemble Stars)

From the first day you talked to me, my mind unfurled with the possibilities of you and I. You drew me closer to you through your words without even meaning to.

 You made me forget my past heartbreak instantly and so my mind began painting you as the hero of the story.

So, why did I think you would really be the man I’d dreamed up all along? Why do I feel so disappointed at how my wishful thinking and foolish expectations let me down?
But, mostly, why do I long for you still? 
Even when the thought of you hurts more than it should.

—  reminsces

Imagine how terrified Alexander Hamilton must have been when John Laurens decided to duel Charles Lee. I mean he could have died, right then, right there. Alexander was his second so he’d be attending the duel too. It must have crossed his mind more than once that he might be the one burying a body by the end of the day. Imagine him having laid his hand upon John’s shoulder right before, looked right in his eyes. Their eyes locked, a tear coming up while he realised how fond he’d grown to become of this man. How he could not lose him

So now that you have done that, it’s time to remember that that did not happen. John didn’t get hurt, he won. Imagine the relief when Alexander and Evan Edwards (Lee’s second) then put an end to the affair. The look in John’s eyes, knowing that he had won. The look in Alexander’s eyes when he realised it was over. That John was still alive. How their expressions softened when they looked each other in the eyes again, both feeling like it’d been a thousand years since the last look they’d shared. And then walking towards each other. Their pace fastening with every step, until they could finally put their arms around each other again. Burying their head in the neck of one another, breathing in, breathing out. Holding each other tighter, grateful to be alive.

Hero - reid x reader

@amichaelgirl requested: 97 with Spencer Reid

“I don’t need a hero, I need a husband.”

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Working with your husband made your job worse and better at the same time. Worse because it made you worry uncontrollably for Reid’s safety, but better because you understood each other on a whole other level than most couples did. If there was a tough case, you each had someone to talk to who knew what you meant.

Currently, working together was making your job worse. Spencer was too impulsive sometimes. It could be dangerous.

The case you were working took place in a town in the middle of nowhere, meaning that everyone knew everyone and they all wanted to protect each other. There were also endless amounts of barns, farms, and abandoned houses, perfect for an unsub to hold someone hostage, as they were doing right now.

Garcia was digging like she’d never dug before and found a connection between a man with a record that fit the profile, and the newest victim that had been abducted. She also found that the unsub’s father owned a farm that had been abandoned after he passed away. 

The unsub had been left out and bullied as a child, he was abused and neglected. After taking a look inside his past, it was no wonder he turned out troubled.

The team and others were armed outside of the barn that the unsub was in, along with his victim. You were standing next to Spencer with your gun raised towards the large open doors. 

“I can talk him out of it,” Spencer said to Hotch, “I really think I can. He’s holding a gun to the victim’s head and we can’t get a clear shot, just let me try to talk him out of it.” he pleaded. You kept quiet, of course you didn’t want him to go in, but so long as he was armed and wearing his vest, he knew what to do.

However, after Hotch approved of it, Spencer began to take off his vest and put his gun down. “Spence!” you shouted as he ran closer to the madness, refusing to look at you.

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