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Rafael Barba / Threats (Part 1)

Summary: Imagine if you were representing Liv, as her attorney on her case against Johnny D. for custody, while you were dating Barba, and you get threatened by Johnny D. 

Part Two

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Medieval Italian Gold Ring with Emerald Cabochon, Later 15th Century AD

A D-section gold hoop with baluster to each shoulder, plaque with rosette motif, biconvex square bezel with ropework border, inset emerald cabochon. 27mm overall, 17.53mm internal diameter. Rare.

The emerald is between three and four carats. It is highly probable that this stone originated in the Austrian Habatchtal deposit. The finest stones, such as this one, from this deposit were the earliest mined.

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Do you have any headcanons for your skk family au? :D

((HNNGGGG yes yes I do! Here we go, this is kinda long:

- Dazai and Chuuya end up getting a large apartment because they just have a feeling people are going to want to crash with them when things are too hectic at the respective organizations. Chuuya’s got a lot of money and Dazai has a bunch too from being an executive, so they end up getting a really nice condo with 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths and plan on having an office and a couple guest rooms but of course the kids throw those plans out the window

- Atsushi and Kyouka are the first ones to show up, mostly because of work but also because they’re both still in need of adult guidance in their lives. Dazai really likes having them around, and Chuuya is of course familiar with Kyouka, so he stops to interact with them as well. It takes only a little bit for him to become fiercely protective of Atsushi because holy shit who could hurt this damaged little ray of sunshine? Dazai comes home to find Chuuya babying the both of them one day and is all Oh god we have kids now. 

- Ryuu eventually finds out that fucking Jinko is hanging around at Dazai and Chuuya’s place, gets angry and goes over to fight him. This becomes a common thing, but either Dazai or Chuuya are home enough that he gets told to cut it out so it just becomes Ryuu coming over to steal food out of the fridge and taunt his nemesis. It takes 1 physical fight between them to send Chuuya flying off the handle and screaming at them to ensure it never happens again in the house. 

- Gin starts coming around to find her brother, but she’s on such good terms with everyone that she’s regularly invited in to stay and hang out if she wants. She’s mature enough that she just sticks to making snarky jokes with Chuuya and Dazai and acting as Kyouka’s big sis. 

- Chuuya likes playing with Kyouka’s hair, so they spend most of their bonding time messing with each other’s hair on the floor in the living room. Gin sometimes passes through and stops to participate, since she knows all kinds of cool complicated hairstyles. Atsushi sometimes just lets someone brush his hair because it feels nice. Dazai ruins everything by coming in a messing everyone’s hair up.

-  Gin is surprisingly aware of when Dazai and Chuuya need alone time/are having a fight, so she’ll try to shoo all the kids away for a bit. Funny enough, Ryuu is the least aware of this. 

- Atsushi truly is an overgrown housecat; people are used to finding him asleep everywhere and just stepping over him to go about their business. 

- Chuuya works with Atsushi on his fighting skills, since they’re both suited for close combat. Alternately, Ryuu begins making efforts to slowly start talking to Dazai, it starts off awkwardly but gets better, and Dazai’s more than willing to give him strategy tips. 

- Kyouka’s more than capable of taking care of herself but literally everyone would straight up eviscerate anyone who so much as looks at her wrong. 

- Everyone becomes super comfortable with each other, to the point where if someone stays stationary for long enough, they’ll wind up with someone flopped over their legs or something. The only except is Ryuu, who’s not 100% fine with physical contact yet, but getting better. He’s completely fine with Gin, is used to Chuuya putting his arm around his shoulder or messing with his hair, will accept whatever Kyouka does, and dies for Dazai ruffling his hair, but Atsushi is still a big no. 

- Chuuya has a hard time not spoiling the kids, especially Atsushi and Kyouka since they’re younger and have less of their own money. New clothes and electronics appear in Atsushi’s room regularly. If he’s out with Kyouka, any stuffed animal that catches her eye similarly winds up in her room a day later. Dazai’s much the same way, but he’s more obvious, he’ll ask what she’s looking at and then just snatch it up and buy it for her.

- Chuuya tries to maintain order and demand regular meals and sleeping schedules for everyone. Dazai is the fun dad who lets everything slide/sneaks everyone candy and sweets. 

- They have visitors sometimes; Kunikida will show up on work related business for Dazai, Atsushi, and Kyouka, but the hecticness always drives him off. Kouyou will stop by for tea or lunch to see Kyouka and Chuuya, but can’t help but develop a soft spot for Atsushi. Higuchi stops by a lot but is still thrown off by the weird family dynamic going on (esp. when Chuuya tries to feed her.) Soseki becomes the surrogate grandpa of the family. He sees the family unit as a bridge between both organizations and an ideal way to repair ties between the groups how he intended. And he likes spoiling the kids too :3c

- Because Gin is so stylish and put together when off the clock, she likes taking Kyouka shopping, or dressing her up. Sometimes she even lets Kyouka borrow clothing or jewelry like a good big sister.

- The best thing Dazai has ever done for Ryuu and Atsushi’s relationship was buying a co-op fighting video game and sticking it in the living room. It’s the only time thus far where they’ve chilled out and worked together on something without fighting, even if they didn’t realize that’s what they were doing. 

- Sometimes Dazai and Chuuya will be doing something and one of them will make a comment and they’ll freeze and realize how domesticated they’ve gotten. They didn’t even plan on getting married, let alone basically becoming parents, so when one of them comments on how Atsushi’s going to need new shoes, or they’re worried about Kyouka’s teeth and might need to make an appointment, they just stare wide-eyed at each other like “oh no”

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ASDFGHJKL you're back!!!!! I love your blog so much! Can you do a little request for me? Please? Can you do the companions reacting so soul dying of an incurable disease? It's so sad but please? I love you and your blog so much oml❤️❤️much love!

Aww I love you too anon and thank you so much! Now get ready for some hella angsty feels :D

Ada – She is distraught beyond measure because not only has she lost yet another close friend, but because she feels as though she had let them down somehow. Perhaps the cause of the disease was from something they had come into contact with while they were travelling together, perhaps if she’d have paid more attention and been more observant, she would’ve been able to warn Sole away from whatever it was that caused it. But she’d know retrospective ponderings do nothing to aid the sick and dying, so instead she stands like a sentinel next to Sole for as long as they will have her. She talks to them, learning all she can about them in what little time they have left. When Sole is in too much pain and can’t sleep, she tells them stories of her adventures before meeting them, about how once she had a functioning jetpack and also about the time said jetpack almost meant her explosive doom. They pass when she’s in the middle of one of these stories, her sensors indicating that their heart had stopped beating and that their battle was over, but she continues talking to them until the story is finished. Noting the immense sadness that washes over her then because she knew that was it. Sole was gone just like the rest of her friends. She takes a moment to remember them before walking out of the room, out of the settlement and to a place no one will follow her.

Cait – Being helpless is the exact feeling Cait hates more than anything, especially when it comes to someone she cares about as much as she does for Sole. Throughout their sickness, she is constantly by their side, offering her usual humour and witty remarks when Sole is awake and able to talk, but badgering and threatening every damn doctor she knows in order to try and find Sole a cure when they’re asleep. She is there when they eventually pass on, refusing to cry, refusing to let them down, and instead promising them that she will see them again wherever they end up. Telling them she’ll even fight her way back up and kick down heavens doors when she goes to hell just to share a few drinks with them. The smile that earns her, the one they wore when they closed their eyes forever, is the one that gives her the strength to keep going without chems or alcohol to soothe the pain. She keeps living with Sole in her mind and heart until the day she herself finally kicks the bucket.

Codsworth – When Sole came back from that dreadful vault, Codsworth was so ecstatic that he thought he’d blow a fuse, and when Sole came back with little Shaun in tow after surviving the horrors of the Commonwealth and the war of factions, he was so indescribably proud of them and full of so much love that he could barely contain himself. Life certainly seemed to be looking up for them again, for all of them, but that was before Sole found out what was inside them. A sickness. One without a cure, without mercy. It would take them from this world when atom bombs and bullets and Yao Guais and Deathclaws couldn’t. It would take them from this world when friends and family and comrades couldn’t help them even though they tried with everything they had. The devastation of losing Sole when they just barely began to enjoy the life they forged for themselves was absolutely heart shattering for Codsworth who – despite being a robot – developed genuine affection for the Sole Survivor. After their passing, he tries distracting himself with attending to every single one of little Shaun’s needs and anything Sole’s past companions may need too. In the silence of the night, when all the chores a done and when everyone is asleep, Codsworth floats silently over to Sole’s grave where he either talks to them quietly or powers down next to their headstone until morning.

Curie – No. There must be a cure out there. She must find it or develop it or do anything to save Sole! She is relentless, unsleeping, stressed beyond repair and she just can’t save them but there is no way she is ever going to give up on them while they still live. So there she was, working nonstop for over 72 hours with Sole in the bed next to her workstation when they finally passed, having reached out for her in their final moments just enough to grasp her hand weakly. By the time she had whispered their name and gently placed a soft kiss on their forehead, Sole was gone, leaving Curie crying out their name and begging for them to stay just that little bit longer. She was so close. So close. But too late. Curie is inconsolable, completely giving up science and learning and her wonder of the world. Afterwards, one would find her sobbing somewhere quietly when her duties as a doctor aren’t needed, arms wrapped around herself while clutching Sole’s Pip-boy to her chest.

Danse – He couldn’t believe it was happening. After everything they’ve been through – surviving total atomic annihilation, 200 years in cryo sleep and God knows what kinds of monstrosities they’d encountered in the Commonwealth – and it’s their own damn body that turns against them. Devastated is an understatement as to how the Paladin feels. Not even the Brotherhood could help them and to be honest, it’s the second wound to his chest because not so long ago, he had every belief that the Brotherhood was the best thing for him out there in the world, but now…now the best thing for him is dying in their own bed. The turmoil and pain in his chest is immense, but it’s not enough to deter him from sitting by their side for as long as they remain. They talk about anything and everything, learning things about each other that no one else in the Commonwealth will ever know and it’s at night when Danse is fast asleep in the chair next to their bed, his hand holding theirs, that he is woken up by the endless drone of the heart monitor. He leaps into action, shaking them, calling their name, calling out for them to come back to him but it’s too late and there was nothing anyone could do. He breaks down into tears, clutching their hand and apologising because he couldn’t do more, because he couldn’t save them. After Sole is placed to rest, no one ever see’s the loyal paladin again. There were some reports from various settlements of a heavily bearded man in power armour slaying everything with claws and fangs that crosses his path, but no one can confirm it was Paladin Danse.

Deacon – After all the lies he’s told, in an ironic twist of fate he finds himself absolutely wishing that Sole was turning the tables on him this time. But the drawn lines and weary stagger of his closest comrade is too real a performance to be a mere act, so with devastatingly clarity he realises that it was true. Sole was dying. A part of him wonders if it was some sort of karmic retribution, punishment for everything that he’s done now that the most important person in his life will be leaving him alone again. Duties to the Railroad be damned, he’ll serve them once his debt to Sole is cleared, a debt born from the real smiles Sole wretched from him for the first time in a long, long time. He owed it to them to be there for them in their dying moments, without jokes or puns or sunglasses to cover the emotion that was laid bare for the world to see in Deacon’s eyes. He held their hand, stroked their head, offered soothing words and a comforting presence when the night droned on too long and when the days didn’t seem to have an end. At the crack of dawn Sole finally passed, so too did a part of Deacon when he watched their eyes close. After all this time, why is it that he is the one to keep outliving all these wonderful people? What made him so special? A liar, a sneak, a cheat. Days after, Deacon returns to the Railroad, relying on old tricks to keep his true self safely hidden and secure under a layer of nonchalance and humour. Protecting synths, serving a higher purpose than himself is exactly the kind of thing Sole would want him to do, so that’s exactly what he does from then onwards. Only this time, it’s not to repent for his past sins, but instead it’s for the two beautiful beings who left him behind.

Dogmeat – He doesn’t know what’s going on. His normally outgoing Sole hasn’t left their bed for a long time now and as each day passes, he senses something changing in them for the worse. He wants to help, he needs to help, but he can’t do anything except nuzzle their hand and offer them his presence. People come and go, injecting Sole with needles and making them lick things for some reason, only to always come back and say something that will make Sole upset. When they cry silently, when no one is around to hear them except Dogmeat, he climbs onto their bed and lays down next to them with his chin on their chest. Petting him always seems to calm them down, always seems to bring them comfort. Sole always softly whispered that he was a good boy, the best boy, and it is during one of these moments when Sole slips away. The hand on his fur stilled and the slow rise and fall of their chest below his chin ceased, and even though he whined and cried and nudged them for hours on end, Sole did not come back to say those beautiful words to him again. As each day afterwards drags on and on for the pup, seemingly getting longer and longer, there is always the persistent pain in his chest from the absence of the sound of crunching footsteps behind him. If only he could look over his shoulder and see Sole smiling at him one more time, just one last time he wishes he could hear them say that he’s a good boy…the best boy…their best friend.

Gage – He’s inexplicably angry. At himself. At Sole. At the world. Because finally, finally someone had come along and earned his trust, someone who had watched his back without sticking a knife in and someone who raked in more caps than he’ll ever know what to do with. But now they’re just going ahead and dying on him, sending him right back to square one. It wasn’t even about the caps, really, why Gage would be found pummelling a stuffed mannequin until it shattered under his fists instead of being by Sole’s side. Nor was it the shit-storm coming from the raider bosses that had him screaming bloody murder at a Gatorclaw’s corpse after butchering it with nothing but a combat knife. Instead, the ball of anger in his was the result of losing the closest person to a friend that he’d ever had in his entire life. When Sole does pass, Gage becomes even more ruthless and uncaring. He steps up into the Overboss position to carry on like he knew Sole would’ve done, whipping raiders and traders into line quicker than ever before while maintaining a cold, detached persona. At this point, he feels nothing and realises that perhaps he was on the right track to begin with. If Sole hadn’t been allowed to get close to him, to make him feel, then the hollow shell he had become wouldn’t be who he now sees in the mirror.

Hancock – He feels so guilty. So unbelievably, incredibly guilty because there on the bed the best damn person in the world is dying and yet there he was, huffing on another vial of jet as a damn near immortal ghoul. If given the chance, he’d within a heartbeat give up everything for Sole, everything and anything he had. But there fate goes, being a big ol’ bitch again and taking away yet another person Hancock valued, but he’ll be damned if he was going to mope around about it. At least, not while Sole was still kicking. So instead of them getting bedrest like the good doctor told them, Hancock sets out to try to make the most of their final few days together, partying like mad with the men and women of Goodneighbour, making drunk fools of themselves one night and having heart to heart talks the next. It’s only when Sole thanks him for what he’s doing for them when Hancock finally tears up, admitting just how special they were for him and how he’ll never, ever forget them. Even if he goes feral. It’s the next night when Sole passes away, the entire day spent with Hancock still trying to beat them in chess but barely manages to last half an hour before they whisper checkmate with a wry grin. It’s that grin he uses to remember them by every day for the rest of his life, especially when that night and on every following night of their birthday each year after when Hancock finds himself staring up into the firework lit sky courtesy of the entire town of Goodneighbour, smiling it up big because of all the memories they made together. Sole was one of a kind alright.

MacCready – Sole’s illness hits him so damn hard. If it wasn’t for them finding Duncan’s cure, he may not have felt so guilty because he couldn’t do the same for them, but knowing that he couldn’t do anything – not a single damn thing – twists the knife in his heart that much more. Although he doesn’t want to see them wither away their days until the end, he can’t bring himself to not be there for them when they’ve been there for him ever since they met. Each time he visits, Mac brings them comic books and holotape games, sitting there reading and versing each other for hours on end until Sole falls asleep. The next day their ritual repeats until finally, when Sole’s body just can’t take it anymore, his best friend passes right in front of him. He takes off his hat and tries to blink away the tears, his hand on their shoulder as he tells them exactly how much they meant to him. It’s not until later that he finally breaks down into tears, having held back the enormity of the stress and pain he’s carried. That is the one and only time he allows himself to grieve, to be weak. From then on, he uses their memory to keep strong. To keep moving on. To be there for Duncan and himself.

Maxson – Normally, he tries not to let personal feelings ever sway him in anything and normally he is successful. But it’s not every day that his best soldier, his closest comrade, is diagnosed with an incurable disease that not even the entire Brotherhood could stave off. He has them moved to his own quarters where the entire room is overhauled into a makeshift doctor’s surgery where the most up to date medicinal treatments and machinery are implemented in an attempt to keep Sole around for longer. But eventually, even with the best doctors and experts on hand, Maxson sees that it just won’t ever work and its then when he decides to cease all treatment. Sole’s last days shouldn’t be spent in pain and sees to it that they had everything and anything they needed and asked for. He was there when they passed, having told them for the umpteenth time that they were a credit to the Brotherhood. That they had made a difference and should be proud of all they’d accomplished. That they’d renewed his own inspiration and faith in humankind. Ad Victorium was the last words they whispered and Elder Maxson, the stoic man who never cried, saluted them with tears in his eyes.

Nick Valentine – Even though he was an old synth, it still didn’t mean that he couldn’t feel emotions. The affection he had for Sole, the shock upon finding out they were sick, the horror upon finding out that it was terminal and the grief when they quietly slipped away from him during the night. Once again he found himself wondering why the world was so unfair, so evil as to allow a wonderful human being such as Sole to wither away and perish in the manner that they did. The last face they saw being that of Nick’s as he pulled the blanket up to their chin and tucked them away for the night with a small murmur that everything was going to be all right. But that was untrue and now Nick has to live with the last words he’ll ever speak to Sole being a lie for their benefit. After laying them to rest, Nick keeps going with his detective agency and roguish charm, although – like Jenny – his memory of Sole and their beautiful smile is kept safely locked away for times when he needs the company of his dearest friend and partner once more.

Old Longfellow – Being the only survivor of everyone he’s ever known in his life, Longfellow is no stranger to loss and grief. Alcohol isn’t compulsory in his daily diet for no reason, after all. When Sole passes after days of him regaling them with stories of his greatest hunts and adventures, cooking all sorts of gulper stew and herbal slop in an effort to aid them in fighting off their ailment, Old Longfellow feels himself slip that much closer to oblivion. Too many peaceful faces he’s seen in his long life, knowing that any day now that mask can come over his. Hell. Who was he kidding? He was waiting for it with open arms and a bottle of whiskey in hand. With Sole now crossing over, what was tying him down in this world? Fogcrawlers? Gulpers? They only mattered for the journey and are exactly what he decides to keep on hunting until his number is called and his reunion with his love ones – Sole included – finally begins. Maybe then the old man will smile for once.

Piper Wright – She is a complete wreck for the most part, barely managing a single moment when her eyes don’t sting and her throat doesn’t tighten from the grief of slowly loosing someone so amazing, so undeserving of this cruelty. She desperately wants to stay strong for Sole, to gaze at them without breaking down into tears, but as much as she wanted to lock it all up inside herself she can’t bear to leave Sole alone in that bed. She cooks them warm soups and fresh meals for as long as they can eat, sneaking them Nuka Colas and whatever else they may ask for. Her stories are their lullaby, her hand cradling their own was their lifeline and her voice the last they hear before they drift off into sleep every night until the morning when they don’t wake up. Piper never recovers from losing her Blue. She grows distant and aloof, the only moments when she becomes emotional is around Natalie or when something – like Blue’s favourite song on the radio – makes her remember happier times that quickly reduce her to tears. The Publick Occurrences continues printing after the heartfelt obituary for Sole is published, but its once doting reporter lost the drive to travel the Commonwealth to right the wrongs without her partner in crime. Although her values and compassion remain the same, her heart is forevermore broken.

Preston Garvey – The Minuteman is used to life being unfair, to lives being ended unnecessarily for the most trivial of reasons. Greed. Jealousy. Sadism. But Sole’s death hits him the hardest. They were the greatest person he’d ever met and were unfairly taken from him in the most unfair of ways. Instead of going down in the heat of battle, a death befitting a hero such as them, their own body turned against them and left them bedridden and waiting for the end. He couldn’t bear it but neither could he bear leaving them to fight it on their own, so Preston hung up his laser musket and hat and sat by their side until the end. He regales them with tales of his past adventures, stories of other Minutemen brushing with danger and beasts of all kinds, all the while he ensures that they know just how much they meant to him and the Minutemen as a whole. When they finally pass, he allows himself a few moments to cry, to hate the world for taking them away from him and the people that need them. Afterwards, he refastens his hat, reloads his rifle, and sets out to ensure that the lasting legacy of Sole and their Minutemen is a grand one.

Strong – He hurts so much on the inside and because such an emotion is so new and foreign to the big guy, he doesn’t know what the hell to do with it. So he goes back to his default way of dealing with things and that’s anger. Anger and violence but this time it’s different. When Strong sees Sole’s lifeless form, his chest tightens and his faces crunches into a scowl as he yells “PATHETIC WEAK HUMAN!!!” He storms out of the settlement with his sledge hammer, the old one now because the new one was from Sole and that hurts,  and when he smashes everything that gets in his way he roars through his anger, his grief, tasting the bitter tears that he did not know had fallen. He is lost now without Sole to guide him, the last anyone sees of Strong is his large footprints heading into the Glowing Sea.

X6-88 – Frustration. Pain. Guilt. X6 can’t seem to make sense of his emotions which only just now kicked into overdrive. The Institute had so much technology, so many medicinal advancements and scientific breakthroughs, but they still can’t come up with a cure to Sole’s disease. It was the same one Father had and it hurt X6 to lose the Director, but now he’s losing Sole? To the same damn thing and still not be able to do anything about it? He doesn’t know who he’s more furious at – himself or the rest of the goddamn Institute. All he can do is comfort Sole when they needed him, bringing them little gifts and treats he knows they’ll enjoy. When they finally lose their battle, X6 is sitting there by their side stroking their hair, the silent guardian whose lip trembles when the monitor drones on monotonously. He contemplates a memory wipe to make the terrible feeling within him go away, but he desperately needs their memory to stay strong, to stay inspired by his idol so that he can continue serving the Institute. For Sole.

Reblog if you think that all performing artists should advocate for and provide  full accessibility for the Deaf/HoH/Deafblind at their concerts and festivals (hiring interpreters, making room in their budget for accessibility plans, etc.)

I’m trying to prove a point to an idiot in my history class who thinks that D/HoH people can’t attend concerts, and that most artists shouldn’t have to provide access to the Deaf community

NICE HOME WORK #3 : Membangun Peradaban Dari Dalam Rumah

“Rumah adalah taman dan gerbang peradaban yang mengantarkan anggota keluarganya menuju peran peradabannya”

Takdir atas pertemuan dua insan dalam ikatan Mitsaqan Ghaliza bukanlah akhir dari perjalanan. Justru takdir ini adalah awal dalam mengemban amanah baru, yaitu membangun peradaban. Dan amanah ini, bukanlah amanah yang berat, namun tak juga berarti mudah. Setiap langkah kaki yang berjalan, tangan yang bergerak dan hati yang merasa, serta diri yang mencinta nantinya akan dimintai pertanggungjawaban oleh Allah.

Rumah adalah pondasi sebuah bangunan peradaban, dimana dua insan itu diberi amanah sebagai pembangun peradaban melalui pendidikan anak-anaknya. Sebagai orang yang terpilih dan dipercaya oleh yang Maha Memberi Amanah, maka sudah selayaknya amanah ini dijalankan dengan sungguh-sungguh dan totalitas. Sebab, amanah ini akan menentukan surga dan nerakanya kita. Bayangkan, jika kita mendidik anak dengan baik, maka sepanjang hidup anak tersebut akan melipat gandakan kebaikan, akan menciptakan kebaikan yang berantai-rantai. Dan begitupun sebaliknya.

Maka tugas utama kita sebagai pembangun peradaban adalah mendidik anak-anak sesuai dengan kehendakNya, bukan mencetaknya sesuai keinginan kita. Kita mendidik anak-anak dengan menanamkan iman dan tauhid. Yang mudah diucapkan dimulut saja, namun dalam proses menanamkan iman yang menghujam kedalam hati anak-anak akan membutuhkan usaha lebih dan memohon pertolongan Allah tanpa henti. Dalam hal ini, dibutuhkan sinergi yang baik agar visi utama keluarga bisa tercapai, yaitu membangun generasi yang tangguh, unggul dan berakhlaq mulia.

Allah menghadirkan kita di muka bumi ini sudah dilengkapi dengan “misi spesifiknya”, tugas kita memahami kehendakNya. Kemudian ketika kita dipertemukan dengan pasangan hidup kita untuk membentuk sebuah keluarga, tidak hanya sekedar untuk melanjutkan keturunan, atau hanya sekedar untuk menyempurnakan agama kita. Lebih dari itu, kita bertemu dengan suami dan melahirkan anak-anak, adalah untuk lebih memahami apa sebenarnya “peran spesifik keluarga” kita di muka bumi ini.

Hal ini yang kadang kita lupakan, meski sudah bertahun-tahun menikah.
Darimana kita harus memulainya?

Bagi yang masih dalam taraf memantaskan diri agar mendapatkan partner membangun peradaban keluarga yang cocok, mulailah dengan tahapan-tahapan ini:
a. Bagaimana proses anda dididik oleh orangtua anda dulu?
b. Adakah yang membuat anda bahagia?
c. Adakah yang membuat anda “sakit hati/dendam’ sampai sekarang?
d. Apabila ada, sanggupkah anda memaafkan kesalahan masa lalu orangtua anda, dan kembali mencintai, menghormati beliau dengan tulus?

Kalau empat pertanyaan itu sudah terjawab dengan baik, maka melajulah ke jenjang pernikahan.
Tanyakan ke calon jodoh juga tentang ke-empat hal tersebut, lalu minta ia untuk segera menyelesaikannya.

Sebab, orang yang belum selesai dengan masa lalunya, akan menyisakan banyak luka ketika mendidik anaknya kelak

Bandung, 05 Juni 2017

Berikut ini adalah tugas matrikulasi IIP yang ke-3, Sungguh sangat menantang ketika diminta membuat surat yang judulnya “UNTUKMU CALON IMAMKU”

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Subjective Ep. 15 - Kopdar di Malang Ngobrolin Self Branding

Ini hasil rekaman waktu awal Agustus kemarin ke Malang dan bikin kopdar.

Awalnya sih ya beneran iseng aja, mumpung lagi ada acara juga ke Malang. Awalnya ekspektasinya ya paling 2-3 orang, kita ngobrol-ngobrol. Lah ternyata yang dateng banyak!

Akhirnya yaa mau gamau harus ada semacam “acara” nya. Akhirnya saya sharing tentang Self Branding: insight dan pengalaman saya dalam menggunakan sosial media buat personal branding. Saya cerita tentang kenapa self branding itu penting, apa alasan saya main sosmed, dan apa yang saya lakukan selama 3 tahun belakangan buat membangun personal branding.

Obrolannya saya rekam. Teman-teman di Malang juga banyak yang sharing, sayangnya pas rekaman ada yang kayaknya ga sengaja pencet tombol rekamannya di tengah obrolan, dan saya juga baru nyadar beberapa saat kemudian. Jadi jangan kaget ya kalo nanti dengerin ada bagian yang hilang :D

Sharing ini ada slidenya, jadi untuk full experience (tsah) bisa sambil buka slidenya di link ini –> slideshare.net/iqbalhariadi.

Thanks a ton buat teman-teman di Malang!

Join me, and you will listen to my subjectivity

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sesuatu yg kt inginkan seorang suami istri dan anak2 masuk surga

Masuk surga seorang krn Rahmat Allah bukan krn amalan seorang
rahmat adalah kasih sayang dan rahmat allah berupa surga
Dan rahmat allah d dunia berupa kenikmatan dan keberkahan hidupnya

📝 1. Dalil pertama

📖 Qs AR RAd 23-24
Yaitu) surga-surga ‘Adn, mereka masuk ke dalamnya bersama dengan orang yang saleh dari nenek moyangnya, pasangan-pasangannya dan anak cucunya, sedang para malaikat masuk ke tempat-tempat mereka dari semua pintu

(Sambil mengucapkan), “Selamat sejahtera atasmu karena kesabaranmu.” Maka alangkah nikmatnya tempat kesudahan itu

surga itu d masukin oleh orng2 :
- benar iman nya
- Benar amalnya
- Benar akidahnya
- Dan mengikuti sunah

Pintu surga ada 8
Barangsiapa berwudhu dan mengucapkan

Asyhadu allaa ilaaha illallaah, wahdahu laa syariika lahu, wa asyhadu anna mUhammadan ‘abduhu wa Rasuuluhu

Aku bersaksi bahwa tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah dan tidak ada yang menyekutukanNya. Aku bersaksi bahwa Nabi Muhammad adalah hamba-Nya dan utusan-Nya

Kt nabi bila seorang berwudhu dan baca ini maka dia akan masuk surga dr pintu mana saja yg dia inginkan

📖 Qs At tur 21
Dan orang-orang yang beriman, beserta anak cucu mereka yang mengikuti mereka dalam keimanan, Kami pertemukan mereka dengan anak cucu mereka (di dalam surga), dan Kami tidak mengurangi sedikit pun pahala amal (kebajikan) mereka. Setiap orang terikat dengan apa yang dikerjakannya

Orng2 yg beriman dan murni imanya tdk bercampur kesyirikan maka allah akan
Berikan rasa aman dan mereka mendapat petunjuk

📖 Qs al an am 82
Orang-orang yang beriman dan tidak mencampuradukkan iman mereka dengan syirik, mereka itulah orang-orang yang mendapat rasa aman dan mereka mendapat petunjuk

100 tingkatan dan tingkatan tertinggi yaitu jannah firdaus
- orng iman nya baik
- para nabi
- orang2 sholeh

📝 Dalil ke 2

📖 Qs annisa 69
Dan barang siapa menaati Allah dan Rasul (Muhammad) maka mereka itu akan bersama-sama dengan orang yang diberikan nikmat oleh Allah, (yaitu) para nabi, para pencinta kebenaran, orang-orang yang mati syahid, dan orang-orang saleh. Mereka itulah teman yang sebaik

📖 Qs al imran 133
Dan bersegeralah kamu mencari ampunan dari Tuhanmu dan mendapatkan surga yang luasnya seluas langit dan bumi yang disediakan bagi orang-orang yang bertakwa

Amal sholeh kt smua bermanfaat bs memberikan syafaat kepd orngtua,anak dan suami istri

🔗 syafaat d berikan allah dgn 2 yaitu :

✔ Keikhlasan seorang dan amal yg menurut sunah (tuntunan Rosullah)

✔ Jika Allah meridhoi
Siapa orng yg bs memberikan syafaat jika Allah yg meridoi

📝 3. Dalil ke 3

📖 Qs Az Zukhruf 70
Masuklah kamu ke dalam surga, kamu dan pasanganmu akan digembirakan

Untuk wanita bila suami nya meninggal maka wanita ini menikah dan d kumpulkan d surga dgn suami nya yg terakhir

📖 Qs yasen 55-56-57
Sesungguhnya penghuni surga pada hari itu bersenang-senang dalam kesibukan (mereka).

Mereka dan pasangan-pasangannya berada dalam tempat yang teduh, bersandar di atas dipan-dipan

Di surga itu mereka memperoleh buah-buahan dan memperoleh apa saja yang mereka inginkan

Bila ingin masuk surga maka wujudkan apa yg allah perintahkan
Dan jaga diri kt :
➡ Iman
➡ Akidah
➡ Amalan2
jgn yg tdak ada tuntunan dr Rosullah

📖 Qs Al azhab 21
Sungguh, telah ada pada (diri) Rasulullah itu suri teladan yang baik bagimu (yaitu) bagi orang yang mengharap (rahmat) Allah dan (kedatangan) hari Kiamat dan yang banyak mengingat Allah

📖 Qs al israa 19
Dan barang siapa menghendaki kehidupan akhirat dan berusaha ke arah itu dengan sungguh-sungguh, sedangkan dia beriman, maka mereka itulah orang yang usahanya dibalas dengan baik

Nabi mengatakan seorang mukmin baik laki2 dan perempuan pst akan mendapatkan ujian

➡ hidupnya d hina orang d kucilkan
➡ Anaknya

Bila ingin masuk surga dgn keluarga maka bersungguh2 lah
Qs al israa 19

Mahalnya surga itu dpt kt dpatkan dgn bersungguhnya dgn adanya rasa takut dan melahirkan sungguh2 dan akan mendapatkan derajat yg tinggi

ROSULLAH berkata Barangsiapa yg takut pd Allah maka dia Akan bersungguh2
Dan barangsiapa yg bersungguh2 maka dia akan mendapatkan derajat yg tinggi

📖 Qs Al ankabut 69
Dan orang-orang yang berjihad untuk (mencari keridaan) Kami, Kami akan tunjukkan kepada mereka jalan-jalan Kami. Dan sungguh, Allah beserta orang-orang yang berbuat baik

Hidayah itu adalah kesungguh2an dan jihad
Hidayah d dapatkan dgn jihad dan kesungguh2an dan mengamalkan dan mendakwakan islam maka bekal iman dan amal sholeh yg dia dptkan surga bersama keluarga

➡ Hrs dgn sabar

📖 Qs al haj 78
Dan berjihadlah kamu di jalan Allah dengan jihad yang sebenar-benarnya. Dia telah memilih kamu dan Dia tidak menjadikan kesukaran untukmu dalam agama. (Ikutilah) agama nenek moyangmu Ibrahim. Dia (Allah) telah menamakan kamu orang-orang muslim sejak dahulu, dan (begitu pula) dalam (Al-Qur'an) ini agar Rasul (Muhammad) itu menjadi saksi atas dirimu dan agar kamu semua menjadi saksi atas segenap manusia. Maka laksanakanlah salat dan tunaikanlah zakat, dan berpegang teguhlah kepada Allah. Dialah pelindungmu; Dia sebaik-baik pelindung dan sebaik-baik penolong

📍Orng yg tidk ikhlas maka akan sulit menerima islam dan dakwah islam

📖 Qs annisa 142
Sesungguhnya orang munafik itu hendak menipu Allah, tetapi Allah-lah yang menipu mereka. Apabila mereka berdiri untuk salat, mereka lakukan dengan malas. Mereka bermaksud riya (ingin dipuji) di hadapan manusia. Dan mereka tidak mengingat Allah kecuali sedikit

allah menunggu dan kt rasakan benarnya islam dan perkataan rosullah

Dan allah mengatakan sesungguhnya allah tdk akan merubah kondisi seseorang smpai orang itu merubah dirinya sendiri
Dan hrs ada
- ada pengorbanan
- Ada perjuangan
- Ada kesungguhan

Allah menjelaskan ada surga d dunia
Dalam ayat
📖 Qs ar rahman 46
Dan bagi siapa yang takut akan saat menghadap Tuhannya ada 2 surga

Orng yg berilmu itu pst ada rasa takut dan iman nya benar
Bagi orang yg memiliki rasa takut akan mendapatkan 2 surga yaitu :
✔ Surga d dunia
Memahami tuntunan rosullah yaitu manhaj salaf
Mendapatkan ketenangan dalam kehidupan

✔ Surga d akhirat
Cintanya allah dgn seorang hamba

Masuknya mereka keluarga ke dalam neraka
Sesungguhnya orng2 yg merugi adalah mereka berada d neraka bersama2
📖 Qs Az Zumar 15

Maka sembahlah selain Dia sesukamu! (wahai orang-orang musyrik). Katakanlah, “Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang rugi ialah orang-orang yang merugikan diri mereka sendiri dan keluarganya pada hari Kiamat.” Ingatlah! Yang demikian itu adalah kerugian yang nyata

📗 Hadits dalam imam at tabrani
nabi bersabda tidur itu saudara nya kematian dan penghuni surga itu tdk pernah tidur

🔦 Amal2 yg bs bersama nabi d surga

1. Wajib mentaati Rosullah dan ketaatan yg benar

📖 Qs annisa 69
Dan barang siapa menaati Allah dan Rasul (Muhammad) maka mereka itu akan bersama-sama dengan orang yang diberikan nikmat oleh Allah, (yaitu) para nabi, para pencinta kebenaran, orang-orang yang mati syahid, dan orang-orang saleh. Mereka itulah teman yang sebaik

2.mencintai Rosullah dan cinta yg tertinggi dr pd kecintaan pd manusia
Ikuti beliau
Seorang itu d kumpulkan d surga dgn siapa yg dia cintai

3.banyak berselawat pd nabi

4.seseorang yg perhatian pd anak yatim

Abdulah bin mas'ud ingin bersama rosullah d surga dan dia tetap berdoa ingin bersama rosullah d surga

Doa yg d ucapkan ibnu mas'ud
“Ya Allah saya meminta kepada-Mu keimanan yang tidak akan berubah dengan kemurtadan, kenikmatan yang tiada putus, dan (aku memohon kepada-Mu) agar menjadi pendamping Muhammad shallallahu'alaihi wasallam di derajat tertinggi dari surga yang kekal.“ (HR. Ahmad)

📆 29072017
🏡 Baitul ilmi Umar bin khatab


Kiamat sudah dekat dan perang akhir zaman sudah d mulai.., waullahhua'lam 😥

Tentu orang awam seperti sy akan bertanya hal sederhana gini pertanyaannya : “Eh kenapa sih org cm mw sholat aja gak boleh? Emang umat Islam mw ngapain coba? ampe segitunya dihadanglah diculiklah dibunuhlah.. apasih yg direbutin? Ada apa sih dengan Al-Aqsa??

Yg lagi gak sibuk.. yg lagi nonton sinetron atau lagi nonton drama korea dipause yuks, ini urusan persiapan perang akhir zaman, seru lo.. di baca ya..

Yuk kita simak cerita dibawah ini…

By. Ummu Farah

tentang mesjid al aqsha yang jadi rebutan… masyaAllah…

sejarah isra miraj’…
inilah mesjid al aqsha…

masjid tersuci ke tiga bagi kaum muslim, setelah Masjidil Haram di Mekah dan Masjid Nabawi di Madinah.

Kisah yang paling terkenal dari masjid soal isra’ dan mi’raj Nabi Muhammad pada tahun 620.
Masjidil Aqsa disebut menjadi perjalanan akhir isra Nabi dari Masjidil Haram. Dari tempat ini pula Nabi Muhammad memulai perjalanan ke Sidrat Al Muntaha atau langit lapis ke tujuh.

Nabi Sulaiman menjadi salah satu yang diyakini meninggal di sekitar Masjidil Aqsa… dan inilah MODUS israel menduduki mesjid

padahal tidak ada apapun di bawah bangunan mesjid… pembongkaran pondasi mesjid hanya dikarenakan mereka ingin merobohkan mesjid dengan membobol membuat terowongan bawah mesjid

kisah perang salib juga ada di mesjid ini…

Salahuddin Al Ayubi saat menakhlukkan Yerusalem, dan menduduki mesjid al aqsha, dan membebaskan muslim yang di kurung, dan dibantai di dalam mesjid


zionis israel ingin membangun kuil sulaiman untuk menyambut messiah…

taukah antum siapa dan apa messiah itu ? yang di agungkan oleh zionis israel?

ada satu syarat lagi menjelang hadirnya Messiah, yakni mereka harus menemukan dan menyembelih serta membakar seekor sapi betina berbulu merah berusia tiga tahun dan belum pernah melahirkan anak. Untuk yang satu ini pun kaum Zionis telah mempersiapkannya. Melalui suatu proses rekayasa genetika, di tahun 1997, mereka telah mendapatkan seekor sapi dengan ciri-ciri tersebut.

zionis gila…

mereka terbentur satu persyaratan lagi, yakni penyembelihan dan pembakaran sapi merah ini harus dilakukan di atas kaki Bukit Zaitun. Daerah ini sekarang masih berada di tangan bangsa Palestina, sebab itulah maka kaum Zionis selalu berupaya tanpa lelah mengusir orang-orang Palestina dari wilayah ini…

dan messiah itu adalah DAJJAL…..


inilah mengapa mereka ingin MENGHANCURKAN MESJID AL AQSHA


Dajjal akan keluar bersama para pengikutnya orang-orang Yahudi.

Dajjal akan lahir dari keturunan yahudi.

Dia akan memimpin para pengikutnya orang Yahudi keturunan Dan, seperti keturunan Israel lainnya.

Dia juga akan melindungi mereka dari musuh-musuh yang ingin menghancurkannya.

Rasulullah telah bersabda bahwa para pengikut setia Dajjal adalah orang-orang Yahudi :

“Dari Anas bahwasanya Rasulullah saw bersabda : “Orang Yahudi Isbahan sebanyak tujuh puluh ribu lengkap dengan pakaian seragamnya akan mengikuti Dajjal”. (HR. Muslim)

lihatlah….dan renungkanlah…..

yahudi saja percaya akan kebangkitan dan kelahiran dajjal, dan mereka sedang mempersiapkan kedatangannya….

dan KITA MASIH BERSENANG2 dengan dunia???? 😭

Iran adalah satu-satunya negara di Timur Tengah yang ditinggali oleh komunitas Yahudi terbesar setelah Israel. …

dan di NEGARA SANALAH dajjal akan memulai memerintah dan mengumpulkan yahudi pasukannya

persiapkan diri….

akhir jaman sudah di depan mata… 😭

dajjal sdh akan keluar…

“Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari siksa kubur, dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari fitnah al-Masih ad-Dajjal….aamiiin yaa Rabb

‘Jika salah seorang di antara kalian bertasyahhud, maka mohonlah perlindungan kepada Allah dari empat hal, dengan mengucapkan, ‘Ya Allah, aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari siksa Neraka, siksa kubur, fitnah kehidupan dan mati, dan dari kejahatan fitnah Dajjal.

Bagi orang Yahudi, tanda di kitab mereka merupakan bukti kedatangan Mesias semakin dekat!

taukah antum semua tanda di kitab mereka….sehingga mereka mempersiapkan kedatangan messiah???

di wilayah mereka, ada namanya bukit galilie, dan dikitab mereka di sebutkan jika bukit tersebut memgalami kesuburan selama 5 periode berturut2, maka kejayaan pemimpin yahudi akan turun…dan itulah messiah

ini isi kitab talmud mereka…👇🏻👇🏻 yang mereka yakini inilah saat messiah muncul…

Maka kamu, gunung-gunung Israel, akan bertunas kembali dan akan memberi buah untuk umat-Ku Israel, sebab mereka akan segera kembali. ~Yehezkiel 36: 8

banyak di antara kita tidak tau soal ini kan????

dan APA dibalik pengrusakan dan keinginan zionis menduduki mesjid…

mereka sdh mempersiapkan diri…

dan taukah antum semua, yahudi juga sudah menanam pohon QHORGOD DI WILAYAH MEREKA????

Tidak akan terjadi kiamat hingga kaum muslimin memerangi kaum Yahudi, lalu membunuh mereka, sehingga seorang Yahudi bersembunyi di balik batu dan pohon, lalu batu dan pohon berkata: Hai Muslim! Hai hamba Allah! Ini Yahudi di belakangku, kemarilah, bunuhlah dia! Kecuali pohon ghorqod, maka itu adalah dari pohon-pohonnya orang Yahudi. ” (HR Muslim VII/188, Bukhari IV/51, Lu’lu’ wa al-Marjan III/308)

yahudi percaya isi hadist….dan mereka mempersiapkan diri apa apa yg bisa menyelamatkan mereka😊, astagfirullah

mereka percaya…
tapi mereka tidak beriman pada Allah…

buta mata, tuli telinga…persis dalam alquran

Melihat ulah para Zionis-Yahudi yang berlomba-lomba menanami Tanah Palestina dengan pohon Ghorqod, maka kenyataan ini menjelaskan kepada kita bahwa kaum Yahudi itu sesungguhnya memahami hakikat hari akhir, di mana mereka akan dikejar-kejar oleh umat Islam dan hanya pohon Ghorqod-lah satu-satunya tempat yang bersedia dipakai guna tempat persembunyian kaum Yahudi.


Tanah Palestina telah ditanami sebanyak 220 juta batang pohon Ghorqod.

dan mereka MEMBAYAR MAHAL siapa saja yg menjual pohon qhorgod ke mereka…

sudah dekat….
sudah dekat…

Pertanyaannya sekarang…., adakah orang Indonesia yang sudah memesan pohon ini….😬😅

ketakutan akan perang armgeddon…dan pohon qhorgod tempat mereka berlindung

persiapan yahudi….
1. menyambut kedatangan messiah…dengan membangun kuil sulaiman di lokasi mesjid al aqsha

2. mengkloning sapi dari tahun 1997 berbulu merah usia tiga tahun, yg bwlum melahirkan anak. dan mereka sudah berhasil buatnya…

3. mengusir orang2 palestina di bukit zaitun, karena disanalah sapi itu akan di sembelih sebagai sesembahan pada dajjal

4. menanam ribuan pohon qhorgod sebagai tempat perlindungan saat perang armageddon

dan ini sudah mereka lakukan semua dengan berbagai cara….

dan tunggu lah saat perang akhir zaman itu tiba…

Allahu Akbar… ☝
Istiqomahkan kami di jalanMu yaa Rabb… 😭

Referensi :
berbagai buku, terutama “Huru-hara Akhir Jaman”, info hr jumat dari #savealaqsha

anonymous asked:

!!! What would the companions secretly want for Christmas? :D

Ada: A fresh coat of paint so that she can look as good as new

Cait: She’d like one of those fancy combat shotguns and some materials to mod it, as well as a nice bottle of something to sip on while modding her shotgun. She’d also like a new pair of boots as the old ones are wearing out

Codsworth: Some robco branded oil, it’s been years since he’s had a good maintenance.

Curie: She’d like some books to lose herself in when she relaxes. Preferably a mix of science and fantasy, she’d like to learn more about fictional stories

Danse: A tin of paint for his armour, so he can do it up to the high standard of a new issued suit and some toys to tinker with to improve his armor, a jet perhaps and maybe reinforced plates

Deacon: Definitely some new pieces for costumes and a miniature microwave to make his own mac n’ cheese in

Dogmeat: A big radstag steak and a bone to chew on over the days of christmas

Gage: He’d like a new eye patch, as his current scrap metal one rubs against his face and sometimes leaves cuts on his nose, cheek and eyebrow

Hancock: His coat getting a few stitches wouldn’t be a thing to complain about. He’d also like a few goodies to relax with Sole and a cute card from his favourite Vault Dweller

MacCready: He’d like a new trench coat to keep out the cold, but what he’d like most is a letter from the Capital Wasteland, letting him know Duncan is getting better. As well as a first edition Grognak

Nick: He’d like a new suit and hat, maybe the shroud’s would look good on him, he’d also like to share a drink with Sole and some of the others

Old Longfellow: A fine bottle of 200 year old sippin’ whiskey from a fine American distillery and a little something to smoke on the side, cigars ideally.

Piper: Some new materials and a motor for her printing press and some candy to share with Nat and Sole, this would be her ideal

Preston: Ideally for the Raiders to stop terrorising settlements but some new boots wouldn’t go un-appreciated and maybe a genuine hand guard for his laser musket to stop burning his fingers

Strong: A custom Board with a nail and barbed wire built into it, and a hat wouldn’t go amiss

X6-88: A new pair of sunglasses, the old ones are starting to wear out

Maxson: Some beard oil and a brush so he can sort it out and not be made fun of by the Squires and new Initiates