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How do you get started in writing stories? I want to do it so bad but I am embarrassed to begin!!! Your stories are always so magical, help!

Hey! So, if you haven’t already, you should check out this masterpost I wrote a little while back, it might help with inspiration, writing tips, character development etc! 

Now, don’t be embarrassed! Everyone has to start somewhere! My original Finding Marley posts look nothing like my most recent ones! I only started writing Finding Marley 2/3 months ago, and it was my first ever sim story, so I’m no expert! But all I can really say is once you have an idea, you’ve just got to roll with it! Don’t worry too much about what other people will think, just write it because you enjoy it! When I first started posting my story posts would only get 15-20 notes, but I didn’t care, because I was enjoying myself!

I really hope the masterpost gives you a little inspiration! If you want to talk about it some more, send me a message! 💕

Why do you like me?
Are your intentions sincere or apologetic?
Do you feel like you have to like me or that you want to like me?
Do I make you feel like the headache that won’t go away?
Do you want me?
Do you want me?
Do you even care?
About me
About us
About anything
This isn’t a love poem I’m just curious
Do you want me around because I make you feel better or because you genuinely like my presence?
No they’re not the same thing
Do you want me just because I want you?
I’m not asking for a Romeo and Juliet sonnet to come pouring out of your heart as a sign
I just wanna know
Do you want me?
—  (Questions I Wish I’d Asked, Poem #87) @i-forgot-i-wrote-poetry

Hier soir je parlais de mon arrière grand-mère avec ma maman. Elle est décédée quand j’avais 10 ans donc j’ai pleins de souvenirs d’elle (elle avait 87 ans). Et avec ma maman, on se disait qu’on pensait encore beaucoup à elle, qu’on rêvait souvent d’elle et qu’on avait l’impression qu’elle n’était pas morte parfois.

Et là, ma maman est venue me voir en me disant que la hantise de mon arrière grand-mère c’était qu’elle meure jeune et que personne ne se souvienne d’elle.

at what percentage does the baby become a god instead of a demigod? like, if a demigod has a kid with a god, then that kid has 75% godly blood, right? so then if that kid has a kid with a god, they’d have 87.5% godly blood, and so on. so at what point does it cease being a demigod that is born instead of a god? what the fuck

and i wonder if it’ll always 
be like this;
that there just
always will be those
cases left unsolved,
stories untold,
and corners of myself
i won’t ever quite
get to know.
—  Left (#87, 18th May 2015)
MBTI Types, Grown Old
  • ENFP: Famous ex-fashion director of VOGUE Japan
  • INFP: Still a Potterhead writing, erm, advanced Drarry fics
  • ENFJ: Broke af because of all the donations ;~;
  • INFJ: Turned into Tolkien at 76 & wrote a 10k pages saga
  • ENTP: Grown old? They´re still a kid that loves movies
  • INTP: So much knowledge within one brain helppp
  • ENTJ: Ju$t turn€d 87? Th€ir £if€ has ju$t b€gun! Oh ¥€$
  • INTJ: Finally! They reached their mental age! Swag.
  • ESTP: Holds several world records, now writes a book about it
  • ISTP: Called "cap" by everyone
  • ESFP: ★★★ Awesome until they close dat coffin ★★★
  • ESFJ: Finally has (solitary) hobbies
  • ISFJ: Hasn´t broke their habit of watching anime on Wednesdays
  • ISFP: Didn´t become any less enigmatic. That dyed hair though
  • ESTJ: They majored AGAIN??!!!
  • ISTJ: Pristine routine~ #Royal

The Ecurie Ecosse Race Cars | Transporter | Ecurie Ecosse Collection

1953 Jaguar C-Type | Jaguar XK 120C | Competition | OTS Roadster | Open Two Seater | Racing Sports Car | 3.4L XK Straight 6 | Top Speed 232 kph 144 mph

Produced between 1951 - 1953, a total of only 53 C-Types were built |
Of the Fifty-Three, 3 were entered in the 24-hour Le Mans Races from 1951 - 1953 | The C-Type won twice at the 24 Heures du Mans races

1956 Jaguar D-Type | XK-D Roadster | Short Nose | 3.4L Straight 6 250 hp | Top Speed 162 mph 260 kph | Sports Racing Car | No Stabilizing Fin

D-Types were the winners of the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1955, 1956 and 1957 | A total of only 87 D-types were produced during 1954–1957 | Of 87 units, 18 were factory team racers, 53 were customer racers and 16 were XKSS versions

A Ju 87 D-5 banking away from the camera. Of note are the characteristic extended wing tips of the D-5 variant and the Stammkennzeichen (four letter factory number) under the wings. Also of nterest are the Dinortstabe extenders fitted to the bombs on the outboard wing pylons.
These extenders, named after their inventor, Oskar Dinort, consisted basically on 60 cm metal rods welded to the front of the bomb, with an 8 cm metal disc on the end of the rod. This would cause the bombs to denotade some 30 cm above the ground, thus increasing the lethal radius of the same.

Stuka Ju-87 D.  Stuka was capable of a near-vertical dive - but not all pilots managed to pull off the trick. A guess as to how this might have happened is that the dive was slightly miscalculated, resulting in a stall, leading to the aircraft ploughing into the wheatfield upside down.