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Miles Kane appreciation post for the birthday girl @yousilly 🐢 

Len and Barry finally talk!

Soulmate AU where you can only see in black and white until you touch your soulmate.

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Barry may not be at good at keeping his identity a secret as Oliver, but this was a new low even for him. Actually telling one of his villains his identity, visiting Captain Cold without the mask…Oliver would kill him. So would Joe. It was a good thing he didn’t mention his plans to anyone before leaving. It was easier to ask forgiveness than permission, after all.

Maybe Snart really was a bad influence on him…

The 167th Street Station on the B and D Lines



VERDANA: If you will not listen to reason I have no choice but to slow you down until my husband arrives. I cannot allow you to continue on if all you’re going to do is hurt and kill monsters!

HUMAN: I’d like to see you try you disgusting MONSTER!!!!! THERE’S NO STOPPING ME FROM DISPENSING JUSTICE!!!!

The mezzanine of the Broadway-Lafayette Street Station on the B, D, F and M Lines.



On this day - 6 June - in 1944, part of the British 6th Airborne Division hit French soil at 00:16; the first Allied soldiers had arrived for the D-Day invasion of occupied France. The objective was Pegasus Bridge, over which the German’s could move armoured vehicles and tanks to reinforce defenders on the beaches as the invasion hit proper later in the day.

Through some damn good flying, three Horsa gliders were landed in extremely close proximity to the target, as can be seen in images 3-5; appearing bottom right (in the photograph) in the latter. If you wish to view that rather large image in detail, right click and select ‘open image in new tab’ - at the top of the image sits the bulk of the force. As it happened, men from those aircraft secured the bridge within 10 minutes, suffering two fatalities in doing so; Lieutenant Den Brotheridge and Lance corporal Fred Greenhalgh. These men were the 2nd and 3rd Allied casualties of what would be a bloody day. The 1st occurred after the second glider to land at 00:17 broke in half on impact and came to rest on the edge of a pond. One soldier fell in and drowned.

Café Gondrée, seen as was to the left of the bridge in image 1 and more recently in image 2, was supposedly the first French ‘home’ to be liberated from German occupation.

The Fort Hamilton Parkway Station on the D Line.


A quick pic to commemorate my favorite boy’s birthday Law ❤️‍ 

Luffy, being a good man, of course bringing him meat cake instead of regular baked cake (he learns a lot from trying to shove bread down Law’s throat). Well. In the end most of it was devoured by Luffy anyway so everyone’s happy.

Trooper of 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, 6th British Airborne Division wearing a MkI Airborne Helmet with leather chin strap and heavily scrimmed net, England, June 1944.

On the evening on 5 June 1944 the battalion was transported to France in fifty aircraft. Each man carried a knife, toggle rope, escape kit with French currency, and two 24-hour ration packs in addition to their normal equipment, in all totalling 70 pounds. The battalion landed one hour in advance of the rest of the brigade in order to secure the Drop zone (DZ). Thereafter they were ordered to destroy road bridges over the river Dives and its tributaries at Varaville, then neutralize strongpoints at the crossroads.

-started animation test 2 today. Planned to spend 3 days on it. Got it done in 1. Nice.jpg. It’ll be posted on Thursday (since that’s Animonthly on Twitter)

-got @pv02‘s next comic update done early yesterday night. I’m actually satisfied with how it looks for once.

-Now I need to decide whether I should start a new rig or start my review/comparison video for flash and toonboom. My trial ends on May 6th. I’d need maybe 2 days to record TB footage, but I don’t wanna cut it close. The review video’s gonna be a bit on the long side.

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