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Congrats on 500!! <3 can i ask for Flintwood + "I'm begging you for some sign but you still got nothing to say / Don't turn your back on me, don't walk away "- Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane? Thank you! <3

HEYY thanks!! <3 

I hope this is worth the wait, I kinda got carried away. Also, can I just say that I can’t BELIEVE Marcus and Oliver left before the Triwizard Tournament came to Hogwarts? Like wtf Jo? You deprive us of sassy Oliver bitching and getting a little too snippy with McG over cancelling Quidditch for the whole year? You deprive us of Marcus and Oliver reluctantly becoming friends because they’re the only ones that care to that Extra level? UGH. Anyway, I thought I’d try and fix that. 


Ship: Flintwood
Song: Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane
Words: 937

AU in which Marcus’ eighth year and Oliver’s seventh year is 1994-95, Harry Potter’s fourth year. [Putting Oliver in Cedric Diggory’s year.]

Oliver Wood’s stomach plummeted — and it had nothing to do with the deep dive he took just outside the Forbidden Forest’s tree line.

He tightened his grip on the broom between his legs as his eyes scanned the land below. The area around the lake a few miles from Hogsmeade’s border was empty. There was no sign of the man he’d still held a sliver of hope would meet him today. 

It’d been three days since the third task, since Cedric Diggory had been murdered. Oliver was used to the hollow feeling in his chest by now. He’d understood something dark was coming since the Death Eater attack at the Quidditch World Cup earlier that year — but he’d never imagined that Voldemort could return… not even in his wildest nightmares.

He was used to the hollow feeling in his chest — he never could’ve prepared himself for the sight of a competitor — of a friend — dead, empty of life. Murdered.

Marcus Flint had been his second thought.

Right after clearing his head of the horrified screaming — of no, no, no! 

He’d searched the crowd manically for Marcus. When his gaze landed on the man he’d hated for years..had only just really gotten to know, gotten to like, he was horrified by what he saw in Marcus’ eyes.


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I see the way that you stare at the photos of piggies I follow. The men are so big and fat. Their guts hang down to their knees and even just sitting up is a workout for them. I think a man that size is the sexiest thing ever and you know it. You wish you could be as big as them. You wish that I stared at your belly the same way I stare at those photos.

You better get there, piggy. I chose you as my feedee because you had potential. You had gained so much so quick that I thought I’d have a 500 pound feedee in no time. That’s what I want. I want you so fat you can barely get out of bed. I have to bring you your food, which we both know will be lovingly cooked by me and as calorie heavy as I can make it. I want you to request me always on top when we fuck because it’s too much of a workout for you. I want you to need me for the two things we both know you love most in the world; food and sex.

You aren’t there yet though, are you? You have made pretty good progress but I need you to be bigger. I want you as big as we can get you. You better pick up your pace because I’m getting impatient. I want you bigger and I want you bigger now.