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Hey @war-blade I was your Secret Santa for the @voltron-ss !! When I saw Shklance as one of your requests I just…had to do it. I have always wanted to draw these three and I’m so glad I got to draw them for you <333 I hope you like it and Happy Holidays!!<3
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Persona 1: Be your real/true self

Persona 2: Rumors can become real, and you can always change.

Persona 3: Do not fear death, it is just a way of life

Persona 4: You have to go through a maze of lies to find the truth

Persona 5: Now that you’ve awoken to these facts….get up…and GET OUT THERE.


YG : When we’re together, everything is fun.

Best friends go down together no matter what

Hiccstrid game!

Let’s play a little shipper-game while we are waiting for S4 news, shall we? :D

I’ll throw the question at you: how do you think the first Hiccstrid kiss scenario will be like?

I’ll give you five options. Pick the one you like best, and reblog with your answer (number is enough (and a comment is also enough if you don’t want to reblog)) :)

I’ll make a Hiccstrid comic out of the winning/most voted kissing scenario!

(Options are under the cut to not spam your dash :) )

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blog rates!!

hello i hit 1k recently and to celebrate this milestone im doing blog rates!! and since everyone loved them last time, i’m doing aesthetic blog rates again (except different now bc doing the same thing again would be boring also im really extra)

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It’s Gene’s 75th birthday and she gets quite a bit surprise that was made from everyone.

It was Nat and Shaun’s idea to get all of their family photos over the years(with a camera they found and fixed up decades ago) and put it together in a album book they found.

And for Gene it was the best thing ever and to remember Piper by.

(Also I’m sorry I messed up on the word little towards the end-oops)

Next Hit Rapper

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Yoongi x reader


1173 words

In which your boyfriend hears you spittin’ some mad fire and is impressed.

You came home from working out at the gym. You didn’t bother changing out of your sports bra and workout shorts and headed straight to your kitchen. You chugged a bottle of water, and fixed yourself a small snack.

You were wearing your expensive, noise-canceling headphones your boyfriend got you for your birthday. You changed the song on your phone to “BTS Cypher pt. 4″ and quietly ate your banana. You finished your snack by the end of Hoseok’s verse.

You cleared your throat and rapped along to your boyfriend’s part, not caring if you were being loud, since you were home by yourself. You deepened your voice and tried to imitate a raspy rapper’s voice. You haven’t practiced it in a while, but you still managed to get all the intricate words, and enjoyed imitating his tone in his verses.

After you finished, you switched the song to BTS’s “Satoori Rap,” and rapped along enthusiastically, trying your best to parrot Hoseok and Yoongi’s regional dialects. You even memorized their funny dialogue in this song, and you followed along out loud.

Unfortunately for you, you didn’t know that your boyfriend was in your bedroom, chuckling as he was listening to you rapping along to his group’s music. He had gotten in with the spare key you gave him, and was interrupted by you in his attempt to fall asleep. He was glad he didn’t fall asleep, because he got to overhear you rapping for the first time.

I can’t believe that she’s copying my dialect. She’s so cute and funny. He smiled his gummy smile to himself, excited to tease you about this later. He wanted to go outside and see you rap, but decided against it and patiently listened.

Your song’s shuffle changed to your boyfriend’s title track in his mixtape, and you nodded along to the beat eagerly and joined in his rap as you cleaned up after yourself and headed towards your living room. You sorted through your mail mindlessly as you primarily focused on rapping Yoongi, aka Agust D’s lines accurately.

You didn’t sing along to the hooks and choruses of the songs, using them as breathing and water breaks. You were a fan of BTS’s music before you dated Yoongi, and knew some of their older tracks by heart. You thought you were being a supportive girlfriend by being such a hardcore fan now, but you genuinely thought their music had improved recently. Their music inspired you to try singing and rapping too, something you were incredibly shy about. You didn’t often sing with people around, but you had a habit of singing to yourself when you were alone.

Inspired by “Agust D,” you followed it up with “Give it to Me.” Once again, you imitated his rap perfectly, even breathing in when you knew he did. You’ve seen him practice this track numerous times, and you were particularly fond of this one for sounding so cool.

Yoongi wanted to open the door and attack you with a hug when he heard you rap his mixtape’s songs. His mixtape was something so important to him. He knew you enjoyed it, but had never fathomed that you’d take the time to memorize its tracks’ lyrics.

How is she this good at rapping? Who taught her? Does she know all of our songs’ raps? You’ve heard her sing in the shower almost every time she showered by herself, but those songs were almost always slower songs, such as ballads. Maybe she reserves ballads for showers?

He shook his head in disbelief. Prior to dating, you two bonded over music. You, like him, appreciated all genres of music and even listened to them critically like he did. He liked the contrast between your cutesy image and your love for hip-hop. When he first met you, he teased you about liking “generic bubblegum pop,” but quickly learned that you were a fan of all types of music, even underground rap and foreign songs as well.

He respected your taste and knowledge of music. Nowadays, when he had writer’s block, he’d secretly ask for your opinions. You had helped him greatly for the past few months, and your insightful comments were always valued.

You continued your rapping loudly. Yoongi’s mixtape always got you excited. You nearly squealed with glee when the shuffle changed to “BTS Cypher pt. 2: Triptych.” His rap was so fast in this song, and took you a lot longer to learn it than the other songs.

Damn, my shuffle knows what is up today! you thought as you tidied up around your living room. You took the time to catch your breath before you went in to attempt your talented boyfriend’s rapid verse.

Holy crap. She can rap this too? Yoongi wanted to burst out of your bedroom, but stayed on your bed, chuckling. She needs to teach Taehyung how to rap!

He heard your voice growing louder, and knew that you were going to enter your room. He didn’t bother hiding, wanting to surprise you. You entered your room to change out of your workout clothes.

Your boyfriend let out a low whistle upon seeing your revealing outfit. “Hey, Y/N.”

You jumped and took your headphones off and tried to cover your exposed stomach with them. “How long have you been here?” your question sounded more like a demand. You were surprised that your boyfriend was so casually laying on the bed.

“I’ve been here this entire time, listening to your adorable rapping.” He smirked. “I even heard you copy my dialect in “Satoori Rap.” I’ve never heard you imitate dialects. It was really cute! Do it again some time!” He began to laugh.

Your cheeks were bright red, and you wanted to scream. This is too embarrassing.

“Why were you hiding in my room this whole time?” you asked calmly, ignoring that he heard you mimicking his raps.

“Oh yeah, baby.” He stood up and walked over to you. “The whole time.” He placed his hands on your hips. His thumbs lightly rubbing your bare hipbones. You stiffened.

“I’m impressed. You’re really good at rapping. Why didn’t you tell me that you were so good?” He looked down into your annoyed eyes. “I’m not joking. You’re really good.” He kissed your forehead.

“I’m so embarrassed. I just ruined all of your songs,” you mumbled with a pout. “I’m sorry that you heard that.”

He picked you up and sat back on your bed, so that you were straddling him. You wrapped your hands around his neck to keep yourself from falling.

“No, no. You’re so good that I want you to come over and teach Taehyung. You sounded really cool!” His eyes were shining excitedly, and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Let’s go out to karaoke with the boys so I can show off my sexy girlfriend.” He chuckled into your chest.

“Shut up, Min Yoongi.” You got up to get changed.

He snickered when you stuck your tongue out at him.

“I love you too, Y/N.” 

HO NOTE: I love Yoongi’s “Oh yeah jyae mwoya daeche nuguya?” “eo yaeneun tto mwoya daeche nuguya?” part in the 21st Century Girls live performance. He was so cute when he was jumping around!
This was inspired by my Tae fic, “Husky Voice.” But instead of having an insecurity about your voice, what if you were a sick-ass rapper?