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Shinhwa Company’s Updates:





First of all, we are so sorry for causing such inconvenience about SHINHWACHANGJO 12TH Fan Club Goods, raincoat.

We would like to inform you about the result of fault product exchange and re-shipping progressed through production enterprise.

We handled all the reception about faulty product and omission through 1:1 mailing and calling system, and currently we are in the progress of shipping all product which been handled.

After checking with the production enterprise, we found about that 3% of the overall production was in faulty. For this, we went through total 4 terms of shipping. We also apologize for causing inconvenience in shipping process. SHINHWA COMPANY will promise to work hard on production enterprise selection and process examination.

In addition, if there’s more question about the product, although it’s over the reception date, please contact through the reference down below, we will promise you a steady follow-up service.

※ Mail : help@dburger.co.kr

(Information needed for mail inquiry: Inquiry, INTERPARK ticket number, Name, picture of the faulty product, and address for the new shipping)

If there’s any problem or inconvenience in inquiry progress, please contact to SHINHWA COMPANY mail reference.

SHINHWA COMPANY will work harder in production enterprise supervision in order not to cause inconvenience any more.
Once again, we are so sorry for such inconvenience.

Thank you.

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I didn’t want to be sad every time I go onstage … and I didn’t want to sink back into depression or relive these things over and over again, I wanted to make myself happy and when I get on stage everything is so happy. I’m having the time of my life.

Happy 22nd Birthday Kehlani Ashley Parrish | April 24th, 1995.


Here are the finished images of the reversible baby blanket i made.

Again, this was made as a fan art/congrats to Michael and Lindsay Jones of Rooster Teeth since they are expecting a baby. They are both awesome people and i wanted to make them something as a ‘thank you’ for BEING awesome and just for kicks.

Unfortunately, while i know it arrived via tracking the package itself, i still don’t know if they opened it or not. :/ Kind of bummed about that. I want to know if they like it/if it arrived safely/if jeremy dooley stole it because it’s about the perfect size for him.

I had never done anything like this before with it being a reversible blanket so. As far as a technical aspect goes, it wasn’t hard per say but it was a bit tricky to line it up for the actually quilting part of it. Thank god for water soluble thread. I used that with the Ruby side to bast stitch that to the batting (mid-weight fleece) and to give myself a sort of grid to line up with for adding on the Achievement Hunter side.

My camera doesn’t pick up the quilting thread itself because i used a transparent thread. It was that or black thread, and i thought that with all the black fabric already in there, it might be too much.

Final size was a 35 inch square, made with 100% cotton for the patchwork and common fleece for the batting. Both logos were appliqued with Heat N Bond lite and reinforced with 100% cotton thread blanket stitching. Total work time was about 22 hours. :D

Drabble Time!  I know a couple people were wondering how Shouta was dealing… with a side of Shuji.

Shouta didn’t look up from what he was working on.  He wasn’t particularly in the mood to deal with anyone today.  Especially if that anyone was Shuji.  "Go away.“

Shuji just hummed and rested his hip on the side of Shouta’s desk.  "Yuuri-kun didn’t come to class today.  It wasn’t a known absence either.  Is he sick?”

Shouta shrugged.  No, Yuuri wasn’t sick, but Shouta was pretty sure that he didn’t want to come to school.  Shouta hadn’t wanted to come to school, but there wasn’t a competition or an exhibition to hide behind.  Yuuri could at least convince his coach to say there was some sort of unexpected practice that cropped up.  Surely, Alexei wouldn’t punish Yuuri for Shouta being an ass.

“I know it’s not show related.  I’ve been going to most of Yuuri-kun’s practices at the arena just to make sure I have the tempo down.  I might not be performing during his practices, but consistency is key.”  Shuji took the chair at the desk in front of Shouta and straddled it so that he could lean on Shouta’s desk.  Shouta glared, but it was half-hearted at best.  He could feel Shuji’s eyes taking in everything, including the tell tale redness to his eyes.  Shouta looked away.  "Kuso.  You broke up with him, didn’t you?“  Shuji’s voice was barely a whisper.

There was no way that Shouta was going to answer him.

"You mentioned that it was going to be hard, almost impossible to make it work if he was moving to Sapporo, but I didn’t think that you’d actually do it.  I mean I hope–”

Shouta kicked Shuji in the shin.  It was the least that he deserved.  He fought back a grin at the howl that Shuji let out.

“That was not cool.  I wasn’t going to say anything bad.”

Shouta just gave him the “I don’t believe you look”.  It should have been painfully familiar to Shuji.

“No, really.  I was going to say that I hoped you could work something out.”

Shouta couldn’t help the snort.  "I thought you were going to say that you hoped that I would so you could have a shot.“

"Maybe I was thinking it a little, but I wouldn’t have said it to your face!”

Shouta couldn’t help but laugh.  "There’s that, I suppose.  I guess you aren’t a total waste as a human being.“

Shuji grinned at him.   "At least you have some sort of sense of humor.  Though really, how angry would you be if I tried?”


“Why not?  A little high school fling?  Something fun to end the year on before he goes to Sapporo and I go to Tokyo.”

Shouta shook his head.  "Yuu-kun isn’t like that and you know it.  He’s not–“

"But maybe he could be.”  At Shouta’s glare, Shuji backtracked.  "All right, no, probably not, but there’s no reason that he has to be lonely the last few months of school.“

"It’s not like I told him that we couldn’t be friends anymore.”

“I like how you think that he’ll still want to hang out after that.”

Shuji was right.  Shouta knew that Yuuri probably would be spending as little time as possible with him, but it wasn’t like he didn’t have other friends in the IS track.  Granted, the next closest friend he had was Shuji… Damn it.  "Don’t hit on him.“

"How am I supposed to not hit on him?  I don’t think I know how to not hit on that beautiful boy.  If I didn’t hit on him I’m pretty sure he’d think I wasn’t feeling well.”

Also true.  Shouta had never really hated anyone more than Shuji right then.  He didn’t even hate the Russian as much.  He pressed his lips into a thin line.

“Tell you what.  I won’t do anything that I wouldn’t normally do.  Fair?”

Shouta looked down at the Math sheet he needed to complete.  "Not in my opinion, but then I don’t really deserve fair, do I?“  Shouta sighed.  "This sucks.  But Yuuri will probably need a friend.”

“My point precisely!”

Shouta rolled his eyes toward the ceiling.  "And you’re going to take advantage of the situation, aren’t you?“

"Maybe just a little, but then where would the EXCITEment be if I didn’t?”

Shouta just blinked at him.  "Is it possible for you to have a conversation without mentioning the name of your band?“

"Probably, but why should I even try?”

Oh Shuji….