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2D, thinking: (That’s it, I’m gonna do it. The next time Murdoc is mean to me, I’m gonna stand up for myself. I won’t take his abuse sitting down anymore.)
Murdoc: “Hey faceache, I–”
Murdoc: “But I just–”


hey ya’ll, thanks for the kind messages about our intros, comments, and random shit before and after each chapter!! i’m lovin’ the support, hell yeah. and don’t worry, we ain’t getting rid of that shit. that’s what we do. anyone else don’t like, TOOOOOUGH SKITTLES, TASTE MY RAAAAINBOW. 

anyways :D … here’s a few things:

1. unmei 3 and youchi 4 is coming. wait for it, wait for it. srsly ya’ll, wait for it. if i get another msg concerning those two-

but for how long?

bitch, until i say so

until you see it :’D what? 

2. i’m getting slammed with retranslation requests over and over, rip inbox. HERE’S THE THING. any languages other than spanish CAN RETRANSLATE WHENEVER, WHATEVER, HOWEVER so long as you credit this group and keep our credit pages that’s in the beginning of each chapter. don’t msg me. don’t ask me. don’t stalk me. you can arrange with other groups in your language with who does what. i dun care. i ain’t about that life anymore. ya’ll better credit us tho’ (i’ll whomp yo ass. kidding, i can’t fight worth of shit. i can run though, ayeee. try running, i’ll catch up to you).


omg why? you got something against spanish people?

hahahahaha. no. what? no. calm down. it’s because our joint team, @qvfamma, already got dibs on all bboy omegaverse stories as well as others. so ya’ll better ask me first. 

4. kuruboku extras are also coming………….. sometime this week. i plan on releasing all of them in one go. bam. like BAM. YA’LL CAN WAIT. IT’S OKAY. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

5. next tanko we’re going to work on is junjou shounen, but we plan on finishing up bboy omegaverse vol 4 before then.


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sorry to create discourse(TM), but as an individual with ADHD i would like to input why the "to cope" meme makes me uncomfortable. although it did not originate in an ableist post, and many neurodivergent peoplke have been using it to make fun of ableist scum, it makes me uncomfortable due to its similarity to many of the bullshit attacks made on the ADHD community (and likely others too, but i can't speak for them). (1/2)


everytime i see it, i feel the same uncomfortable reaction i feel when i see these disgusting attacks. i know this meme is all in good fun, but it does bear a strong resemblance to the ableist dialogue surrounding ADHD. this, for me at least, is what causes discomfort surrounding this meme. anyways, figured i’d give you a perspective from within the ADHD community. I love that this blog can address potentially problematic memes while being respectful and mature. thank you! meme on! (2/2)           

Hello, thank you for your messages! We appreciate that you were willing to share your commentary on the meme. It’s definitely important to acknowledge how certain memes are problematic, and your thoughts on the cope meme are totally valid. Thanks again for sharing.


Honestly, I had such a great 21st birthday today! I received so many wishes and I felt so loved! @altimys got me this iwaoi pillow which I’m still not over (and I don’t think I ever will be tbh). @teenytanee got me the oikawa keychain even tho she gave it like a week earlier (:p) but I still love it. @wayward-stranger wrote this amazing otayuri fic for me (you guys should totally check it out cuz it’s so fluffy and sweet!!!). And @bulletproofpotter drew such a nice picture of Viktor for me (I love long haired Viktor yo!) @ghost–fox told me she’s still working on her fic for me and I am sooo psyched!! (take your time tho, Mari I went to only one class (cuz attendance is mandatory in that lec) then I drove down to the beach and even tho I had so much stuff to work on, I just sat on there and read and napped in the sun. It was heavenly! Luckily it didn’t rain even tho the forecast had predicted it.
Now I’m just waiting on the gifts my two besties from atl sent me! :D I asked one to get me the captive prince trilogy but idk what my other friend’s gotten me lol! I’m excited to find out tho ^^
Thank you everyone for making my day special and so, so lovely!❤❤❤

lol currently on the treadmill at the gym but I thought I’d put my 2 cents in on this remy/nicki beef. Ok so everyone’s saying remy ended her/ is a better rapper and saying nicki is all pop rap but like in my honest opinion I can’t see nicki not responding and dropping fire bars like she is one of the best rappers of our time and her pop phase was for her to get her coin like yea remy roasted her but it wasn’t THAAAAT hard like she brought up all these rappers that nicki apparently fucked which first off who cares and second off nicki’s been adamant her whole career that she doesn’t do that to get a come up plus trey and the other dude denied these claims so I mean idk

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so i rewatched be forever yorozuya again today and honestly, when gintoki is at his grave and sees otose i almost cried. it made me feel so many emotions knowing that she'd visit it even after 5 years. i cant handle this

Of course she’d visit him, though! She thinks of him as family, if not as an actual son. I do agree, that scene draws up a lot of emotions OTL That whole movie wrecks me every time I watch it. There was a span of time that I’d play it 1-2 times a week and it never got old. It’s just so well written and well done. Whenever the Joui arrive at the end I still yell just seeing them show up! THAT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES EVER!!! 

Photoshoot Schedule!

Here’s the official Aselia Con 2017 photoshoot schedule!!

Please keep in mind: This schedule is completely VOLUNTARY. Attendees are welcome to take photos whenever they’d like.

2:00 pm: Graces
3:30 pm: Zestiria
5:00 pm: Abyss
6:30 pm: Destiny/Hearts

11:00 am: Symphonia
12:30 pm: Berseria
2:00 pm: Xillia
4:00 pm: Vesperia
7:00 pm: ALL (5th Anniversary Group Photo-Op - Everyone welcome - in or out of cosplay!)

11:00 am: Legendia/Rebirth
1:00 pm: Phantasia/Escort Titles
3:30 pm: Innocence/Eternia

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for a change... can you do 33 & 34 with rebelcaptain? :D

ooh 2-in-1! I like the way you think!

Send me a ship and a number!

Jyn had only just settled (as well one could settle in her condition) into her bed when the door flies open.

It’s Cassian. 

“Don’t you ever do that again! You scared the shit out of me!” he exclaims.

Jyn blinks, still in a medicated haze. “Uh, hi to you too.” 

Cassian relaxes his expression, going from I-would-kill-you-if-you-weren’t-already-half-dead to worried-parent-mode. “Don’t you ever leave for a mission like that without telling me,” he says, much more softly.

“Why, so you can boss me around and tell me not to go?” 

Cassian’s eyes widened. “No, no, not like that,” he says, sitting down on the edge of her bed, careful not to disturb her. “You know you can’t be controlled like that.” 

Jyn snorts and then immediately regrets it. Cassian frowns. 

“What did you injure, anyways?”

“Ummm…” Jyn tries to remember the injuries the med-droid had listed off before discharging her from the medbay. “Uh… I think I broke a few ribs. And bruised a lung. And got some stitches.”

“You broke what?!?” Cassian exclaims. 

“Don’t worry, I’m okay,” Jyn says, “Besides, it’s not like you haven’t returned from a mission in worse condition.”

Cassian’s face changes, and he picks up her hand to hide his expression. Jyn suddenly can’t breathe and it’s not the broken ribs that’s causing the pain. “Yeah,” he says, “but I didn’t run off on those missions without telling you.”

Jyn flips his hand in hers, rubbing her thumbs over his knuckles, deep in thought. “I didn’t mean to not tell you, I just…” 

“Forgot?” Cassian offers, and Jyn can sense the hurt in his voice.

“No.” Jyn pulls Cassian and he moves closer. “No - I guess I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you’d talk me out of it.” 

“I thought you couldn’t be convinced out of a mission you had your heart set on.” 

“I know. But we both know this one was the heart of Imperial territory, and I know the look you get when you’re worried,” Cassian huffs and Jyn smirks, “and I was pretty sure if I saw your reaction to me taking up this mission, I wouldn’t go.”

“So being the stubborn rebel you are, you went.” 

Jyn nods. Cassian shakes his head. “What am I going to do with you,” he says, leaning very, very close.

Jyn swats him. “Don’t do that.” 

Cassian pulls away suddenly. “Did I make you uncomfortable?”

“No! I still smell like the medbay and I feel gross because of it.”

He laughs, “Ah yes, the scent of sterile beds and bacta patches. Lucky for you, I love it,” he says.


“No, but I love you more.” 

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[#] 앨리스 까꿍!!!!!!!!!| 티저는 다들보셨나요?!? 어때요 저희 멋있죠?!?? 힛… 그리고 그거 알아요?!? D-2 !!!!!! 얼른 보고싶어요…ㅠㅡㅜ 

PS. 승식이 카메라 따라하기…. V

[#Chan] ALICE peekaboo!!!!!!!!!! Did everyone watch the teasers?!? How is it do we look cool?!?? het…. and do you know?!? D-2!!!!!!! I want to see you soon… ㅠㅡㅜ

PS. Copying Seungsik….. V