Here’s Hiddles Floof Day 2!

*credit to Fanpop.com, Youtube.com, and Empireonline.com for pictures*

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Sorry for this lateness. again

but today I had a really tough stuff to do and I had no time to write a review

But now let’s do it!

Mansherry and Leo together! how cute!

everyone is happy. ok… but I really want to see Sanji right now. ok?


dat den den mushi call must be definetly from Koala. The way she cares about him is just amazing!


can’t you just shut the fuck up, Burgess? I don’t give a crap about you, so fuck off! Finish him, Sabo!

that’s right!!!

this is so sweet!


who’s that chick next to Hack? I HAVE to know this! and I really want to see the rest of Revolutionary Army members! and Dragon…. and Luffy’s mom (whether she’s there as well)… OH GOD!!!! I JUST REALLY WANT IT!!!!!!



why is he lying there as if nothing had happened to him after blowing himself up???


I have been fucking nervous waiting all this fucking time to see his fucking eyes and what do I have???

some fucking parody of the most shitty novel ever written - 50 shades of gray????

I can’t believe it!

haha! the king is so confused….. XD

you’re goddamn right, Elizabello!

erm… what are you talking about, Fujitora?