I Drew TT’s version of Remus Lupin because i love how you portray all of your rps’ and how heart warming some threads are. Some of your threads have left me in a wide smile or in te a rs ;v; so i drew this as a thanks for being on this website //

Some of your threads or just you answering asks has help lighten up my darker days so keep doing what your doing TT and know we all support you!


just putting this here since i deleted my art account ( and i got worried you didn’t see it ;v;)

anonymous asked:

A few days ago an absolutely gorgeous girl sat across from me at dinner and said "Hi" in a really cute accent and I died. I couldn't even speak or eat or think straight… she just took my breath away. Today she sat with me at brunch and we actually had a conversation and we agreed to eat dinner together again later and I'm so excited she's so cute and I hope we can be girlfriends one day