I usually don’t write my thoughts but I’m too overwhelmed with feels after YOI episode 10 so I just wanted to get them out my system: 

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the guy next to me in the library smells really bad of alcohol, and I was like :/ and of course, later he just turned to his friend and was like ‘I’m so drunk right now, this girl in my Italien class gave me some her schnapps after the final’ 

Like, that’s cool dude, but you smell like the Bad Uncle at a family reunion and I’m trying to become one with the idea of marginal voting returns, why yall gotta be like this at 6 at night.


@divetodistraction​ I found slightly better quality pic from KoePota, but I think its not enough Dive -A-; tried to search for better one, but seems like that pic will be in Mamo’s DVD tour bonus photo book or something like that =_=;;

To be more specific, are you looking for smiling Mamo, or just full body Mamo, or is it have to be in suit (coz I really like the white suit one XD)

Message me ^^/