The Gnome Observatory

This map follows up the Chain Bridge encounter as a potential add-on to spice up the ending of the D&D starter set, the Lost Mine of Phandelver. Alternatively, this map can work perfectly well as a stand-alone adventure to drop into any clockwork-friendly campaign.

An extremely high-resolution version is available to download here.

My DM’s Notes are available here - feel free to copy and modify to fit your use.

The intention with this map is to add more puzzles and mazes to the starter set experience, something I felt was missing. The minimal combat in this dungeon is scaled to the capabilities of my own party - you may wish to modify the monsters to make them more or less threatening (likewise the amount of XP awarded).

     This map is also tailored to Roll20 - if you have a Pro account, the maze works particularly well when combined with dynamic lighting. 

     Most of the traps come from elsewhere on the internet. The Test of Patience is from this Reddit thread, the Recessed Arm Scythe trap comes from here (and is particularly brutal if you rule that regular magical healing doesn’t restore lost limbs), and the timer pressure-plate maze comes from the subscriber-only bonus episode of the Adventure Zone where Travis was the DM (highly recommended). 


So this is super personal but I wanted to share because I think it is important. I recently went on national television to talk about my disabilities and my abusive relationship with my mom. I have always tried to be open about my autism because I want to show other autistic people that even if other people treat you like garbage you are still great. Anyways, feel free to watch and tell me what you think. 

There was a lot I didn’t get to talk about in regards to the abuse I went through as a kid, but hopefully this lets other people know that they are not alone.  


Can we please talk about Carmilla “fuck the universe” Karnstein’s nihilistic monologue, that basically had the same message as Root’s “the universe is cold and there has never been a plan” speech, immediately segueing into Carm telling Laura not to give up, because someone has to do something? This comfort and encouragement coming from the woman who once told Laura “You’re a child, and you understand nothing” and literally tried to convince Laura to say fuck it to the entire situation and run away with her in S2. Can we talk about how this nihilistic “absurdist at best” asshole doesn’t want Laura to give up trying to do something good? 

Can we talk about Carmilla’s moral developments over this entire series please I want it recognized that this asshole does care. 

  • Mum:Why must you continue to put stickers on everything?
  • me:cuz i love stickers! you know i always have. they're little bits of art you can carry with you!
  • Mum:Seems like there's more to it. Are you sure it's not a warning to others? Or a sort of secret society message?
  • me:ahhhh, you caught me Mum. stickers are my way of peeing on a tree so my fellow species knows i am present. :/