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is there any information u would consider relevant to know for the wonderwoman movie?

i’m not going to assume too many (and sometimes obvious) specifics because the movie may have chosen to interpret them differently to fit the overall universe and i don’t want to confuse you further, but some of the things i don’t think will change substantially:

  • *the DCEU version of wonder woman is apparently following her new 52 origins which means that, unlike her pre-flashpoint origins where she was made out of clay, here she’s the daughter of the olympian god zeus and the queen of amazons hippolyta. that makes her a demi-god and explains her ability to still kick around in the modern timeline
  • her lasso of truth has the ability to not only make you speak the truth but see it yourself, understand and sometimes accept it too, effectively rendering bad guys useless if they have a conscience. it was made by the god hephaestus and it’s completely indestructible
  • diana’s iconic bracelets are actually steel cuffs that all amazons wear as a reminder of the time they were enslaved by hercules to show they remember and won’t ever be subjected to such or any oppression ever again. it’s occassionally been said that diana’s, specifically, are made out of part of zeus’s shield and/or that they have the abilitiy to contain her true power so she doesn’t completely wreck her opponents. it’s why we sometimes see her in the comics take them off if the danger is too high and she needs to end the threat immediately
  • she has a myriad of powers than can even rival superman’s, and they were primarly given to her by the ancient greek gods who are patrons to the amazons and paradise island/themyscira (the ones that aren’t complete dicks, anyway)
  • steve trevor is considered to be the link between the amazons and man’s world because he was the first one to, after a very long time, show up on paradise island, largely later helping diana settle in our world. it also helped that he wasn’t a douchebag so thank you steve
  • let me make clear that the amazons had absolutely no intentions of interacting with man’s world ever again since hercules and his men had completely broken their trust by pretending to come in peace and then subjugating them. they consider us lost, dangerous and to be disregarded. queen hippolyta continued being weary even after diana proved that we might not suck so bad
  • she’s funny. unintentionally at first because she had no idea how anything here worked, but later too, because she’s too clever not to pick up some good puns along the way
  • she’s kind and gentle but she values truth above all else so she will sometimes go to extremes to get it if it’s important
  • she’s (and will be in the films too) a founding member of the justice league which means she had to deal with batman from day one and yet she’s kept her sanity. that’s like… a plus ten in my book
  • a p p r e c i a t e   e t t a   c a n d y

*edit: some of you are making some fair points that the trailer more or less proves she will have her clay/non-flesh and blood origins that i misinterpreted from not remembering the trailer correctly. so there’s that :)

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Ooooon the topic of kobold, whats your preference on their design? I enjoy the idea of them being the lizardman equivalent of goblins, but I've seen them depicted as rat-like creatures and just boring ol' goblins types.

Being a Dungeon-Master from waaaay back in the 1990s, I subscribe to the 2nd Edition D&D interpretation of kobolds. I’ve noticed they have gotten more lizard-like lately. That’s fine if that’s what floats you boat, but I like them old-school like this:

Gygax-approved. Still, I suppose they are little too close to goblins like this. Gary, where are you when we need you??!!

Blitzstone Week!

So we’ve decided to have a Blitzstone week to celebrate the ship Blitzen/Hearthstone from the Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard series. To have a ship week though, you need, prompts! So I’ve made a google form to vote on the prompts you want

The form is https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VcnInZBsfFknpUpHX1QQOucq_4UVaC5OKKvRlLNvsg8/edit

Voting closes on June 16th for now, although I may extend it.

Please vote!

Yugioh - ‘Draw The Squad’ reference sketching - Conspireshipping, Necroshipping, and Fetishshipping?!

Did I get the shipping names right? lol This was a lot of fun, I been wanting to draw this for a while, but I had to make sure I could draw the Marik duo first~~~

Part 2 - Necroshipping, Thiefshipping, Psychoshipping

Great reference/meme pics from croxovergoddess! So awesome :D

*Drawn in pencil, edited and colored in photoshop*


[FANCAM] 170528 mokdong fansign
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Yugioh Part 2 - ‘Draw The Squad’ reference sketching - Necroshipping, Thiefshipping, and Psychoshipping!?

My 2nd version of the draw squad meme, this one was okay, the very last one didn’t come out as nice…but still fun! ^^

Part 1 - Conspireshipping, Necroshipping, and Fetishshipping

Great reference/meme pics from croxovergoddess! So awesome :D

*Drawn in pencil, edited and colored in photoshop*