czeslaw meyer


must watch anime: baccano! (2007) [action, comedy, supernatural, historical, mystery]

“A train robbery is where you take a train to your destination, make your move, and take a train back, right?”

B • A • C • C • A • N • O • ! 


“You’re all right! Thank you for taking care of him, Mr. Isaac, Miss Miria. I’m so glad you’re all right, Czes!” As Mary innocently embraced him, Czes found himself lost. Why were children so quick to open their hearts to others? Of course, this didn’t apply to all children, but the difference was just too great. ‘I see… Maybe Isaac and Miria are just like children, too.' Looking at Mary’s smile, Czes let out a sigh of relief without thinking. 'I’m so glad I didn’t kill these people. I’m so glad I didn’t betray Mary.’ At this point, Czes had no way of knowing why he was so glad about these things. His expression had not quite returned to his face, but Czes managed to say, “I’m sorry.”

For @pippenpaddlopsicopolisthethird, whose liveblogs bring me much joy. Thank you for sharing your suffering for our amusement. In exchange please consider Isaac and Miria having a liveblogging/live reaction youtube channel, in which they wear different outfits in each video, and in which they have badly misunderstood the meaning of “blind reaction.”

You may ask yourself, do they realize they’re watching a movie about themselves? No. No, they do not.


Sketches 41-59

A bunch of thumbnail sketches for larger and more refined paintings.

There are more characters I’d like to add to this project but… so many. Feedback regarding preferred compositions and characters would be appreciated so I can prioritize which ones to start first.