Lessons We Can Learn from Daisies - AnOther Mag

Věra Chytilová’s 60s masterpiece Daisies is a brilliantly surreal trip into an aesthetic paradise, and a utopia where women are liberated from the conservative conventions of etiquette. The film stars two young girls who, upon realising that “Everything’s going bad in this world” decide “we’re going bad aswell” and spend the rest of the film in a psychedelic rebellion. A part of the 60s Czech New Wave (Nová Vina) movement, which aimed "to make the Czech people collectively aware that they were participants in a system of oppression and incompetence which had brutalized them all,” it was filmed during a brief period of artistic liberalism following the homogeneity of Czech’s Communist rule and before the Soviet invasion of 1968 which saw it banned for “depicting the wanton”. Simultaneously a brilliant dissent against political conservatism and an endless source of fashion inspiration, here we look at the lessons we can learn from Chytilová and her protagonists: politically, culturally and sartorially…

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