whatever you do, don’t think about how much teeth-chattering physical and emotional violence tony continuously endured for three months, and then absolutely do not juxtapose it with the way he falls to his knees and surrenders himself to the safety of rhodey’s embrace

absolutely do not think about tony holding on to rhodey’s arm when he’s leaving the plane absolutely do not fucking think about tony going three months building a protective suit of armor and then wanting and needing rhodey’s arms after he gets out

oh it’s fine i’m ok

why do people think diversity is throwing in like, two black characters amidst a sea of white people? lmao no. where are the asians? latinxs? native americans? more black characters? like. ugh having two poc of the same race surrounded by white people and calling that diversity just seems watery. 


What about RWBY chibi pairings? no? No? okay!

This was mostly dedicated to some friends @interdimensional-meatpie and @chang-sung-ho  who ship this two couples a lot.

And as well to the Arkos And Renora Shippers on the FNDM! I know we are going into troublesome waters for chap 12 and before some WEIRD UNEXPECTED SHIP IS HAPPENING (coughcoughlikeAdamsonecoughcoughs) i draw them!

Chibis was made by me!

Ps: it looks rushed,but no,actually my pencils are not…the best quality >.<