czech glass bead
White Rabbit Silver Crescent Moon// Hand-painted Lake Stone Pendant Necklace
Made with beautiful Czech glass matte black beads and fire-polished grey faceted glass beads.

New jewelry in the shop. I’m in love with these matte black beads!

DIY Safety Pin Bracelets that Don’t Look Cheap! 

Watch a short video on how to make a Safety Pin Bracelet from start to finish by Hannah for truebluemeandyou.

My best friend Hannah (who made the Rubik’s Cube video), also makes the best safety pin bracelets and sells them on Etsy and at boutiques (she’s made and sold over a thousand bracelets so far). Her beautiful bracelets have been pinned thousands of times on Pinterest, the Silver Warrior Safety Pin Bracelet Cuff being the most popular. 

So, I asked Hannah to make a video tutorial on how to make these DIY Safety Pin Bracelets bracelets she sells for my readers. So now you can make Hannah’s Safety Pin Bracelets that don’t look cheap too. 

If you don’t want to make your own safety pin bracelet, consider buying one from Hannah. Her bracelets have high quality beads - Czech vintage glass and crystal beads, Swarovski beads, and lots of beads from the NYC Bead District.

A necklace I made for @asktheboywholived  and her unbelievable Sirius Black.

This is the Canis Major constellation with the biggest crystal bead for the Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. It’s a bead embroidery made with really small Czech glass beads. Also, there’s an initial S, and a bone (a little reminder about his animagus form), and a winged heart for that wonderful passionate and honest person Sirius Black was. The necklace is unisex, like Elvendork, so you can use it for a boy or a girl :)

Sea-Green Adorned Muntjac Deer Jawbone Necklace

The centrepiece is a big 2 cm chunk of raw, unpolished amazonite, there is also a labradorite drop and a hand-carved soapstone bead. Other adorments include a coyote tooth, small Finnish coin, sea-shells, and there are plenty of Czech glass beads, hematite beads and a squirrel vertebra.

I can only make a limited number of these muntjac jawbone necklaces, this is a rare piece made with a lot of time, devotion, love and care. An excellent statement piece, it is timeless and unique, Bohemian and tribal.

anonymous asked:

Could you please post a photo of your bracelets? Pretty please?

i’m guessing you mean the ones that i’m usually wearing…?  sure!  no problem.

i made all of these, but if you’re asking about different ones that i’ve made and maybe posted somewhere else, just say so and i’ll try to get you those photos!

here are the ones on my left wrist:

(from left to right) crocheted seed beads * cotton cord and a scarab bead i made using mainly polymer clay * double wrap bracelet made with cotton cord and various stones * nylon thread macrame with carnelian beads and a yellow magnesite turtle * 6mm bronze chain links and soft elastic

right wrist:

a hand-stitched tube 11/0 delica seed beads around two no-slip hair ties * 6mm bronze chain links and multicolored rubber o-rings * superduo and normal czech glass seed beads strung into an elastic mini-cuff * hand-stitched peyote tube with green and mottled tan seed beads with elastic and 4mm green turquoise rondelles



Here are the details: 

Working TitleBeading in Cercles    

Pattern - Cirque des Cercles

Chart Designer - Ink Circles

Artist - Tracy Horner

Threads - DMC cotton embroidery floss colors 53 (variegated), 93 (variegated), 125 (variegated), and 310 (solid black)

Bead Type - Czech glass seed beads size 11/0 Rocaille 

Bead Colors - Clear silver-lined (or something to that effect), transparent dark sapphire, transparent emerald, and jet black opaque

Stitching - 2 threads over 1, half cross stitch to attach the beads

Weight - Good question!  I went through somewhere around 200 grams of beads, so the piece itself is maybe 0.4-0.5 pounds.  The entire thing framed is surprisingly heavy!  

Started - 8-19-2010

Finished - 12-9-2015

Framed - 1-4-2016

Custom framing selection was done by myself with the help of the lovely Diana (model shown in photo).  The Masterpiece (museum) glass is glorious.  I had the piece cleaned and blocked at a local dry cleaners and laundry shop, and the frame work was done at Michaels.  

I finished a thing!  I love the result and the entire design process endlessly!!