czech glass bead

Here’s a few pieces I made so far.

This necklace represents the cherry blossom trees. Silver plated metal and rose Preciosa crystals were used to make this necklace, which is about 20 inches long. 

This bracelet is 7.5 inches long and is a mixed media piece. Swarovski crystals, Preciosa crystals, Czech pressed glass, shell beads, and gold plated metal are used. There will be another bracelet made soon, but the colors will be blue and silver.

A necklace I made for @asktheboywholived  and her unbelievable Sirius Black.

This is the Canis Major constellation with the biggest crystal bead for the Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. It’s a bead embroidery made with really small Czech glass beads. Also, there’s an initial S, and a bone (a little reminder about his animagus form), and a winged heart for that wonderful passionate and honest person Sirius Black was. The necklace is unisex, like Elvendork, so you can use it for a boy or a girl :)

Sea-Green Adorned Muntjac Deer Jawbone Necklace

The centrepiece is a big 2 cm chunk of raw, unpolished amazonite, there is also a labradorite drop and a hand-carved soapstone bead. Other adorments include a coyote tooth, small Finnish coin, sea-shells, and there are plenty of Czech glass beads, hematite beads and a squirrel vertebra.

I can only make a limited number of these muntjac jawbone necklaces, this is a rare piece made with a lot of time, devotion, love and care. An excellent statement piece, it is timeless and unique, Bohemian and tribal.