czech director


Everyone loves Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s timeless story about how if small children eat random things and chase animals into confined spaces, magical adventures ensue. But Alice, Czech director Jan Svankmajer’s 1988 adaptation, is by far the nuttiest, most extreme take on the fable.

For one thing, rather than a cartoon or character actor hard-up for a paycheck, the white rabbit ofAlice is an actual taxidermied animal, necromanced back to life using stop-motion. In the movie, the rabbit springs to life, rips the nails out of his paws, and drains the stuffing from his chest. Try showing this to your kids and see if they want to celebrate Easter ever again.

Also, in this version he’s a scissor-wielding nut with a penchant for decapitation.

Seemingly because the director wanted to limit himself to making a movie with only the contents of a serial killer’s garage for props, we also get characters made up of creepy dolls, animal skulls, and a caterpillar that’s a sock puppet with actual dentures shoved in its mouth.

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