czech badass


Czech Sniper Marie Ljalková. 

Marie Ljalková was born in Poland to a family of Volhynian Czechs. She lost her parents at a young age and went to live with her Aunt in Stanisławów, Poland where she met her first husband. 

After the start of Operation Barbarossa, Marie joined the First Czechoslovak Independent Field Battalion in March 1942 as a volunteer, and graduated the three month sniper course at the school in Buzuluk. 

Her first taste of action came at the Battle of Sokolovo where she was credited with seven kills, promoting her to Ace status. She saw further action in the Lower Dnieper Offensive and the Battle of Dukla Pass. 

Ljalková finished her service as a sniper with 30 confirmed kills. After the war she received the Order of the White Lion, Second class, the second highest military honor in the Czech Republic. She passed in 2011.