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Staré pověsti české (Old Czech Legends)

54 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Apr. 8th, 1953
Country: Czechoslovakia
Director: Jiří Trnka

“This film is based on the 1894 book Ancient Bohemian Legends by Alois Jirásek.

After the completion of Bajaja in 1950, Trnka was praised by the communist regime of Czechoslovakia, and asked to make more films. He created a project to film Don Quixote, but it was rejected. Trnka decided to go back to illustrating children’s books, but the government convinced him to make his next film based on a classical Czech book. Trnka initially didn’t want to work on the project.

The 91 minute film has a complex story with many characters and features complicated scenes both to stage and animate. Trnka’s use of camera movements, lighting, set design, character design and animation and general storytelling made this an influential movie in the history of animation.”


A 7 minute long clip from the “Bitva s Lučany” (Battle with the Luczans) portion of Old Czech Legends is available on YouTube.


you may have to dig very deep to find the enthusiasm or the desire to please their master in a wolfdog, and you see them considering the pros and cons of every order they are given; but that’s what I love the most about Kira. I prefer an independently thinking creature (who will eventually listen to my orders when their safety is concerned); to a servant. Kira’s a philosopher, (I see her somewhere between Rousseau and Derrida - nature loving, and also a master of deconstruction) not a brainwashed soldier.