10 Days into the pagan calendar year, and everything is going alright.

There’s a lot of buzz going on with Sony’s Soon-to-be-Released “Pro Mirrorless 48MP Camera”.   Rumor has it, Sony is going to release another mirrorless camera, that will be above the current A7 series.  Some, are calling it the “Sony A9”.  It will be designed to supercede the superb A-99, using the FE Mount.   Of course, to be “professional”, this new camera will have to be capable to handle low light, with bigger photon per pixel sizing.  3 won’t be enough.  It will have to be a minimum of 6.   Currently, the A7S has a PP of 9, which is why it is such a phenomenal performer in low light.   With that said, the Mega Pixel count of the A7S is only 12.1 megapixels.   If this rumored New Release still clings to a size of 3, I expect the upgrade in 2 years will be a similar sensor with better low light performance.

Anyhow, I hope Pentax will also release their own version of a Full Frame Camera with some new fast lenses.   It would be nice if Pentax built upon the platform of their flagship 645Z and K-3, with a strong bridge.   Their K-3 could be upgraded, with maybe more “Pro” features like a higher flash sync speed, as well as HSS, and in camera color grading like the new Nikon D-810 offers.

Well, the days are starting to grow longer again.   And that is Good!   I know I’,m one of those people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. (SAD). :)

Today, I was lucky to get some passable shots of Qantas’s special flights into YVR International Airport, along with Air China, Japan Air Lines, China Southern and Air China’s large commercial jetliners on Runway 26L.

Keep the Peace, and don’t buy into the World the false media are reporting on.   Nothing is what it seems.   Learn your history.  Start by turning off the television and reading books.  Believe it or not, Historians/Scholars still write books on History that aren’t tarnished and censored by “the clearing houses”.



01 10 2015


It’s Saturday, and it’s a been a bit overcast.  Nonetheless, it is Shabbat.  And Shabbat can turn the greyest of skies into skies of blue. :)

I woke up early, and went out for the morning coffee run.

I went down to my usual spot along the old BC Rail Line in South Delta and I wasn’t disappointed.   Around 9:10am,  Burlington Northern Santa Fe Locomotives, towing empty coal cars back Stateside, came rolling through!

Usually, train traffic is quite busy around this time so I headed back to Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB).   A short while after, another train came rolling down the line, this time headed Westbound to DeltaPort at Roberts Bank (BC).

All in all, a good day so far.   Done a little Scripture reading and watching Rabbi’s on the Youtube.  

All this talk of Scripture, I’m thinking of beef…  Perhaps, I’ll go pick up some Beef&Broccoli and Ginger Beef for Supper.  :)

Gotta love Chinese Food!  :)



(December 6th 2014, for all the pagan sun god worshippers out there :) )

It’s been a great weekend.   It rained this morning, while I was out picking up my morning coffee and driving about Richmond.  But, by afternoon, the rain gave way to a bit of sunshine before getting overcast again.

I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months.   I’m hoping Sony and Pentax will release some updated camera models to their A7R and K-3 Series, respectively.  Perhaps Pentax will completely wow the market with a Mirrorless 36MegaPixel, Full Frame (35mm) Camera complete with High Speed Sync and all the other goodies.   I know, I’m dreaming… But what can I say?  I’m a real lover of the Pentax K-3!  It’s a step in the right direction, along with their Medium Format 645Z Camera!

Anyhow, tomorrow I will get up early and try to get a few pre-dawn shots.   The only thing that will sideline that idea is, I’m supposed to go with my daughter (and Suzanne) to her friend’s Birthday Party at a Pub a few minutes down the road from my place.   I think people are already there, but we’re going just shortly before 10pm.   (I hope I’m in bed shortly after midnight!)  :)

Have yourselves’ a great new week, and maybe we’ll see some of you out at YVR, Iona Beach, Steveston and Boundary Bay!




The 1st Day of the New Week.

I made a short trek back out to Boundary Bay Airport, to catch the morning sunrise.   With my Starbucks Grande Mocha in tote, warm gloves, heavy jackets and work boots to keep me warm…I grabbed the gear out of the Yukon and set up for a beautiful start to the morning.

I started out with my ND1000 (3 Stop) Promaster Filter to get a Long  2 1/2 minute Exposure.   After that, it was time to remove the Sigma Wide Angle Lens, and toss on the Sigma 70 to 300mm, with no filter.

To stop from blowing out the highlights, I dropped a Stop using my TTL Sensor.   I think I was down around 1/60th of a second to 1/40th, as the Sun came up over the Cascade Mountain Range, in Washington State.

It’s nice to be the only one out there.   I had a couple of hundred Mallard Ducks around, to keep me company.   I think they make for good pillow and jacket stuffing… :)    Needless to say, my Manzoori Leather Biker Jacket, and 511 Tactical Gear kept me warm enough.  (Ducks are Lucky, this time!)    I will have to ditch the backwards baseball cap soon, and trade it in for a toque.

Well, have yourselves’ a Great Day, and a Great Week!

I’m already looking forward to Preparation Day (Friday)!




October 5th, 2014

It’s been another great weekend, here on the West Coast, in Ladner.

It’s early October, and the warm temperatures are still with us. No complaints!

Last night, I took the camera and equipment along with us, to dinner at The Keg in Richmond. After a lovely steak dinner, we headed back to Ladner Village and I managed to get a few shots in. I need some more practice balancing fill flash with ambient lighting, but I managed to get a couple of decent shots. I should have brought along my flashlight, so I could get a sharper focus on the eyes. Oh well, live and learn. :-)

Today, Suzanne and I, headed over to Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB) and I put away the 50mm and slapped on the Sigma 70-300mm DG Macro lens.

Not overly sharp, but I was stopped down to f9 and f11 and using flash for highlight and fill. It’s a bit tricky holding the DSLR, in the right hand, and an Off Camera Flash in the other hand. With a bit of practice, it will come. :-)

I suppose I should have brought along the tripod, to mount the flash on, and moved it around while using both hands to steady the camera. Live, and Learn.

Have yourselves a Great Week, and we’ll see you soon!


Not a bad Saturday evening.

The overcast skies, and rain, let up for a bit late this afternoon.

As I was sipping my Tall Mocha, at the riverbank, The MV Coral Bay came around the Point.

I managed to get a couple of pictures in.   After that, I went back home to Boundary Bay, and took a few pictures of small planes and birdlife out at CZBB,

I’ve been playing around on Photoshop CC, trying to learn the Program, as you can see from the first picture posted.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

It’s almost Canada Day!