czar's life

So Today i was running across the road and i fell over in the middle of the road immediately i got up and ran to the other side since a car was coming quickly. I dropped my pen-drive (it has all my college work in it) as i was getting up while i was  looking back at the road to see if i dropped anything a nice man came to me saying he saw me fall over and came to check if am okay and i said ‘yeah, am fine thank you for checking, i just need to get my pen-drive.’ He immediately got out his car and said 'i’ll get it for you’ ran out to the road and got my pen-drive. I felt like crying not the fact that my arm was hurting (and was bleeding as i found out when i got home) but from pure joy that there are people in this world like him.

here i am blogging a few minutes before I turn 19 and damn! i feel so shit already. HAHAHA!!!! 

 but seriously, the thought of turning 19 and it’s gonna be my last teenage year is freakin me out! I don’t wanna grow up, atleast not too soon. I’ve been extremely busy since last week up to now and i still haven’t figured out what to do on my birthday. I want to party and unwind with my friends from all the stressful stuffs at school and i just have fun the entire day and night. I wish i could just turn into some SKIN UK character and PARTY or have a joy ride with friends tomorrow night and will watch the stars while lying on the hood of the car, laughing and having fun. But instead, i will make an NCP, study for a quiz and an exam all for thursday! shiz!!! 

GOSH!!!! i have a new crush and damn he’s hot!!!

well, i knew him for while now but i just got attracted to him recently. HAHA!!! i get so giddy and excited if i got a tweet or wall post from him. hahaha!!! like who wouldn’t? we’ll that’s all i can share for now coz i gotta sleep first! xD