czar ian agbayani

Day 10 - A picture of someone you do the craziest things with

This is a photo from Zhoveda’s 18th Debut party back in early 2009. Czar and I have been close since our Sophomore year in High School and since then, we’ve been partners in crime. One memory that I would never forget was back in our 3rd year in college. Czar and I were racing against KC and Adonis. We literally ran with our uniforms on from our school all the way to Paseo. Everyone was staring at us because we looked stupid. LOL :) We felt so confident because we left them behind and we were faster than them. We were so exhausted! When Czar and I were a few blocks close, we were already panting when we saw KC and Adonis getting off the pedicab! We were so frustrated because they cheated! We had an adrenalin rush so we could finish ahead of them but they have seen us coming so all four of us ran all the way inside Paseo! The winners get free Knicker Bocker and the losers pay for them. We can’t remember who won the race but we all ended up eating a lot after a crazy evening. HAHAHA! :)