toyhto said: Anytime! But if you post it very early, there’s a risk that only hard-core Christmas fans read it right away ;) Really I’m sure there are plenty of people who are already getting excited about Christmas!

I get what you’re saying haha it might not reach as many people. Although it isn’t too Christmasy.

i-the-drop-bear said: November. I guess. Christmas trees can go up in December, not a day before. It’s too hot to be that prepared anyway 😄

Speak for yourself. It’s already freezing by me! (Not really, but it’s below 60.)

czae said: Funny! As an American, I would say after Thanksgiving. But as a Filipino, we get excited for Chistmas you’d hear carols in the malls and see decors even when it’s only September :) The “ber” months we call them.

I’ve been listening for the last week and am super hype about this fic but I think I might wait a bit since it’s a little strange for most people. But I like the nickname for the holidays!