Unearthed this old live recording yesterday when rummaging around the dustier corners of my hard drives for other stuff.

Correlating my memories of the recording location (Hove, actually) and the gear used —

  • Roland TR808 & MC202 & Casio CZ-1000 synced and sequenced by a Roland MSQ700*
  • Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 low-pass filter pedal
  • Spirit Folio Rac Pac mixer
  • Overly heavy handed usage of a crappy Behringer compressor
  • Lexicon Vortex and three (!) Zoom 1201 effects units in a mutual feedback configuration

— indicates that this was sometime back in the dark ages of 1998, shortly before I went on an year-long brain-breaking bender of making painfully unpalatable, semi-modular experimental noise nonsense.

1998 isn’t that long ago, is it?


* A pretty damn retro setup even in 1998; ridiculously quaint now. Which reminds me that I need to liberate the CZ; it’s been on loan for over a decade and I miss it.

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