cz accents

Mireya’s philtrum has healed up wonderfully, and thanks to this beautiful piece she chose from anatometal​, it couldn’t look any prettier.

Six white opals with a CZ center accent, set in 18k yellow gold.

The look on her face when she saw it in the mirror is what makes us piercers grin ear to ear.

Thanks so much, Mireya!

Monterey, CA

Jay got to upgrade this rook piercing (originally done by Laura) today with a “Rosette” end from BVLA. Yellow Gold, a White Opal center and CZ accents. We love it! Thanks Kristen!

Here’s a fresh daith piercing we had the pleasure of doing for Theresa.

She chose this cute anatometal​ cluster with a dark blue opal, light blue opal, and two CZ accents.

Thanks so much, Theresa!

Monterey, CA

Happy Saturday! Just one last reminder that we will be CLOSED ON SUNDAY. We are here today until 8PM for all of your piercing needs.

These flowers from anatometal​ are quite the hit with our clients. And no wonder, take a look at Miriam’s fresh conch piercing.

She chose this gorgeous flower made from 18k yellow gold with white opals and a CZ accent. Such a pretty piece.

Thanks so much, Miriam!

Monterey, CA

These anatometal​ flowers are quite the hit with our clients.

Gloria stopped by for a helix piercing and instantly fell in love with this piece.

18k rose gold, light blue opals and a CZ center accent.

Thank you, Gloria!