The Last ever TDON alldayer!! 


Sat Oct 27th The Well, Leeds

Dead Swans 
TRC (to be confirmed) 
Hang The Bastard 
Martyr Defiled 
Brotherhood Of The Lake 
Rumour Mill 
No Reality 
Iron Witch 


Doors 1.30pm first band 2pm - Finish 11pm

Tickets available here

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Even page:

Where does Cyvoid depart musically from your former/other bands?
The meat-flavoured riffs bring a distinctive sound that’s way more metal than classic rockers The Plight, crustier and more rock’n’roll than SMP, thrashier than Beef’s other band (End to Empires) and considerably less buttfuck-insane than the mathcore stylings of Antares.

Sci-fi obsessed crossover-thrash supergroup, Cyvoid, talk Thrash Hits through what sets them apart from their bandmembers’ other bands.

Wasn’t going to do one of these but fuck it, I am bored.

Favourite releases of 2011 are:

End Reign- Self Titled

Pariso- Insignificant Better

Veils- Our Enlightenment is Dead

Bastions- Hospital Corners


Mastodon- The Hunter

Cowards- Quarter Life Crisis

Cyvoid-Mini E.P(its proper fucking mini too, like a 3 inch disk or something!)

Oathbreaker- Maelstrom 

Probably some more, some of these may not even of been this year. I can’t even remember what happened yesterday so bite me.

We put Cyvoid under our Future Hits spotlight back in May after they impressed us with their self-titled debut EP, which combined some thick-set thrash with some suitably future-fearing lyrics inspired by the pessimistic side of classic sci-fi. We’re sure they’ll have a few copies of it on their merch stand at these upcoming shows, so make sure you bring a bit of spare change along to pick up a copy.


More outer space rogue mosh from cyvoid @ the parish! HYBRID WARP HUDDERSFIELD please reblog!

Today is independent record store day! to celebrate we have decided to upload another track off our forthcoming EP which is due for release at some point soon as a sexy 10" on:

We will also be coinciding a limited to 200 mini cd version (shown above) of the release at the same time! Watch this space very closely for updates and the announcement of the launch show later on this year!!

Please check out the new song below and go out and buy some fucking records from the little man, reblog please!

Hardware by cyvoid

Cyvoid has just received a review from

“There really is very little to fault ‘Cyvoid’: it’s a short yet perfectly formed record that’s abrasive, loud, and just plain fun to listen to” 4/5

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