The Woman Who Weeps Diamonds

A woman in the UK has spoken of her rare condition where she is left in agony every time she cries because her tears contain tiny razor-like diamonds.

The crystals fall from her eyes and sparkle like jewels but the reality of her situation is one of constant discomfort and serious health issues.

Jody Smith, aged 35, suffers from cystinosis – a rare disease which results in the build-up of an acid called cystine which gathers in her heart and lungs.

“My doctor and husband say the crystals look like beautiful diamonds, but to me they’re a painful nuisance,” she told UK tabloid the Sun.

“I know they sound lovely but it’s really awful, especially when the sun’s in my eyes. It feels like I’ve got sand in them.”

Smith has had to go undergo two kidney transplants due to her condition.

The 35-year-old is interested in talking to other people who may suffer from her condition.

“If anyone else has heard of this condition and thinks they could help I’d really like them to get in touch,” she said.