Is it possible to become a fan of something that isn’t even a thing yet? YES.

@wittyy-name and @wolfpainters are making something truly amazing and i am so so SO hyped for it! ;w; I want to draw all the babes someday, but for now have my faves:

  • Cyth, who could kick me in the face and i would thank her and ask to do it again
  • Soreign, who is my precious son, the sweet summer child, the special snowflake, the pure cinnamon roll

anonymous asked:

I thought I was dead when SOTT came out but now I'm even more dead with Harry in pink like come kill me more why don't ya with some pink lipstick and eyeshadow and walking in a room with pink smoke and a cythe preparing me for my ultimate death because I'd be totally fine with that

I know. I welcome my imminent (pink) Harry induced death. 🌸🌺🌷