[Cyth & Poth FanFic]

Before I Go On I Just Wanna Say That People Ship Me With Goth But I Also Ship Poth, So I Made This FanFic Enjoy!

Cyan was sitting with Pallete in the park, trembling. “P-P-Pallette, I-I’m A Bit Scared..” Said Cyan holding Pallettes hand, frightened. “Don’t worry! He’s super nice!” Said Palette comforting Cyan. “P-Promise He W-Won’t replace me?” Asked Cyan almost crying, “I promise” Said Palette with a comforting smile as the waited together at the park. Soon came a skeleton with a white cape with a hood and a blood red scarf that was torn up wildly at the end. “S…Sorry I’m late!” Said The Skeleton gasping for breath, “O..Oh, hello there! I’m Goth!” Said Goth to Cyan, Goth and Palette were much older than Cyan. “I-I’m Cyan..” She said, a bit flustered. Palette looked very excited as Goth and Cyan they shook hands “CYAN GOTH, GOTH CYAN YAY!!!” Yelled Palette pushing Cyan into Goth. “E-Eep!” Squealed Cyan, she was blushing bright blue. “NOW!” Announced Palette, pointing to the sky “TO THE ICE CREAM PLACE!” He grabbed Goths hand which made him flinch but he turned around and grabbed Cyans hand “Well then, let’s go!” Said Goth smiling happily while Cyan was too flustered to speak. The two skele-kids and the little girl ran though the town holding hands.

Hope You Enjoyed! 

Goth - @nekophy

Pallette - @angexci

Cyan - Me