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I've seen this screen floating around of Starfire saying "Yes.. we shall always have Tokyo." Do you know where it's from?

It’s from the tie-in Teen Titans Go! comics!  (Not to be confused with the currently-airing cartoon of the same name or its tie-in comics, X’haldammit DC get ur shit together and stop naming things the same thing.)

Issue #39, “Stupid Cupid”.  The issue takes place literally right after Trouble In Tokyo, with Larry seeing Robin and Starfire holding hands and getting all excited because His Ship Is Canon, which leads to shenanigans when he steals Cupid’s bow because he wants all the other Titans to be in relationships too.

Some of the couples he hits with arrows are actually canon couples in the main DCU comics, buuuuut most of them are just done for the lulz.

(See mostly, Herald and Bumblebee up in the upper right there and also Speedy and Cheshire.)

Anyway, right before that we see Robin and Starfire and Cyborg and Sarasim coming back from what appears to have been a double date.

It’s actually a shoutout to a line from the classic film Casablanca.  Protagonist Rick is telling Ilsa she should go with her husband Laszlo instead of trying to stay with him (the two had had a brief love affair in Paris when Ilsa thought her husband was dead–needless to say the breakup was Very Awkward and messy) and when Ilsa asks (paraphrased) “But what about us?” because she still has Very Strong Feelings for him, he just smiles ruefully and tells her, “We’ll always have Paris.”

So writer J.Torres is apparently a classic film fan.

And also quite possibly Robin and Starfire have seen the film often enough for Starfire to quote it fondly. :)

1526. The main Titans in order of oldest to youngest are as follows: Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Robin, and Beast Boy. Cyborg is over a year older than the rest, but the other four are within a few months of each other. Cyborg teased the boys about their respective girlfriends being older, but only until they found out that Sarah was nearly eight months older than him.

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Robstar, bbrae, robrae, etc get lots of love, but what about CyborgxSarah Simms. In the cartoon verse. They don't get love. Lucky to even get a passing mention or a few speaking lines. They need more love. Spread the word.

They really are super adorable together.

He’s just such a doofus around her lookit his big cheesy grin.


  • Robin: Beast Boy should be your best man, not me. He’s your best friend. No bond is more sacred than that.
  • Cyborg: ...You know he’s gonna drop the rings down the minister’s pants.
  • Robin: And dive right in after them.
  • Cyborg: With both hands, causing the minister to freak.
  • Robin: And cough.
  • Cyborg: And cough, and then knock over the candles and set the entire church on fire.
  • Robin: Then here comes the fire department with their hoses and axes, chopping up everything in sight, and Sarah’s gonna blame -
  • Cyborg: ME. And I don’t get nothin’ on the honeymoon.