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Protect Cyrus Goodman 2017

I’m not one for these kinds of things usually, because fictional characters aren’t real so what’s the point….however, I’ll make an exception for Cyrus, because I know there’s gonna be some crazies out there unfortunately, but outside the fandom obviously, who are gonna say terrible things about him being LGBT (OMM I’m sure will be one group of those crazies…). And for so many LGBT kids watching the show, this is some of the first representation they’ve seen in children’s programming (especially American Disney). And no one, fictional character or not, should face prejudice because of their sexual orientation

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How far do you think Disney will take Cyrus being gay... i really want them to give Cyrus someone IF Jonah ends up with Andi. But will him having a boyfriend be too much...... I HOPE THEY GIVE HIM SOMEONE... But I'm really worried they won't because that'd be TOO MUCH GAYYYYYY AHHHHH.

Before Andi Mack I doubted we’d ever see a gay character on Disney but now that they are taking steps in the right direction I’m not sure how many steps they’ll take. Will they ever give Cyrus someone to be with whether it’s Jonah or not…I think they will at some point. I hope I’m not wrong because it’s a really bad message to show that the straight couples, Andi and Jonah or Buffy and Marty, get to be happy with someone and explore what it means to start dating and the gay kid has to be alone.  They may take some time dealing with other issues like him “coming to terms with his sexuality” and coming out to his friends and family before they get into anything romantic for him and that’s perfectly fine. Also there’s still the whole two friends liking the same guy drama that’s likely to happen and will effect how soon Cyrus might start dating someone but it would be wrong to ignore that side of his character forever and if they are willing to have one gay character they shouldn’t be afraid to have two.

here is such a beautiful edit that i found, (i wish i was this talented) and it just shows the beautiful relationship between jonah & cyrus. tbh, they have one of the healthiest relationships on the show atm. the only person who hasn’t left jonah, is cyrus. i just really hope for a happy ending with both of them, because they are honestly so happy when they are together, i mean seriously.
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