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Hospitals and suicide are not beautiful. Overdose and alcoholism are not beautiful. Eating disorders are not beautiful. Funerals and caskets are not beautiful. Utter sadness is not beautiful. You are, and it’s about goddamn time you start believing it.

Scandal 5x07 Review

This episode was great, I know many did not care for it but I loved every minute. For those who believe Olivia is ‘power hungry’ please don’t read because you missed the clear message.


Olivia received hate because of her actions and this episode is a continuous of Olivia dealing with the consequences. For those who believe that Olivia does not love Fitz and is using him for political gain, the message couldn’t be further from the truth. After the wedding fiasco, Olivia goes to the party to talk to Fitz but Abby stops her and asked how Liv was able to end the impeachment. Liv already having lied doesn’t wish to lie to her friend so she asks Abby not to ask her and walks to Fitz.

Olivia walks to Fitz in fear and she is happy yet shocked that Fitz takes her in his arms. The first words uttered out of her mouth is “we’re okay?” Olivia did not know how Fitz was going to take her and her actions of returning the ring BUT she came anyways, determined. Olivia Pope is NOT running away from Fitz but she is running towards Fitz. What Olivia did in the last episode was selfish but to see Fitz happy and their relationship thriving- Olivia would do it all over again if it means protecting and preserving her relationship.

Fitz, God bless him is understanding and tells Olivia simply “that wasn’t the wedding we wanted…”

As I said before, neither of them wanted to get married at this time and both understand it wasn’t what they wanted and envisioned for their wedding and their life.

 I really loved that scene between Abby and Liv. This is the interesting part, Olivia had a hard time lying to world about the make-believe story regarding her and Fitz but WOW! Olivia can act her ass off when she is in a corner and she has no other option. That entire scene, I felt like I was watching ‘Gone Girl’. Liv does NOT lie but repeats what Fitz says with her big doe eyes and lip quiver, when she embraces Fitz you can see Olivia pushing him closer to her as though in fear of what will happen once he truly is ripped from her arms.

But then Liv stares directly at Abby and the music turns dramatic and the message is exchanged ‘I did it.’ Liv shakes her head pleading with Abby not to tell and Abby nods her head in honor of the Ya-Ya sisterhood. I don’t think Abby has ever seen Olivia this scared and on the verge of begging once she has her friends vow; Olivia looks up to God(?) for strength because she knows what she has done will possible destroy the greatest thing that has ever happened to her.


 I can’t stand him. I never like to write about him but Jake deserves something this time. Jake breaks into Olivia’s house, and Olivia thought it would be her father but nope…it’s just the irrelevant one- drunk off her expense bottle of wine that we know he cannot afford. But anyways Jake goes off on a tangent about how because of Liv his wife is dead-umm who actually cares, you thought she was dead so what’s being dead permanently going to hurt you.

Then he complains about Liv’s wine.

The wine scene might not seem relevant and might be missed by some but that is a huge sign of olakes compatibility. We have seen Olivia drink Fitz’s scotch

And we have seen Olitz share of bottle of red.

And recently we have seen how Fitz has influenced Olivia in ways she nor the viewers expected. Last episode Olivia drunk scotch because she was sad and missed Fitz but found comfort in the taste of him on her tongue.

Olivia has stated it clearly that she detest beer and now Jake detest wine. Symbolism, Jake’s possibly distaste for wine can be due to the bad taste Olivia has left in his mouth due to his wife’s death.

Olivia relishes in Fitz’s scotch yet loathes beer- this is shown to the viewers that Olake is very much on opposing sides now, and Jake hopefully is done being BF/THERAPIST

My hate for Jake intensified this episode.

  1. He breaks into Liv’s apartment and Olivia thought it was dad….and interestingly enough both pray on Olivia’s weakness and scare her in ways she has never been. Olivia fears Jake, and it annoys me how the writers are so determined to make them BF’s/Therapist when Jake is a clear representation of her past ‘Sins of our fathers’ really Jake?
  2.  It is selfish of Jake to complain about Olivia’s wine…bitch it wasn’t for YOU! Liv probably threw away your cheap beer before you could say ‘bye’
  3.  It is selfish of Jake for continuously messing with Olivia when she has made it clear she loves another man.
  4.  It is selfish of Jake to continue to play on Olivia’s hero complex ‘save me’
  5.  It is selfish of Jake to blame Olivia for the death of others when he has killed men with his bare hands and ‘licked their tears’
  6.  It is selfish of Jake to whine about Olivia killing his new found wife of 2 seconds when he has killed Olivia‘s friend James and god-daughters father.
  7.   It is selfish of Jake to make Olivia feel guilty that she is the ‘cause’ of his wife’s death…Fitz’s son died because he fell in love with Liv and he has NEVER made Olivia feel guilty about the death of his son. ASSHOLE
  8. It is selfish of Jake to force himself on Olivia when she clearly is uncomfortable and doesn’t want anything to do with him.

 Yeah….Bastard, is a good guy…so understanding and loving…how on earth is Olivia in love with Fitz, he’s sooo rude.

Olivia to Jake:

I found the scene unbelievably funny, just when Olivia is about to say goodbye to Fitz, in walks irrelevant one with a new job description since being a Therapist didn’t work out. Olivia stays put and listens to what Jake is saying…Olivia is not playing this TIME. Olivia is not giving up Fitz without a fight, and when the conversation gets too close to comfort, Olivia quickly changes the conversation as to ‘what’s next’

Yep, Olivia really hates you right now, Jake.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw Bastard was:

Irrelevant one just found his storyline and like I said before in the previous review; most likely Fitz is not aware of Olivia and Jake being friends to this EXTENT he knows Liv was with Jake in 5x02 but I highly doubt that Fitz knows everything. This isn’t good and judging from the promo…not good at all.


Cyrus is desperate and there is nothing worse than a desperate dog. Out in the cold for so long, Miss Cyrus is desperately in need of Fitz’s love and warmth but he sees that he has been replaced. Throughout the entire episode Cyrus was testing to see his true power and influence and saw that he has none.  Cyrus is a jealous weird stalker who is angry that some other girl stole the man of his dreams.

Cyrus is the devil side of the characters conscious, he reads and sees people fears and verbalizes them to his advantage. He has done this before when he needed to change the optics.

 never one to stay down he goes to Olivia and waits outside the Presidential bedroom for her in order to strike his attack. Cyrus waits and decides to give Olivia a message similar to Jake’s. Olivia is ‘power hungry’ and ‘smart’ because she is not restrained to the White House, she can come and go as she pleases. Cyrus is not wrong, Olivia is able to leave and come as she pleases without any official duties because she is not married but there is a difference; Olivia is not doing it for POWER but for LOVE as she tells Cyrus ‘Fitz and I together –we have an actual relationship. This is what a couple looks like’ and Olivia is correct- this has ALWAYS been their relationship and Fitz is not inferior to Olivia nor is she superior they are equals who respect and love each other: This has always been their relationship: love, sex, friendship, and politics.

Sidenotelove that Cyrus knows his place and knows not to enter the Presidential bedroom,

Jake and Cyrus are twins this episode: both have a problem with Olivia and both have attempted to use their personal knowledge of Olivia to their personal gain in order to hurt her, but here is the thing Jake and Cyrus are not entirely wrong about Olivia, and they are not entirely true either. In 5x02 the reporter spoke about Rowan instilling in Olivia that she can do anything a white man can do but the reporter also questioned whether Rowan has gone too far.

Perhaps Rowan did go too far but the story comes full circle once Cyrus spills the same words very similar to Jake’s. She is now the ‘President’ and we see that Olivia is Rowan’s greatest accomplishment. I want to clear this up, Olivia is not after power and she does not want to be President nor is she.

Sidenote: I am sick of Cyrus repeating the same old tune about Fitz. Cyrus knows Fitz the way Jake knows Olivia because he studies Fitz the same way Jake studied Olivia-that does NOT mean you know somebody because it takes more than watching somebody like ‘extra ketchup’ or ‘hates bananas’ to know that person internally. Fitz is capable of being happy and the President at the same time he has been doing it so far without Cyrus and it is the biggest load of crap that in order for Fitz to be the President he must be unhappy.

Before Fitz knew Olivia’s name, he respected her and fell in love at the same time. Fitz has always seen Olivia as his most trusted advisor and why wouldn’t he? What is so different from then and now?

Liz, Mellie, Cyrus, Abby, etc.

Everyone single one of them has been threatened by Olivia guarding and protecting Fitz from their greedy grasp like the vulchers they are (not so much Abby). They are intimidate by Olivia because they know she will not let ANYTHING or ANYONE come in between her and Fitz and disrupt his presidency. Why do they cling to Fitz? Liz is so desperate to be in the president’s orbit that she is willing to be ‘Head Bitch’ the reason why they are all desperate to be with Fitz is because they know they are powerful when they are with him because he is POWER. They are able to influence him to how they see fit for personal gain, and Olivia being their blocking their path is a major road-block one they are all willing to get rid of at any second. Olivia watch your back!

If Olivia wanted to use her ‘influence’ on Fitz she would have allowed him to take the medal away from Bill Cosby 2.0 but she didn’t want to…why, because it would look bad on Fitz. If you haven’t noticed from last week’s episode or this week’s episode, there is NOTHING Oliva will not do to Preserve and protect her relationship with Fitz. This is not about ‘POWER’ this is about ‘LOVE’.

Quite frankly it is INSULTING that some believe Fitz doesn’t have a mind of his own. Fitz had a mind of his own when it came down to not charging the Prince  with murder (5x01) and he did NOT budge because Olivia wanted him too and when Cyrus told him to meet with Liz BOTH him and Olivia spoke at the SAME time:

Again where is the control? I found the scenes in the oval to be routinely romantic in the most perfect way.  Olitz not only breathes in sync but speak in sync.

Olivia and Fitz are past their old ways, they don’t have to rush in a closet for stolen moments t or kiss as though it might be there last-they have time to learn and grow as a unit and separately.

Reasons why I loved the oval scenes:

  1. Fitz is behind his desk working while Liv works on the sofa. They have grown quiet attached to the other…I seem them as being velcroed to the other because they genuine love being with the other and having been in a secret for so long, how can blame them for being proud and loud of their love.
  2.   When Liv gets a call that she has a client Fitz is happy for her and kisses her.  They SUPPORT each other.
  3.    Liv was talking about her client to Fitz, very reminiscent of season 2. They talk about work because they respect one another and more importantly: this is what couples do when they come home from work and things didn’t go as plan-they talk.
  4.   Olivia completing Fitz’s sentence is not a sign of control but that she is listening.
  5.    Every time you saw Fitz, Olivia was either sitting beside him or by his side- the positioning was done INTETIONALLY, Olivia and Fitz are equals or they will be seen as such.

I LOVED seeing Olivia in the oval with Fitz but we all know that Olivia was there in part to make sure that Cyrus didn’t weasel himself back into Fitz’s good graces and start influencing him as he was about to do with  the Liz situation …yep, Olivia has learned not to trust to Cyrus or anybody for that matter.


I am aware that people do not agree with my opinions and I respect that and encourage the different views because we all perceive things differently, however if you saw that Olivia was after power then you missed the entire message of this episode. 

Behind every great man is a great woman’

I have heard this saying more times than I can count. Olivia identifies as a Feminist and is inspired by women’s movement. Olivia does not wish to be behind a man but beside him as equals.

 Bill Cosby 2.0 wife condoned his actions and orchestrated his activity of raping women because’ her husband has created quiet a legacy’ and it is her ‘job’ to ‘protect’ that legacy for the greater good of the world because back then women weren’t allowed to rent an apartment without their father co-signing. The snap of the fingers is abusive and reminds me of a certain women. This woman is Mellie Grant who was gone this episode but very much present.

Mellie has condoned Fitz’s actions and willing whored Fitz to Liv and vice versa when she saw it fit her pan, which is to remain in power and First Lady. Frank’s wife views her husband’s success as her own, sounds reminiscent of someone right?

But here is the thing that separates Olivia and Fitz relationship from Mellie and Fitz. Mellie serves her needs because she feels entitled- always has and always will. Mellie is not a feminist, Mellie is a coward who stands behind the man instead of beside him because she is afraid of being a real woman; Olivia Pope.

The juxtapositon between Mellie and Olivia is quite vast, one woman is self-made the other is inherited. Olivia has earned her title as the ‘Formidable Olivia Pope’ whereas Mellie has inherited ‘First Lady’ yet feels as though she is due and earned. Olivia yields power but it is not due to her father, or Fitz, it is because she refuses to live behind a man’s shadow; which some fans were upset about. Olivia is not defined by her relationship with Fitz and it sadness me that some hate Olivia because of how they think Fitz feels. We talk about Olivia being mute when in Mellie’s presence, yet we want Olivia to do the same for her relationship with Fitz. The wedding scene in the White House shows what would have happened to Olivia Pope- ‘Gone Girl’. This is not to say that Olitz couldn’t grow and learn with their marriage but shouldn’t both parties be happy with marrying the love of their life? I am not team Olivia because my heart burst at the sight of Fitz being the man we ALL fell in love with. I was and am disappointed in Olivia actions- the lengths she has gone to keep the secret from Fitz, the blatant lie and lip quiver. This is not good.

But I sympathize with Olivia and if possible understand her actions- what we see when we watch Fitz is exactly what Olivia sees and feels-love. I don’t think Olivia saw it possible that she could love Fitz more than she does but everyday spent with him she finds another reason why to love him more, and with love comes fear. This magnetic man has chosen her to be his partner not only in politics but in life, he loves her when all others have abandoned her, Fitz has penetrated her heart in ways she didn’t know possible.

Olivia is ashamed of her actions- there is blood on her hands, but that is the thing about love. Love can cause us to do crazy things. I don’t think Olivia imagined that she would need Fitz the way she does- that without him she feels anchorless-lost.

It is not that Olivia wishes to keep a secret from him because she doesn’t lie (4x07 phone sex) especially to him, but it is the fear of losing the best thing that ever happened to her that keeps her lips attached to the glass of scotch. Olivia is terrified more so now than before, she has now experienced what it feels like to love Fitz openly and doesn’t wish to return to the life she once had-absent his presences. 

Olivia feels hopeless that no one can save her from her own self-destruction that once Fitz finds out the truth he will surely leave her and so instead of telling him the truth she holds him closer-squeezes him  tighter in hopes that if she holds him tight enough, he won’t leave.  And with her eyes closed for a moment- everything that has happened is untrue.

until next time…XOXO

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