cyrus pavel

When someone tells me Tron Uprising is for kids because it’s a Disney cartoon:

Episode 1: martial law, personality cult complete with giant statues.

Episodes 2-3: forced gladiator games.

Episode 4: nonchalant endangering of the whole city because of large-scale industrial projects.

Episode 5: identity theft.

Episode 6: silencing of witnesses by exterminting a whole building (a hospital. no less) because of a fugitive sighting.

Episode 7: combat performance-enhancing drugs.

Episode 8: witch hunts. Also, framing via memory modification. Also, public executions.

Episodes 9-10: riots against refugees, with provokers. Also, torture. Also, brainwashing.

Episode 11: hostages taken by the government to draw out a rebel.

Episode 12: relatively tame, “only“ featuring unpaid work under pain of death.

Episode 13: a mad omnicidal genius terrorist; also, forced labor for citizens on a top secret government project.

Episode 14: potentially lethal torture of political dissidents.

Episode 15: government-sanctioned mass mind control, complete with experimentation on unwitting citizens.

Episode 16: attempted lethal pursuit of a fugutuve by the government, with total disregard for the lives of hundreds of passengers.

Episode 17: weapon testing on prison inmates; memory modification; framing a political opponent and sentencing her to death without a trial; silencing people with what is effectively a mild form of lobotomy.

Episode 18: terror bombings, hostage crisis.

Episode 19: weaponized terminal illness; more severe brainwashing.

Mature The Mind; Expand The Brain

I know what it’s like to feel a way about something or someone today, and then completely feel the opposite about someone or something the day after. I think that this is why I can only write in the moments that I set for myself to sit down and write. It’s hard to look back at yesterday and write about it, anymore. 

And isn’t this the ultimate evolution of a matured mind? Its ability to stay-in-the-moment? 

I believe so. Staying in-the-moment keeps you free from the clutches of boredom. It allows time to become irrelevant, if! your mind is able to continue in the maturing process and the brain in the expanding one.

The process of brain-expansion is physical. The process of mind-maturing is not. 

To expand the brain, one must retain as much information as possible with as much detail as possible. The brain must learn to multitask and process several multitasks, at the same time. 

To mature the mind, one must simply learn from every mistake and not repeat them again. To repeat an error again, is to not learn. 

Making any sense? 


The more I live the more I realize that people will waste your time for no good reason. The more of the world that I get to see and experience, the more I realize that there are no good reasons for nearly everything. 

You see a world full of dramatic cars and intense fabrics. I see illusions that you put a value on, but that can’t leave this earth the day that you do. Then what good are these: “things?”

As we walk on the coast, barefoot, I turn to you and ask what it is that you value the most. You tell me that you value love, and I look down at our feet and wonder if love, too, won’t follow us when we’re gone, either. 

-Cyrus Pavel

solar transit

I ignore your messages because it’s much easier to forget. I don’t mean that to hurt you. It’s just that most of my time is spent on other things. 

‘Of course, these things are important’, I say. 

“To love forever is to live forever. Eternal life is coupled with Love. 

Why do we want to live forever?

Because we want to live another day with this person by our side. Because we want to keep going with someone who deserves our Love, and who knows how to love us as we think we deserved to be loved.”

I’ve always wanted to live forever because I have always Loved. You only started fearing death when you recently found your one True Love.