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OC Quotes: Bron

I was tagged by @galagraphia, and honestly this is a very fun idea for a character meme. Took me long enough to get this done, but it could be interesting to do something like this again with different characters.


Original Post by @wearemage

So… you know how some game characters are masterpieces of sass, humor, righteousness and epicness in general. My favorite example (in the video games universe) is the Baldur’s Gate saga. I could listen to the Polish version of Edwin two hours a day and never get bored…

So this is what I propose to my fellow adventurers (and of course everybody who wants to join !) : reblog this post or repost it with few quotes your OC would say/repeat in basic situations. Add or delete as much options as you want. Do not hesitate to tag more people to keep the game going.

So, essentially it’s “if your OC was a companion/party member” meme. I wanted to go for Skyrim, so I added some more (ok, a lot more) options - mostly situations and locations to which follower NPCs in-game have some kind of reaction. Also, some I snatched from Gala because they seemed like fun additions. I could think of more than one response to some of these, so those are separated with a vertical bar.

I decided to fill this one for my Imperial thief Bron Martes aka No-vahkiin. It turned out quite lengthy, so more under the cut!

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The funniest part is, while I was setting this up for screen caps, the cliff racers just randomly attacked me.

I had planned with these to have a running gag where he gets attacked by them all the damn time, but I wasn’t actually going to do it on this one. The brandy joke was good enough for me.

But then…how could I not?