TODAY IN GINNY! - December 5 - Cyril Ring

Cyril Ring (1892) will always be an evil cad to me. That’s because I first saw him playing the sinister Harvey Yates, a guy with designs on the Potter fortune, in the Marx Brothers’ debut film, THE COCOANUTS. His career went down from that prime role and most of his roles thereafter were uncredited. This followed a silent career of strong supporting parts like he had in THE COCOANUTS. In his later uncredited days, he appeared in films Weidler was in three times, as a reporter in LOVE IS A HEADACHE(1938), a cameraman in TOO HOT TO HANDLE (1938), and the second glove salesman in THE ROOKIE COP (1939). He used these uncredited parts to run his record up to more than 400 screen appearances. In the photo, the evil Cyril and the evil Kay Francis team up with this other evil gent.