cyril the swan


March 30, 2016. 12.00 am *my time because you two live in 2 different timezone! >:)*

🎂🎂  Happy Birthday to Anita * @lilyssims  and T * @megusims * !!! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Lily and T, happy birthday to you!  🎂🎂

This time, since I don’t have Megu-sim, the spotlight would be that alphabet T that Kei is holding *hahaha. lame I know xD* and Anita-sim, another birthday girl, the one with what-should-i-call-your-hair-color-lily? hair xD, well, the one next to Cyril obviously, with the peace signs. v(^_^)v

♥ So little candle, so big ass cake. Lily-chan, stop with the ‘peace-ing’ handsign and blow that damn candle! >:D T, the older you get, the older I feel. and you did call me old several times >.> haha. Stay wonderful. Love you both ♥ Wishing this to all others who had celebrated their birthday this month too, I noticed we have many March babies, I’m sorry I missed them T3T


Valentine : 2/2

I kinda wanted to make it with dialogues and everything, but… la la la la.. just use your imagination what are they saying in the pictures. HEHEHE.

So, 2 best friend walk into the school gym hall, all the girls *look, including Yuka and Anita!* come running for the blonde one, giving him chocolates and ignoring the brunette *people are too scared to approach him*. He got none since morning, but then he assuming that someone is giving him one *see why I put those sparkles? he’s happy inside* but turns out it’s not for him, but Goki over there. Obviously he won’t give it up easily. Too bad I don’t have anymore ideas on how to continue this. -.-a


Excuse me for being too mushy xD