With these cube puzzles, the possibilities were endless! It was so fun experimenting with all the different images on the cubes to see what kinds of designs you could make. Jesse and I made the beehive one (for the honey bee, of course) along with the flowery one and the one with the crowds of people and words. The cubes sat in bins just below the puzzles that exhibited the same amount of fine detail as all of the peices in the show, even having a wooden column with a honey comb shaped mirror inset at the bottom. I have to admit, I was chastised for using that column as a puzzle piece which was apparently not allowed haha!


These are the layer puzzles. People were very hesitant to interact with these pieces as it wasn’t clear that they were actually made to be handled. CYRCLE. member Rabi took note of this, so he went over to the peice and just started switching it up while a crowd gathered around him. Jesse and I played with these for a second but the wooden panels were difficult to move, I felt like I was going to break something!


In this video from Hypebeast Rabi and David explain the ideas behind the Organized Chaos show and how they came to the bees-pollination society-art metaphor. I think it was really interesting that they show the process of making the peices for the show and how it all started with designs that didn't make the final cut.


This is the Organized Chaos Orbital. Each layer turns on a central axis so the viewer can form their own sentences. I made the sentence “In love we cannot destroy”. Yeah, I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I liked how it sounded at the time. Also, check out my cool red cords which my co-worker called my “sexy pants”. I’m pretty into that “leather” jacket too.