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Need a gift idea for your niece’s fifth birthday (that you RSVPed for last year)? Or maybe looking at picture books helps you relax? Either way, here are three children’s titles, all out in June, that caught my eye in the mail pile: 

Life by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Brendan Wenzel

Life offers advice to children from animals – the wild geese, the rabbit in the field  –  who have weathered good times and bad.

Blue Sky White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus, illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Blue Sky White Stars explores symbols of America, from a sunny baseball game to a spaceship blasting off at Cape Canaveral.

Renato and The Lion by Barbara DiLorenzo

Set in World War II Florence, Italy, Renato and The Lion tells the story of a boy, his favorite piazza and the stone lion statue there that makes him feel safe. His family is forced to flee to America because of the war, but decades later, when he finally makes it back, the statue is still standing.

- Intern Sydnee

Life images courtesy of Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Images; Blue Sky, White Stars images courtesy of Penguin Random House; Renato and The Lion images courtesy of Viking Books for Young Readers.


#PURPLE4PRINCE created by Michael Korte and arranged by Jared Jenkins

​Emi Secrest
​Kawan DeBose
​Lolah Brown
​Sha'Leah Nikole
​Milo Bloom
​Uri Grey

Filmed and edited by Baxter Stapleton
​Guitar: Jonathan Asperil
Bass: Matthew Hines​

​Stylist: Asia Lee​

Dedicated to: ​Prince Rogers Nelson, Cynthia Erivo, and The Cast of Broadway’s The Color Purple (2016 Revival)

anonymous asked:

Don't you have other background characters??

ooc: [Clears throat] Like…all of them? 

Charolette (Prostitute bae from 1912 Ragtime that chills with Theo)

Dolan (1963 Bully of Terry and Finnick who can eat three hotdogs at once and is a football champ )

Catalina (ESPOSA MUY BONITA KICKS ASS AND KIsses Pablo all the time despite his itchy mustache. Would probably be the loudest cheerer for Juan when he graduates that is if she…was like…alive still.)

Jesús (Tired, but caring cousin of Pablo. Watches Juan and cries at soap operas. He is a hardcore Brazilian soccer fan)

Pablo (I’m only including him since I haven’t seen a roleplayer yet but he is a cinnamon roll who is tired all the time but manages to smile for his son. Also don’t get him mad.)

Juan (Dorky, dweeby, hispanic nerd who has a hella ego and is just a cutie in general)

Patsy (Finnick’s sister who’s hella cute and hella chill-hippie and drinks soysauce don’t ask why she does it’s just a thing she likes)

Chantal (Precious lesbian baby who stutters in public but can be rauchy as fuck with people she’s comfortable with. Is known to throw hella shade when mad.)

Emilia (Juan’s crush who always has pudding. Her mom’s a lawyer and she loves art. She snorts milk out of her nose sometimes.)