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The crown is always a burden. But it cannot be borne if you cannot stand. 

overcome - laura mvula ft. nile rodgers || 1000 deaths - d’angelo & the vanguard || cold war - janelle monáe || black man in a white world - michael kiwanuka || two hearts - valerie june || munayé (my muna) - mulatu astatke || on & on - erykah badu || black is the color of my true love’s hair - nina simone || killing me softly - the fugees || ain’t no grave can hold my body down - sister rosetta tharpe || don’t wish me well - solange || river - leon bridges || who tells your story - the roots ft. common, ingrid michaelson || 

BONUS: ***flawless - beyoncé ft chimamanda ngozi adichie

L I S T E N | (for @reluming)

London, 1960
Two new mopeds and a new scooter produced by Raleigh of Britain are displayed for the Motorcycle and Cycle Show at Earls Court, London. (L-R) Cynthia Cassidy, on the Automatic, Sally Foot, on the Roma, and Vicky Ward, on the Supermatic.

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C-can you maybe do one where Connor asks Evan to help him cling a tree just to kiss him at the top? Odd, but I thought t might be cute. <3



“Evan just get on my shoulders.” Connor sighed.

“I-no that’s weird.” Evan muttered, a blush creeping up his neck.

“You wanted to climb this tree so bad, I’m tall I can help.” Connor laughed as he motioned for Evan to come over.

Evan nodded as Connor hoisted him onto his shoulders. He reached for the tree branch and grasped it firmly. Soon he was climbing a tree with Connor following behind him.

“The world looks so small from up here!” Connor laughed as the continued to climb.

“It’s what I love about climbing trees!” Evan called back to him. Before he knew it he felt a tree branch snap. He was falling to the ground. 

When he landed. He landed hard. His arm went numb. He just laid there too shocked to moved.


Evan looked up just in time to see Connor land gracefully on the ground. He made his way over to Evan as quickly as he could. He was worried about his friend. “Are you okay?!”

“I think my arm is broken…” Evan muttered.

“Come on let’s get you to the hospital.” Connor helped the boy up. Evan blushed as Connor led him back to the car. Grateful someone cared enough about him to help.


“Oh Evan that’s wonderful.” Cynthia smiled, tears in her eyes. “My son must have loved you so much.” Cynthia wiped her eyes.

“L-loved?” Evan questioned. He was confused by Mrs. Murphy’s words.

“Yeah that sounded like a cute date, my brother didn’t deserve you.” Zoe muttered. She stabbed her piece of chicken with her fork.


“I’m sorry my son put you through this.” Larry shook his head. What Connor had done, leaving all of them behind, leaving this poor boy behind.

“I-I” Evan took a breath. “Yeah…we loved each other a lot.” Evan lied.


oops is this angst?